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Draco was walking down a long, dark, and seemingly endless hallway. He did not know where he was going or why, all he knew was that he needed to get there. After what felt like an eternity of walking he finally began to see a small light at the end of the long hallway. He started walking a little faster towards the light; the light was starting to get bigger. He picked up his pace a bit until he was jogging, the light continued to enlarge. Finally Draco was in a dead sprint; he did not know why he had to reach the light, only that he had too. Draco ran into the light, but it was so blinding that he had to pause a minute to wait for his eyes to adjust.

He blinked and looked around the room, he found himself in the boy's locker room. Draco was trying to catch his breath as he looked around the room in confusion.

"Draco" came a voice from behind him.

The blonde boy spun around to see who it was and found his jet black haired friend looking at him with a mischievous smile on his soft pink lips.

"Harry?" Draco asked still panting.

Harry nodded and began moving towards Draco, he brought his hand up to Draco's face and before Draco even realized what was happening he was pulled into a crushing kiss.

The kiss was, in one word, perfect. It felt so surreal to Draco. Harry began licking Draco's lower lip begging for entrance. Draco eagerly complied. Then a thought struck him, what the hell was he doing? He was actually enjoying being kissed by his best friend? But he was straight! Right? Draco always considered himself straight, I mean there was that one time...but that was a mistake...or was it? All of this was making his head swim. He finally just gave up and started enjoying the kiss again.

Draco had been so caught up in his own thoughts that he had failed to notice that Harry had managed to get Draco's shirt off as well as his own and was currently kissing the nape of his neck. Harry's hands were roaming over Draco's chest while Draco was moaning in appreciation. Harry's hands found their way down to Draco's belt buckle, he had just begun undoing the buckle when Draco heard a sound somewhere off in the distance. At first it was very faint but it gradually got louder, Draco thought it sounded like something on the radio.

His eyes sprung open and he found he was looking at the ceiling in his room.

"Kerry, Bill, and Gina. X96 Radio from Hell" the man said.

Suddenly Draco realized what had happened, it was only a dream. Draco sat up in bed and put his hands to his face, he was drenched in sweat, breathing very hard, and in desperate need of a cold shower.

Climbing out of bed and passing the still turned on radio; he walked into the bathroom connected to his room.

He stripped off his clothing and turned the cold water on full blast. Stepping into the freezing water Draco began to feel relieved. He stood under the spigot for about five minutes letting the water wash over his body. Pondering his dream Draco grabbed the shampoo and began working it into his blonde hair.

About half an hour later a still groggy, now sopping wet Draco walked into his room with a towel wrapped around his waist. Draco plopped down onto his bed and, allowing his instincts to take over, fell back onto his pillow snoozing.

"Coming up next the boners of the day! Its 7:45, Kerry, Bill, and Gina X96."

School started at 7:30.

"Fuck," Draco said into his pillow, eyes still closed. "But then again I do have Doherty first period and he likes me. I can get out of being late."

It took Draco about five more minutes to convince himself that he really did need to get out of bed and get dressed. Throwing on the first clothes he saw, stuffing notebooks he knew he would need today into his backpack, grabbing his car keys, and making his way out the door towards his black Porsche. He climbed in and threw his backpack into the seat next to him. Opening the glove compartment he searched for a good CD to listen to. "Hmm...Dir en grey, Blondie, The Cure, ah here we go, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!" He popped it into the CD player and Goldlion began roaring out of his speakers. He looked at the clock, it read 7:53. He was already twenty minutes late he may as well not even go to first period; he wouldn't get credit for it so why go?

With that decided Draco began to ponder where he should spend the next hour. He could go to Brew'd Awakening...but then that would remind him of Harry. The previous day came flooding back into Draco. Walking into the locker room to see Harry making out with...Draco shook his head in an attempt to get the image out of his head. Where else could he go? The Coffee Garden! Yes, the Coffee Garden, that sounded good. He pulled out of the driveway and drove off.

About ten minutes later he arrived at his destination; he parked his car, paid the meter, and walked in. It was about the size of a standard classroom and a half with a few couches and aluminum tables with chairs set up in various places. There were only a few college students typing away on their laptops and nobody else. Draco walked up and ordered some chai tea and a slice of marble cake. He picked a little table by the window where he had a clear view of the street. Draco had no clue why but for some reason he really liked watching people on the street. Some slutty looking girl and her "gangsta" boyfriend walked by arm in arm, a middle aged man in a business suit rapidly talking on his razor cell phone, and a few surfer dudes in Hollister t-shirts passed by while Draco calmly sipped his tea. Draco began breaking off pieces of his cake and eating them still looking out onto the now seemingly vacant street.

