"Dragonball AS"


By- Tiny

Four years doesn't seem like a long time to most people, what with work and schooling and everything of that nature, and yet so much can happen in that seemingly miniscule amount of time. It had been that many years to date since the legendary Saiya-jin warrior, Son Goku, disappeared with the eternal dragon, not to be seen again for a hundred years. That seemed like so long ago now to those he left behind, most of all for the Briefs and Son clans, who had suffered a great deal since the legendary warrior's disappearance.

The loss of her husband for the third time in her life was too much for Chi-Chi to stand and she had passed away not long after Goku disappeared, having just barely passed sixty years old. The matriarch of the Son clan was not to be the last tragedy in the family, however, as the former world champion Hercule also passed away from a massive heart attack almost a year ago. Videl had wept for weeks afterwards and probably would have still been grieving were it not for the one ray of sunshine in all of the darkness after Li-Shenlong; her and Gohan's second child, a little boy they had named Medon.

Goten hadn't really been that affected by his father's leaving again, mostly since he had hardly known his father other than during those ten years after Majin Buu, but Chi-Chi's death had absolutely crushed him. The woman who had raised him, trained him, and brought the young Saiya-jin up his entire life was now gone forever, since the Dragonballs were gone now and even if they were still around, Shenlong couldn't bring back those who died of natural causes. Even his girlfriend Paresu hadn't been able to console him after the older woman's passing, though her presence in Goten's life had made things slightly more bearable.

Things hadn't exactly gone well for the Briefs either since Goku's decision to leave yet again and the two families hadn't really gotten together after that day, not with everything that was going on. Capsule Corp. had witnessed a boom in business during the aftermath of the Evil Shenlong's attack on Earth, but the cost of such a boom had been too much for some of the family to bear. Being almost seventy years old and only human, Bulma hadn't been able to keep up with the constant demands put on her by the company and passed away due to all the stress.

That blow to the woman's children was heavy enough and only got worse when, a few weeks later, Trunks found a note in his father's room telling him to train hard and take care of his little sister. Nobody had seen the proud Saiya-jin prince since that day and, try as they might, nobody could sense his energy signature in either dimension and King Kai had no answers to supply. As such, Trunks became the surrogate father to his then sixteen year old sister on top of being acting president of Capsule Corp. and the husband to his childhood sweetheart, Marron, the newest female Z fighter.

As for the other people close to the Son and Briefs families, nobody had heard much from them even before the Evil Shenlong's attack, but the Saiya-jin knew they were still alive. Yamcha and Krillin were rumored to have taken on a few students in the last few years, but those students had apparently surpassed their sensei's at a rather rapid pace and had moved on to train independently. Even Tien and Chautzu had taken on a student recently, though they were certain to keep his identity under wraps, but everyone knew they had one.

The only one anybody kept in touch with much anymore was Ubuu, sort of like the adopted member of the Son family, and he had been doing quite well for himself after taking the title of World Champion from Hercule. He too had been heartbroken after hearing of his sensei's wife passing on, since Chi-Chi had almost been like his second mother, but tried not to let it get to him as it had the others. The dark-skinned teen still visited quite often though, mostly with Goten and Trunks, and was probably the only one not going through a rough patch.

And then, of course, there was the training....

Saiya-jin don't handle stress very well, especially when it concerns the loss of family or close friends, and that had led to an upsurge in the training habits of those on Earth. Gohan trained almost daily now with his daughter, who had recently managed to finally achieve Super Saiya-jin status, and tried to get Videl to train with them, but she wasn't interested. Videl was, after all, around forty years old now and didn't really see the need for her to train anymore, so she only sparred to keep herself in shape and to keep Gohan on his toes.

Goten had also picked up in his training again, though he was very secretive about it after he moved in to the old family home at Mt. Paozu, and the only one he would train with was Ubuu. Nobody understood why exactly, since Goten hadn't much liked Ubuu at first, but the two had grown close since Goku's disappearance and they were both careful to keep their progress a secret. They had even tried to bribe Paresu into training with them and had managed to teach her some of the most basic moves, but she refused to go beyond that, much to Goten's dismay.

The real workouts, however, were taking place in the Capsule Corp. gravity room where Trunks virtually lived at after he finished up at work, the settings having upgraded nearly ten times in the last year and a half. The lavender-haired prince wanted to be sure that he made his heritage proud, since he had slacked off for so long and it had cost him so much, and he was not about to repeat his mistakes. Trunks' progress was not so secretive as his friend, as everyone had sensed him ascend a few months ago, and it was quite clear that training with her husband had benefited Marron as well. After all, she had started out weaker than even Chautzu and was now well beyond even her father, the strongest human ever, and vowed not to stop until she had surpassed Juuhachi.

What had frightened almost everyone else though, including Trunks and Marron, was the day that Bra had stepped into the gravity room and ordered her older brother to train her as a Saiya-jin. Bra did, after all, have the temperament of her both her father and mother combined at times, a very dangerous combination, and the other's were afraid she might lose control one day. That had been two and a half years ago, just after Vegeta's disappearance, and so far things had gone without incident and without any deaths, so nobody was too worried.

