Chapter 11

"All right, y'all; me and Jinx are gonna go on the Farris Wheel, who wants to come?" Cyborg asked. Robin looked over at Starfire, who had stars in her eyes, and smiled.

"We'll go with you, Cyborg," Robin said. "If that's okay with you, Starfire."

"Oh, most certainly! I would love to accompany you, Cyborg, and Jinx on this Whell of Farris! My memories pertaining to our last trip upon such a wheel are most grand indeed," Starfire almost sang. Robin smiled, loving her beautiful smile. He, Starfire, Cyborg, & Jinx sauntered off to the Farris Wheel, leaving the other two couples in a rather awkward position. (You know: Raven & Terra hate each other, and B.B. & Fag hate each other. You know! Don't you? … sweat-drops) Aquafag shifted from foot to foot, Beast Boy glared, Terra stared at an apparently fascinating lump on the ground, & Raven just stood there; looking like she'd rather be dead…which she probably was wishing. (L.O.L)

"So…um…" Aqualad began, but stopped himself, obviously not knowing what to say. (I figure that I should use his real name some of the time.) For a few more minutes, at least, they sat there in an incredibly awkward silence, not daring to speak for fear that one would try & kill the other. Finally, however, Beast Boy came up with a new strategy: ignore the other two! ( )

"Hey, Rae, you wanna go get some cotton candy?" he asked, pointedly ignoring the Mullet Wearing Aquafag. (That was for you, Steve-Racer! ) Raven smiled, impressed with her boyfriends idea.

"Sure," she answered, taking his hand in hers. As they walked away, Aquafag & Terra could hear Beat Boy ask a ridiculous and perverted question:

"So…after my month of doing everything you say is over, you will run around in that bikini, won't you?" Both Terra and Aquafag looked like they would be sick. A few moments later, however, the feeling passed.

"So…you wanna go do somethin'?" A.F. (A.F. Aquafag) asked.

"Like?" Terra countered.

"I dunno. Uh…wanna go in the Tunnel of Love?" She grinned.

"Sure!" she shouted, grabbing his arm & dragging him away. However, this scene does not change yet, as I'm sure you were previously expecting. We still have time for one more thing: a close-up of the fascinating lump on the ground that Terra was staring at! Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a rock; highly insignificant to the plot of this story. Let's move on, shall we?

"The stars are again most wondrous, dear Robin. I am most grateful that you decided to take me to such a fantastic event," Starfire said as she snuggled up against the Boy Blunder. He stroked her hair affectionately before replying.

"I wouldn't have dreamed of not taking you, Starfire," he answered. She looked up into his revolting brown eyes and saw all the love there. Barely able to breathe in the face of such love, she reached up & kissed him. One cart above them, Cyborg and Jinx were busy arguing over who loved the other more.

"No, I love you more!" Jinx giggled.

"I love you more!" Cyborg replied, hugging her.

"No, I love you more!" (Don't ask why this is so corny. I couldn't think of anything else.:( The story doesn't like being made fun of. Isn't that right, Story?) Finally, however, the decided to settle their dispute by kissing each other.

"So, Raven, I bet you that I can win you that stuffed emu over there!" Beast Boy said, grinning. (EMUS ROCK!) Raven rolled her eyes.

"It wouldn't be any better than a stuffed chicken," she said, but kissed him on the cheek anyway. "So what do you want to bet?" she asked.

"Hm…like that's hard! If I win, I don't have to do what you say this month! Duh!" he said. Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Then I have to do what you say for two months! As long as it's reasonable," he said. Raven grinned as Beast Boy carefully aimed the ball at the pyramid of milk jugs. Just as he was about to throw it, Raven used her powers to levitate the pyramid just a few inches into the air, causing Beast Boy to miss it entirely. His jaw dropped & he stared in shock, a little grey rain cloud dumping buckets of stormy water over his head. After a moment, however, he regained his composure.

"Hey!" he shouted. "That wasn't fair! No powers!" Raven sighed & rolled her eyes, unable to suppress a smirk.

"All right, all right! Do it again, & if you miss then, then you have to do what I say."

"Deal!" Beast Boy shouted. He wound up, took aim, and threw the ball. Raven smiled smugly as the little blue ball soared through the air. Everyone knows that the Carnies rig the games. (No offense to any of you Carnies!) True to the Carnies, the pyramid held fast as the little blue ball pinged off the side. Again, Beast Boy's jaw dropped.

