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"The Pain About Knowing The Truth"

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The rain pattered against the window making the only noise in the car. Hatori shook his head and hang his fingers through his tangles hair. He flicked the windshield wipers on letting the sweep away the rain droplets as he sped down the backroad leading out to the ocean.

Tohru stared out her window at the passing scenery as she held her arm where her newest and deepest cut had been made. Her hair was draped infron of her eyes hiding the tears that welled up on the rims of her eyelids. She took a deep breath letting the barrier break as the tears ran down her sunken cheek bones.

Hatori reached for her hand and held it tightly as if afraid to let go. He closed his eyes for a fraction of a second before whispereing "It'll be okay. This is nothing more than a dream."

"A dream...If you could even call it a dream It would have happened to someone else...Not her...not Tohru. She didn't deserve this. No one did." His mind moaned as he turned the blinker on slowing down on a turn off. "If You would have..." He cut his mind off as he flicked on the radio. For a few seconds there was just static...then the slow melody of a song Tohru used to sing every morning while she made breakfast came on.

Tohru's head snapped up and she flicked the radio off. "Please...No more."

Hatori shook his head. "I'm sorry."

Tohru froze up letting a small cry escape her lips as she tried to hold back the tears that were flowing from her red eyes.

Hatori pulled over on the side of the road and got out of the car.

Tohru took her chance and dug her finger nails into her wound sighing as the blood flowed onto her finger tips. "I can't reverse time."

Hatori flung her door open with eyes wide with terror. "Tohru stop that." He said sternly smacking her hand away from the wound. "It'll never get better."

"I'll never get better." She mumbled keeping her eyes to the floor.

Hatori grabbed her chin and made her look him straight in the eyes. "Now you listen to me. Don't you ever think that you'll never get better. You will get through this. You will move on. Yuki never wanted to see you this way. Don't let his death be in vain."

Tohru evaded his gaze and tried to move her head. "What does it matter anymore. They won. I killed Yuki...I'm responsible for his death...I caused this mess. It was my FAULT!" she bellowed taking deep breaths as the tears flowed from her cheeks onto Hatori's hands.

"Don't you ever say that again. You did not cause Yuki to have asthma. You did not know that he was dying of a disease that only Akito could have stopped. You brought that boy hope. He knew he was going to die. He knew Akito planned to kill him. He tried to kill himself when he was a child. Don't you dare say that him dying was your fault. You brought that boy happiness. I never saw him smile the way he did when he was with you until the day he brought you into our house hold. So don't you dare blame yourself."

"What difference does it make?" She said looking away.

Hator raised his hand to smack her aside the face but stopped letting his fingers lightly fall on her cheek as it wiped away the fallen tears. She looked up at him and sobbed as she wrapped her arms around him. "Hatori Please I can't take it anymore." She cried. "Make the pain stop."

Hatori looked up at the dark clouds that cried as she did and he held back the tears taking a deep breath. He pulled away from Tohru and grabbed her arm. "Lets see what I can do about this shall we?" He said helping her out of the car and into the back seat. Once inside he pulled out the medical kit and grabbed needle and thread.

"Don't numb it up Hatori...I can't feel anything anyways." She said squeezing her hand into a fist. Hatori nodded and sewed up the cut in a matter of seconds. He covered it with a gauze bandage and some tape before shutting his medical kit.

He got out of the back seat leaving Tohru there on her own as he returned to the drivers seat. He started the engine and pulled back onto the road continuing on the worn out path to the summer beach house.


Kyo sat in the kitchen of the empty house frustrated. He looked over at the pile of clean dishes and slammed his fist on the counter he had just washed. "Damn it." He growled. "God Fucking DAMN IT!" He screamed in frustration as tears streamed from his eyes.

Shigure walked into the house and stared at Kyo who was shaking. "Kyo..."

Kyo turned to face Shigure looking like he was a five year old trapped in a teenager's body. He walked over to Shigure and collapsed in his arms crying. "Why did this have to happen? WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO HER!" He screamed.

