A/N This is a Hermione/Draco one-shot fic. I wrote it while in class one day when I was just thinking and such. It's sad I think. The setting is that Hermione and Draco were together before the war. Draco died in the war and Hermione stumbles across a letter he left for her…. So enjoy and breakout the tissues. Oh and this is in Hermione's point of view.

Warning I don't own the characters but I do own the plot.

I was back in our apartment for the first time since the war ended. It had been 2 months. I couldn't bear to go back without him. I couldn't understand why he was gone and why he left me. That bastard, Lucious Malfoy, took him from me. I killed Lucious after he had killed Draco. If only I had killed him sooner then I would still have Draco. But alas, there is no going back.

I looked around at our quaint apartment in Diagon Alley. It was such a homey little place filled to the brim with Gryffindor and Slytherin memorabilia. How I loved Draco. I couldn't believe that we had come so far and he had died anyways. We got past hate and Voldemort but we couldn't get past his father. But I still had a piece of Draco. That piece of Draco was in my tummy still maturing. I knew Draco would have loved to have been able to know he would be having a daughter. As I looked through some of our old things I absentmindedly rubbed my growing abdomen. I then came across a letter with my name scrawled neatly in green ink on it. I knew immediately that the handwriting on the letter belonged to my Draco, my dragon. I slowly opened the parchment to read it. I could already feel the tears pricking my eyes as I began to read.

Dear Mione,

If you are reading this than I'm no longer living. I'm sorry to have caused you pain. I want you to know that I didn't die with many regrets except for 2. One being that I didn't leave my father's shadow soon enough and the other being that I never told you enough how much that I love you. I'm sorry we don't get to spend our lives together. But I know that one day we will be back together.

I'm sure you will make it without me. I know it will be hard but as you already know by now that I left everything that I had to you. Please don't ruin your life over me. Maybe you'll find love again but I just don't want you to forget me. I must be going it's almost time. I'm sorry if this is difficult to read. I'm in a hurry the battle is about to start. I love you and I will see you again someday.

Love always and forever,

Your Draco Adonis Malfoy

I was crying so much I was surprised all the ink didn't run off the page as I read it. Harry had his hand on my shoulder and when I looked up I saw him crying too. I knew that I had to start moving on. I would give mine and Draco's daughter a good life. She would know everything about her daddy. I kissed the letter and folded it up and put it in my pocket. 'Goodbye Draco until we meet again.'


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