"Dude, that was cheap!" he said. Raven smirked, and he prepared himself for two months of cafés & horror novels.

The little pink boat glided soundlessly over the shadowed water in the Tunnel of Love, carrying Terra & Aqualad over the chlorine-filled depths. The two were happily making out in the dark shadows when Aqualad decided that he needed to move. Still somehow managing to kiss Terra, he clumsily maneuvered to the left & tried to stand up, forgetting that this was a boat that they were kissing in, not the living-room couch. Needless to say, the next moment they were both dripping green, slimy water.

"OH GOD! I'm soaked! Thanks a lot, Aqualad. Now my good shirt is ruined!" she wailed pathetically. She tried to stand up, but slipped on the grimy goo beneath her, splashing Aquafag.

"Hey!" he cried, splashing her back. She wiped her now green hair out of her eyes & wailed a "that wasn't fair" thing. She swept her arm forward, causing the near-gelatinous water to drench poor A.F. (Oh, boo-hoo!) Soon, they were engaged in what could've been called a water-fight, had the ooze they were playing in been water. Finally, covered in green gunk, they resumed their make-out session…just in time to get caught by Carnie!

"Hey! Whaddaya think yer doin'? Get the heck outta there afore ya get sick! Y'all should know better!" the man shouted, roughly hauling the dripping couple out of the muck. Soon, they found themselves being hauled out of the park & dropped roughly on the ground a few yards away from the entrance of the fair.

"Now look here, you two. We know that yer super-heroes & whatnot, but you just can't go around snogging any dern place ya like. Now git!" the man said sternly. Terra & Aqualad had no choice but to oblige. As they made their way towards the nearest store-which happened to be their favorite ice-cream place…thingy…yeah-they decided to use their coms & contact Robin. Needless to say, he wasn't happy about it.

"I say that we leave them there," said Raven's monotone voice. She was carrying the large stuffed emu that Beast Boy had finally won for her. (After paying a Carnie to unglue the bottles. )

"Can she do that?" Jinx asked softly, addressing Cyborg. "Can you do that?"

"Technically, she doesn't make any of the decisions around here," Robin said, glaring. Beast Boy stood up for his girl.

"Really? 'Cos it seems to me like the ones she wants to make are a heck of a lot better than yours," he said.

"You know what? It doesn't matter who makes the decisions 'cos they hafta be smoothed over J.L. & Batman first," Cyborg said.

"Let us go join our friends, who were foolish enough to get themselves thrown out of a carnival," Starfire sighed.

"Friends? They may be your friends, but they sure in Hallah aren't mine," Raven said. But, grudgingly, she followed as they walked out.

"So…tell me again how you got thrown out," Cyborg requested Terra & A.F., trying hard not to laugh hysterically. It wasn't working. As soon as she reached the part about them making out in the muck, he roared with laughter. Raven, however, didn't think it was funny.

"If I get some kind of incurable disease from you two & die, I'm going to torment your souls and drag you to Hell," she said with an icy calm & a glare that made Terra choke on her milkshake.

"I must agree with friend Raven. The filthy gunk you had been "snogging" in had probably contained an entire swarm of Stynermytes," Starfire said, critically regarding the still sludge-covered teens. Robin cleared his throat loudly.

"I still think that it's ridiculous that you two didn't have enough sense to get back in the boat instead of making out in the muck," he said, using his best I'm-stunned-that-you-could-possibly-be-so-immautre-when-you-have-me-for-a-leader tone.

"Well," Jinx piped in, "since you two are the reason that we're not at the fair, I think that it's only fair that you should buy all of us some ice-cream." Raven looked over at her, stared in disbelief for a moment, & then smiled at her. You didn't have to be a mind-reader to know that she was wondering why she didn't think of that.

An hour later, the team headed out of the ice-cream parlor and walked out into the shadowy night holding their lovers' hand in silence, happy to be in love…

sob, sob Another happy ending. I hope it wasn't too corny for you. sniffle It's always so sad ending a fic…like you've finished another page in the book of your life. Sorry about the corniness, about the spork, about the emus, and about Mambo #5. Infinite thanks to my beloved reviewers.

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