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While I slept, oblivious of all that was around me, my friends located Slade, and my sister offered to stay with me while the rest of them went to catch Slade.

"Beast Boy, please, help me!" I rasped.

"I will," he said gravely.

I looked into his dark eyes before he left, like a flash of black lightning from my home. They were sad and lonely. Our eyes met for a few fugitive, fleeting seconds before he joined the group.

"Mina, I'm dying. What's wrong with me?"

"Raven, we're doing all we can. We don't know what it is. You're chakra is blue, Rae!"

When empaths become terminally ill, their normally red chakra turns to blue, and fades to white as they die. I sobbed, then hacked and wheezed in pain, like an immortal, unrelentless suffering. Mina patted my shoulder, and I coughed up dark blood. Mina wiped away a tear.

"Rae, we're going to save you, I know we will. Just hold on. Please! Don't leave! You're my only family member left!"

The tears flowed unchecked from my swollen eyes, and I cried onto my sister's indigo gown.

"Mina, I don't want to die! I never told anyone this, but… I love Beast Boy, so much. I don't want him to be alone!"

"Raven, calm down," mina said. She said a few words in our language and cast a blue light over me. It soothed my pain, like a whisper, and I slept, oblivious of everything. And that's how I stayed for a long time.