All around things had fallen into a peaceful routine on the little blue planet known as Earth, the first time it had done so since just after Majin Buu, and everybody had settled into their new lives in the peaceful era. They all knew, however, that such a peaceful environment was not going to last long, which is why they kept their training up as a precautionary measure. Too many times had the Z fighters been caught off guard in the past and this new generation had vowed to not be unprepared ever again, not with so much at stake now that the Dragonballs were gone.

Little did they know, however, just how soon their strength would once again be needed.....

Bra was sitting in her room at Capsule Corp. after a shower, the days training having her completely wiped from head to toe, and she still had college applications to fill out later. Trunks had insisted that his baby sister go to college so that she could run the company one day, mostly as a little joke, but Bra knew that the stress of running Capsule Corp. was taking it's toll on her older brother. The fact that so much had happened to their family since Goku left didn't help any either, as Trunks blamed himself constantly for Vegeta leaving, and Bra had agreed to take over after college.

Not that it really mattered, both of the Briefs children had inherited their mother's intellect as well as their father's strength and random temper, so it wasn't like she needed to go to college or anything. Still, the degree would look good with her name on it in that cushy president's office in the offices, but Bra tried not to think about that as she slid into some comfortable clothes. At almost nineteen years old, the virtual clone of Bulma had matured into quite a lovely young woman with a strength that matched, easily rivaling the strength of her father back in his younger days.

The young woman was still admiring herself in her large mirror when a knock at the door caught her immediate attention, a soft chuckle emanating from the doorway as she turned around. It was absolutely amazing how much Trunks resembled his father, despite the flat, long hair and blue eyes, but anyone who looked at him knew instantly who Trunks' father had been. That cocky attitude and the majesty he radiated whenever he entered a room could only be produced by a Saiya-jin monarch, but both Bra and Marron still loved him for it.

"Having fun, little sis?" Trunks smirked, "I haven't seen you model in the mirror since....well, it's been a long time."

"Well, I was going out tonight with Pan and Ubuu to see a new movie downtown," Bra smiled, "I just wanted to make sure that I looked decent before I went to meet them at Gohan's."

"I see," Trunks mused, "Well, before you go, I have something I need to tell you."

"Trunks, I'm a big girl now," Bra sighed, "I don't need you to give me the talk about not killing anyone every time I go out with my friends!"

"That's not what I'm here to talk about Bra," Trunks laughed, "I came up here to bring you some good news, probably the first good news since Marron and me got married."

"Like what?" Bra grumbled, turning away, "Did Dad suddenly appear in the living room or something?"

"No, something much better than that," Trunks smiled, hugging his little sister tight, "Bra, Marron went in to the doctor for that stomach thing earlier today and she found out that she's carrying a baby. You're going to be an aunt!"

And at that moment, as soon as the word 'aunt' left Trunks' mouth, Bra hit the bed in a dead faint....

On a dark and perilous world, far beyond the reaches of the Northern Galaxy that King Kai presided over, a council of warlords sat with their gazes shifting to a series of profiles on a vidscreen before their faces. The faces ranged in pigment, shape, hairstyle, and even eye coloration, but each of the people on the screen was on there for a specific reason. Those sitting around the screen were all members of what was currently the most prosperous faction in the universe and the ones on the screen were the only ones in their domain that, in their opinion, posed any kind of threat to business.

One of the figures, a man of about six foot in height, stood silently before the rest of the council with a placid look on his dark face, his cat-like yellow eyes gazing intently on the figures in the screen. The man had skin the color of the midnight sky, so dark that he could almost be mistaken for a solid shadow, and he kept himself covered up with clothing that was just barely darker than his skin. He also kept a long, sharp sword at his side in a very ornate and wondrously decorated sheath, signifying his status as an expert assassin.

"Well, Agent Destroyer, it would seem that you have come across yet another set of juicy targets for which your services are needed," the largest and clearly most powerful council member mused, "You know what to do, and be sure to get to those in space before they reach this blue world or it's coming out of your fee!"

"You have my word lordship, I will not fail you," Destroyer chuckled, bowing in respect before walking out, "The Saiya-jin and their allies will be eliminated once and for all, just like the last one that we came across."

"Then go to it, young one," the council member chuckled, "I do so think that the great Prince Vegeta could use some company in the next life."

"As do I, your lordship," the assassin laughed, turning to head for his cruiser, "And I'll make sure that he gets it!"

Author's Notes: Okay, just to clear things up a bit, I'm not really jumping the gun on the children issue in this edition of the fic, since Marron and Trunks have been married for a while at the start of this and Medon was born before it happened. Also, for those who read the original edition, I'm sure that you've all noticed several major changes to the storyline other than that, the first of what will be many. And if your wondering who the 'ones in space' are, that will be revealed soon enough, but that's all I have to say for now.

Just the prologue and it's already longer than the first chapter of the original fic, so let's get some feedback and find out what the readers think! I hope to see you all around again soon and thanks for reading!!!