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Note: It is the beginning of a new school year at Olympus Boarding School.

Harry Potter sat in the back of the classroom, in the last seat, of the last row observing his new surroundings. He had transferred into a private boarding school in Liverpool after being offered a four-year scholarship for his amazing skill with the trumpet and his outstanding academic achievements. So far he liked the school building but not the kids inside, they all seemed to be really annoying rich white kids who had nothing better to do with their time than to insult anybody who wasn't a rich white kid. He thought it quite funny that he, Harry, was in such an environment.

He was what someone would classify as your badass punk. He had on tartan pants with various chains and buckles attached, a black Slipknot concert t-shirt, a black wristband advertising a picture of skull, a buckle choker, and had his hair spiked up. He stuck out like a sore thumb in the sea of kaki pants and Tommy Hilfiger pastel shirts. It was rather amusing to walk into the building and see the shocked reactions of everyone around him when they found out he had a four-year scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in the U.K. He cracked a smile at this.

Of course the Dursley's were thrilled when they heard that Harry had been offered such a great opportunity that they were even willing to pay the rent for his dormitory. However the Dursley's hadn't seen this as a great opportunity for Harry; they were just thrilled to get him out their house. His parents had died in a car crash when he was only a baby and he had been sent to live with his horrible relatives, the Dursely's. Harry hated his jackass Uncle Vernon, nosy Aunt Petunia, and his killer whale sized cousin Dudley with a fiery passion of a thousand suns, and they returned the feelings. So naturally when a chance for Harry to leave and possibly never come back, the Dursley's practically shoved him out the door!

He did miss his two best friends though, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini. The three of them had known each other since kindergarten and were practically inseparable. In eighth grade Pansy and Blaise began dating and Harry wasn't surprised. It had been obvious that they both fancied each other for sometime, so it was somewhat of a relief when they finally got together. Harry, on the other hand, did not have a girlfriend. He never had one and he never would. The reason was the simple fact that he was gay. He did sleep around with a lot of guys but he had never had a serious relationship with one of them. They were just one night screws. He had never admitted to anyone that he was gay other than Pansy and Blaise (and of course the guys he had slept with) because he knew they wouldn't really care. They often joked about it when they were alone. Pansy and Harry and taken to arguing about which Hollywood actor was cuter just to annoy Blaise, and it worked. He chuckled at one specific memory he had that involved a movie theatre, bendy straws, and a bottle of "Way-Out Watermelon" lip-gloss. He sighed, he missed his friends but knew that they were happy for him because he gotten this one chance to really make something of himself. Besides, they promised to come and visit whenever they could.

He went back to observing his surroundings; he was in his eighth period Pre-Calculus class taught by a Mr. Flaherty. There were pictures of various tessellations on the wall and their Self-Starter written up on the board. He began observing the kids in his class, they were all in their own little circle of friends talking about whatever the hell it is white rich "My father makes more money than your father!" kids talk about. He focused on what seemed to be the largest and most annoying group. It seemed to be composed of about five girls, all wearing pink polo shirts, and five guys with sweaters of various colors tied around their necks. Harry was even furthered sickened when he saw that all five of the boys had their arms around the five other girls. 'Psh, morons' Harry thought to himself. One of the girls had apparently made a "witty" remark because everyone in the group burst out laughing. One of the boys took his arm off of his girl to turn around and look at the clock to see how long they had before class started. That was when Harry first saw him.

He was beautiful; he had golden blond hair that fell just above his ears, silvery shining eyes, and the softest delicate pink lips he had ever seen. He stared, stunned at the beauty of the other boy. The moment felt like an eternity to Harry but in reality it was only about three seconds. The blond boy checked the time on the clock and motioned to his friends that class would start in a few seconds so they should all go and sit down. He moved with the utmost grace over to his seat in the middle of the row three rows over from Harry's seat. He went to check the time on the clock again and in passing met Harry's eyes. The blond boy stopped in mid-turn and looked at Harry, this moment felt even longer than the last time Harry had looked at him. After a few seconds of looking at Harry the blond boy turned around to face the board and write down that day's Self Starter. Harry was absolutely speechless. Had that moment just really happened or was he only dreaming? Harry didn't know.

Lost in thought he was completely unaware that the bell had rung for class to begin and that Mr. Flaherty was calling his name. "...tter? Mr. Potter?"

"Sorry, what?" Harry said being brought back into reality.

"I was just asking you if you wanted to come up to the front of the class and tell us a little about yourself."

"Sure" replied Harry. 'This should be fun,' thought Harry.