Then he heard the bell on the door ring and somebody stepped in. Draco looked over to see who it was and panicking looked away. It was him, the boy he had seen with Harry yesterday in the locker room. He now began staring out at the deserted street with a determined look on his face praying he would not be noticed. A few minutes passed and he heard nothing, he did not avert his eyes from the street though, then he heard footsteps behind him, he still did not turn around, and then...

"Hey, mind if I join you?"

Draco turned around to see the dark brown haired boy standing there with a cup of coffee in one hand and a muffin in the other. 'Actually yeah I do,' but he was not about to say that.

"Go ahead," Draco muttered darkly.

The boy set his food down and sat down in the chair opposite Draco. Neither of them spoke for several minutes, they just sipped their drinks and ate their food. It was probably one of the most awkward positions Draco had ever been in. All he wanted was for the boy to leave. He knew that if he got up to leave the boy would follow him out in an attempt to talk to him, so the only option for Draco was to sit here and wait for the boy to say something.

"So..." said the boy in an attempt to get a conversation going.

"So..." replied Draco.

The boy sighed, "Look, about yesterday, with Harry in the locker room? I didn't know he had a boyfriend, honest I didn't! If I had I would never have tried to do anything. I'm sorry." He finished lamely.

"Whoa, let's get one thing straight. Harry is not my boyfriend; he is just my friend, who happens to be a boy...and gay. But that does not make him my boyfriend! We are just friends, friends and only friends and nothing more. Friends!" Draco finished oddly.

"Oh, sorry. I just assumed when you ran out crying that you and him were..."

"Friends! We are just friends! I am straight, I like girls! I am in no way shape or form interested in Harry like that." Draco said a little too loudly, he noticed that the girl behind the counter and the two college students were staring at him. He put his hand up to cover the side of his face and whispered to the boy. "Look I wasn't crying when I ran out, I was just..." Draco struggled to find the right word, "Shocked and I didn't want to feel like I was interrupting anything."

The other boy looked at him quizzically, "Yeah, well anyways Harry seemed pretty upset after he saw you and ran out after you. If I were you I would talk to him, you know friend to friend."

"And say what? So Harry, you're gay. How has that been working out for ya? Oh yeah, that conversation will go real well." A sarcastic and now irritable Draco snapped.

"Look its not like he has cooties or anything, he's not going to jump you and start making out with you, I'm just saying I think you should talk to him and make sure you two are ok. That is if you really are his friend" the boy finished angrily.

The two of them went back to sipping their drinks for a few minutes in a tension filled silence. Draco was the first to break it.



"Matt, look Matt, I'm sorry. This whole thing has just really thrown me for a loop ya know? I just don't know what I should do next. I don't know if I should approach him, wait for him to approach me, or just break it off completely." Draco broke off a piece of cake and ate it. "I just don't know how to handle this sort of situation. I don't want to stop talking to Harry, but now that I know he's...gay it is just so awkward. I don't want him to come on to me or anything like that."

"Look, I think that Harry considers you to be one of his good friends. He knows your straight and he respects that, he won't try anything if he knows you don't want him to" Matt said assuring Draco.

Draco sat for a moment in silent contemplation. A sudden wave of guilt rushed over him as he stared into his tea. Here he was being a total asshole to this kid when he was trying to help him out. Then he started to wonder what Harry must be thinking about him. He was being completely immature about the whole situation and needed to fix it soon if he still wanted his friendship with Harry to remain intact.

"I'll find him today and talk to him" Draco said breaking the silence.

"I think that is a wise decision."

"Yeah," a silence descended over them once more. Glancing around the room Draco noticed the clock, he had about fifteen minutes to get back to school in time for second period. "Look Matt, um, I'm heading over to school, need a ride?"

Matt offered a sincere smile at Draco, "That'd be great, thanks."

The car ride back to school was a silent one, not an awkward silence but a peaceful silence. Neither one of the boys felt like there was anything to say, so they remained mute. Draco arrived at school and parked the car. Both boys paused before getting out.

"Thanks again for the ride, I really appreciate it. I hope things work out between you and Harry. See ya later."

"Wait, um, you wouldn't happen to know where I can find Harry would you?"

"Nope, sorry. If I see him I'll let him know you're looking for him. Later."

With that closing remark Matt got out of the car and headed toward the school. Draco gave a prolonged sigh, grabbed his backpack, got out of the car, and sauntered towards school trying to figure out what in the world he was going to say to Harry.

'Damnit Harry where are you!' Draco fumed mentally as he stalked the halls looking for his black haired friend. Draco was sacrificing his most precious lunch time to search for Harry so the least he could do was be standing around that next corner! 'Ok think, if I were Harry where would I be?' Duh, stupid question, he had no idea. 'Where haven't I looked yet?' He paused for a moment, and then the answer came to him, 'Art Hall!'