Shigure wrapped his arms around Kyo shooshing him as he ran his fingers through Kyo's hair. The fallen rain mixed with snow made the world outside look forboding. "This was not our decision. You know we can't stop the events that have happened."

"Its not FAIR!" He cried. "Why couldn't have been me. This was never supposed to happen. I was supposed to protect her."

"I know." Shigure whispered. "We all know."


Tohru sat in the room here she first found herself locked in Yuki's arms afraid to stop their first real kiss. She closed her eyes as she stared at the dusty room. She stood up and walked over to the wall where her name was carved into a heart Yuki had made. "I won't...I can't go on...Not anymore."

Hatori walked into the room sighing as he stared out at the sky. Tohru walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist kissing him lightly on the lips before turning away. Hatori lifted her chin and kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm so sorry." She said stepping back and falling to the floor.

Hatori knelt on the floor infront of her holding her hand. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" He asked looking her straight in the eyes.

She gulped and nodded her head squeezing his hand lightly as Hatori lifted his other hand resting his palm on her forehead. "Hatori...I love you." She whispered.

He released his power wiping her mind completely. "I love you too Tohru and I always will." He laid on the floor next to her limp body as she relaxed for what seemed to be the first time in months. Her breathing had slowed to a normal pace and her tears stopped. "Though its going to kill me...I have to let you go." He whispered kissing her on the cheek as she laid perfectly curled up in her arms.

Hours passed and she finally came to. She sat up and stared at Hatori with a blank expression on her face. Hatori held her hand as he began. "Your name is Tohru Honda. You live alone in an apartment. Your mother died when you were a little girl. You were in a car accident and that is why your body is scarred. You have been in a comma for several weeks and have lost most of you memory. You have completed high school. You are currently working for a degree in the medical field. You have no idea who I am and you never will. After today you will never see me again. You will not look for me and you will live a happy life."

Tohru nodded and smiled. "Thank you for being so kind in helping me remember."

Hatori's barrier of emotions cracked and tears streamed down his face. He turned away from her and walked into the other room before falling on the floor in a mess. He let out all the emotions that he had held for what seemed like an eternity. "She smiled...I never thought I would see her smile again."


That was the last time I ever saw Tohru Honda. She gave birth to a child and put it up for adoption just before she ran off and got married to a boy who Lived in the United States. She became a doctor and saved many lives in a deadly war. I tried to track her down but she slipped away. But what can you expect. She grew up. Its only been Three years but I miss her so much.

The Tohru Honda I loved died that day at the beach house. She died knowing that Yuki would greet her at the gates of heaven. She died because I loved her too much. It seemed like the day Tohru left...was the day our family fell apart. Kyo disappeared days later. Shigure stopped writing books and became a kite maker. Ayame closed his shop and vanished to. No one is left. The world seems to be drifting apart. But I'm still here. I always will be. I can never leave. Cursed or not I am the one soul person who Akit Relies on and i always will be.

"Uncle Hatori." a small voice said as a young girl with long black hair and beautiful brown eyes entered the room. "Uncle Hatori what are you doing up so late?"

Hatori turned and picked up the little three yearold and carried her off to her bedroom. "Don't you worry about it sweety. Its all just a dream." He said laying her back in her bed and pulling the covers up to hershoulders.

"Uncle Hatori tell me a story about mommy." She said as he ploopped down on the bed beside her.

Hatori wrapped his arm around the little girl and rested his chin on her head. "Have I ever told you The one About falling in Love and the pain it caused your mom?"

"Nope." She said snuggling closer to him. "Does it have a happy ending?"

"Ya...Yumi...It does...It ends with you." He said kissing her on the forehead. "One time when your mommy was walking home from work she got stuck in a storm..." The rest of the words faded as the little girl dozed off. Hatori stopped and smiled as the snow fell silently to the ground. "One day...when you're ready...I'll tell you the whole truth with the pain about being in love." He whispered as he climbed out of her bed shutting the lgihts out as he walked down the hall to his room.

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