As he was walking up to the front of the class he could feel the stares of every student in the classroom and caught a few whispered snide remarks. As he turned to face the class he had to cough back a laugh. He was staring into a sea of brightly colored pastel shirts with sickeningly cute patterns on them, it almost looked like the Easter Bunny had come early this year. He spotted the blond boy paying close attention to and he almost thought his heart had skipped a beat. He drew a deep breath and began to introduce himself. "My name is Harry Potter, I am seventeen years old and I'm from Surrey. I play the trumpet and guitar, my favorite bands are Slipknot, Green Day, Attic Base, and my favorite colors are black, red, and purple," Harry finished lamely.

"Why did you decide to come to Olympus Harry?" asked Mr. Flaherty.

"The school board offered me a four-year scholarship for my trumpet playing and academic skills, so I decided to take it."

At the mention of a scholarship for his trumpet playing the blond boy visibly perked up. He seemed very interested in the fact that Harry had been offered a scholarship of that nature. Harry wondered why it would matter but he wasn't about to argue about the attention the blond boy was giving him.

"Well that is very interesting Harry. We are glad to have you here at Olympus Boarding School. Class lets all make Harry feel welcome. You may return to your seat Harry," said an obviously impressed Mr. Flaherty. 'We've never had a kid like him here before, this should be extremely fascinating to watch.'

Harry walked back to his seat in the back of the class and pulled out a pencil and opened up his book.

The rest of the class period past without anything really eventful happening, other than Harry amazing the class with his incredible skill at math. He answered practically every question Mr. Flaherty asked the class and got every one of them right. When the bell rang signaling the end of the day Harry gathered up his books and walked out of the room. As he walked into the bustling hall filled with students all going to their lockers (do boarding schools have lockers?) to gather their books and head home Harry realized, he had forgotten where his locker was. As he stood in the middle of the hall stupidly he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see who it was and discovered it was the mysterious blond boy that had been plaguing his thoughts for the entire math class.

"Hey you look at little lost, need any help?" he said in a melodious voice.

"If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I seemed to have forgotten where my locker is," Harry said embarrassed.

"Oh here, I'll help you find it. Whats the number?"


"Oh that is just down the stairs, come on I'll show you," and whether on purpose or accidentally he grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him through the surging sea of people.

Harry let out a sigh of relief when they finally arrived at his locker, he was sure that kid slamming into him on the stairs had not been an accident and it felt like it was going to leave a fairly big bruise. "Hey thanks for this, I really appreciated it…"

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself, Draco Malfoy is the name, and trumpet playing is my game."

'So that is why he was so interested in my trumpet scholarship' thought Harry.

"So you got yourself a trumpet scholarship eh? Must mean you're a pretty good player to get a four year scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in Great Britain."

"Yeah, I guess it must," replied Harry while he was opening his locker.

"Well it sounds like you should be quite the challenge, I'll be interested in seeing just how good you are tomorrow in band…" Draco was cut off by the high-pitched shrieking of his girlfriend to hurry up. Draco let out an angry sigh, "Ok Bethany I'll be there in a minute," he turned back to face Harry, "Sorry I gotta go. Well it was nice talking to you Harry and if you ever need any help finding your way around this place you can always ask me. See ya tomorrow!" and with that Draco walked off to join his girlfriend.

Harry watched longingly as Draco disappeared arm in arm with his girlfriend Bethany. "Bethany, what a stupid name," Harry muttered under his breath as he collected his school books and walked off to the parking lot to drive back to his dormitory.

Harry stepped through the door into his one-man dorm room, the room was big enough for two people but because Harry was so "weird" nobody wanted to share a dorm with him. Of course it didn't really bother Harry in the least, it was nice to have a huge dorm room all to yourself, so he didn't object when nobody offered to be his roommate. Harry set his book bag down by the doorway and kicked off his black converses. He then proceeded to walk over to where the stove was placed and pulled out a stick of incense; he lit the incense and carried it over to the coffee table, where the burner was located.

He plopped down onto the green leather sofa and stared at the patterns the smoke from the incense made. He tenderly reached up to touch the spot on his shoulder that Draco had put his hand on, "Draco." He wasn't sure why he was feeling these feelings about Draco; he had never experienced these feelings before with any other guy, they had all just been a good fuck for a night and then he never spoke to them again, but Draco was different. His immediate reaction was to sleep with him, but to get to know him better. It frightened Harry immensely.

"I wonder what he is thinking about right now," thought Harry as he drifted off to sleep with the smell of incense all around him.

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