Draco bolted to the Art Hall and turned the corner expecting to see Harry standing there, he was not. 'GODDAMNIT!' Draco practically shouted, kicking a nearby locker and then proceeding to bang his head against the green metal. 'I'm never going to find him.'

"I can't believe I failed my history test! Sodders is so stupid!" came a high pitched voice. Draco eyes widened, suddenly ceasing all movement, trying to figure out where that voice was coming from.

"Don't worry Bethany, pretty sure that like everyone failed."

"Well then she should give us an easier test since everyone failed it. That's what a good teacher would do."

'She's coming down the main hallway; I still have time to escape!' Draco bolted down the Art Hall as if he was a gazelle, and she was the lion. Looking ahead Draco some a staircase that he never knew was there, he dashed up the stairs, skipping every other one, and sat down panting at the base of the second set of stairs. 'Made it.'

"Hey," came a voice from behind. Turning around he saw Harry sitting in the middle of the stairs with a sandwich in his hand. Their eyes met and both Harry and Draco looked away.


"You ok?" Harry asked, inquiring about Draco's heavy breathing.

"What? Oh, yeah… I'm fine. I just… heard Bethany… coming down the hall… so I made a run for it."


An awkward silence fell over them. After Draco managed to catch his breath he looked up at Harry again and decided it was now or never.

"Look about yesterday…"

"I'm sorry," Harry cut him off. "I should have told you I was gay sooner, I was just afraid you would react exactly like you did yesterday. I'm sure you probably hate me now and I don't blame you, I kinda hate myself right now for deceiving you like that, and…"

"I don't hate you," Draco said cutting off the rambling Harry.


"I'm sorry I ran out like that, I was just…I didn't know what to do so my first instinct was to run. I shouldn't have acted so childish. Sorry" looking up at Harry.

"I'm sorry you had to find out that way" finally making eye contact with Draco.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I kept meaning to. I would work myself up to finally telling you, but I always whimped out in the end."

"From now on let's promise to be open with one another ok?" Still looking at Harry.

Harry smiled at Draco, "Deal."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief, and then really noticed his surroundings for the first time. "Whoa, this staircase doesn't go anywhere!" This was true, the staircase only led to a two wooden, locked, doors.

"I know! I figured you'd be in the lunchroom and you wouldn't want to see me, so I decided to eat lunch up here today. Ignoring the slight pot smell I think it is rather cozy up here."

The two boys looked at each other and burst into laughter. After five minutes of straight laughter Draco looked at Harry.

"Just promise me one thing. Don't make out with your boyfriend in front of me. I don't want see that."

"Understandable. I won't make out with my future boyfriend in front of you if you don't make out with your future girlfriend in front of me" said a slightly giddy Harry.

"Wait, that Matt guy isn't your boyfriend?"

"No, being two gay hormonally charged teenage boys we just decided for a quick make ou…wait, how did you know his name was Matt?"

"He and I had coffee this morning," then noticing Harry's confused look added, "Then we went to city hall and got hitched, I tried to call you but to no avail."

"Haha, no seriously."

"We ran into each other at this coffee place and talked."

"Cool. So, just double checking, your cool with the whole me being gay thing, right?" Harry asked.

"As long as you don't come on to me, I'm fine."

"Rock on." Then an impish grin came over Harry's face. "But you know Draco," scooting closer to the blonde and lowering his voice, "Your just so damn hot, I don't know if I'll be able to resist you" dancing his fingers up Draco's arm until he reached his shoulder as he was saying this, causing Draco to become quite flushed remembering his dream. "If you ever get curious Draco gimme a call, day," curling various blonde strands around his finger, and getting precariously close to Draco's face, stopping short of a few inches, "or night."

Draco's breathing rate had shot through the roof in the last few seconds and found himself incapable of forming a coherent sentence.

Harry smiled, "Kidding! I was kidding!" Harry laughed.

"Right," said a still flabbergasted Draco. "I knew that."

"I know your straight and that's cool with me. I promise I won't ever try anything" scooting away and holding his hands up. "Unless you want me too," giving an exaggerated wink toward Draco.

"Oh yes Harry, I want your body," said Draco joining in on the joke.

"I don't blame you, I am drop dead gorgeous," sprawling himself out over the stairs. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful Draco!" came a very melodramatic Harry.

"I'll try not too," joked Draco.

Finally the bell signaling that lunch was over rang. Draco stood up and looked back at Harry, waiting for him to get up.

Harry looked up smiling, "Friends?" extending his hand toward Draco.

Draco smiled back, took the hand, and pulled Harry up and into a hug. "Friends."


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