"Dragonball AS: Destroyer Saga"


By- Tiny

The dark vessel was in tatters, it's internal functions all shorted out due to damage sustained in the standoff with the two extremely powerful Saiya-jin, the engines all but destroyed by ki blasts. Life support and artificial gravity were still active, as were the emergency lights and automated sequences, but the rest of the ship was so damaged that it wouldn't be going anywhere for quite some time. The commander who was currently on deck was positively furious, his fiery red eyes blazing as he read of the incredibly long list of damage to the ships outer hull and electrical systems.

The two Saiya-jin had been an unexpected surprise when their ship came within range of the dark warrior's vessel, an even greater surprise when they hacked the smaller vessel's files and learned of the monkey's home planet's location. It was like striking oil in a barren desert, they now knew exactly where their targets were located, but then the Saiya-jin had sensed their presence. It hadn't taken more than a few minutes after that for the two warriors to open fire on their enemy's ship, nearly destroying it and taking a sizable portion of the crew with themselves.

The deceased warrior's bodies were currently being studied by the ship's medical staff, trying to figure out exactly what it was about them that made them so much more resistant to ki attacks and what gave them their power. So far they had found very little in the way of results, except that the skin was so tough even when dead that they used nearly twenty scalpels before they even got a clean incision. That in itself was revealing, showing that their bodies natural defenses were highly evolved and that this crew, when the time came, would have to overcome such defenses.

"Report commander," a wicked, very deep voice snarled, "What damage have those monkeys done to my ship?"

"We won't have auxiliary power for another three weeks sir, and it will be at least six months after that before main power is fully restored," the commander gulped, "Our approach to Earth will have to wait until after that time has passed, and even then it will be at least a year before we arrive."

The ship's captain did not look pleased at this new, not at all, his thick head of fiery hair bristling like he had just stuck a finger in an electrical socket, dark eyes blazing with a brilliant fire. The sword strapped to his side glistened like a shining star in the darkness that was his own body, teeth bared as though he were some sort of predator ready to pounce. He strolled quickly past his first officer, looking out onto what was left of the Saiya-jin's ship, nothing more than scrap metal and a few floating chunks of computer consoles, bringing a soft smirk to his face.

"So be it then, get started on the repairs immediately, double shifts!" the captain chuckled, "If those two were indeed the strongest, than their little friends will be no problem whatsoever."

"Yes sir, we will finally be rid of the Saiya-jin, after all these years," the commander smirked, "Vegeta's line, the line of the legends...it will all be gone, with the death of his children."

"Indeed, vengeance will be ours," the captain laughed, "And I will start...with Vegeta's grandson..."

The news of Gohan and Kimuchi's death had hit home like a ton of bricks to the Z fighters, Pan and Videl nearly collapsing in grief as Trunks told them what the tape had said of their enemies. It was to everyone's advantage that neither of the children were present, as Medon was Gohan's son and Boxer was quite attached to the aged Saiya-jin warrior. They weren't sure the two boys could take the news of their mentor and friend's demise, not to mention their one window into what might be happening later on, Kimuchi, was gone as well, leaving them in the dark about their enemy's time of arrival.

The Lookout was eerily silent, save for the sobbing of Gohan's friends and family over his demise, and Trunks looked very distant as he looked off over the edge of the floating sanctuary towards the sky. His blue eyes seemed to be piercing the very atmosphere as he looked out for whatever was coming, his lavender hair blowing in the wind as he did so. The line of Goku was all but gone, leaving the task of saving the Earth for the first time, ironically enough, in the hands of the son of a man who once tried to destroy it.

"Listen to me everyone, our time is short and the enemy is near, we must up our preparations tremendously if we want to defeat them," Trunks sighed, "Which is why I have brought you here."

"Why?" Pan finally spoke up, wiping her eyes, "What can possibly help our training up here?"

"Follow me," Trunks smirked, turning around, "I'll show you."

The rest of the group did not argue, following the young prince without a word as he traveled across the halls of the Lookout, stopping a few yards inside the palace and turning back to face them once more. The room he stood before seemed oddly familiar to some of the older warriors, like they had been here before, though it seemed a bit newer than most of the others on the ancient palace. Still, the room was very familiar, radiating with a strange kind of energy as they stopped before it, looking to the Saiya-jin prince to provide the answers.

"My friends, welcome to the Room of Spirit and Time, a room where one year passes within while only a day passes outside," Trunks explained, looking at the group, "I have been in here once, long ago...and now it's time that we use this chamber again to better ourselves more quickly."

"Will it really help us that much?" Bra asked, "I mean...Gohan and Kimuchi were the strongest, only our dad's were stronger. Can we even...?"

"We can, and we will!" Trunks snapped, looking ever more like his father than ever before, "We have lost too much to these bastards, suffered too long...I will NOT allow my father's killers to go unpunished! I won't!"

Nobody said a word as the powerful young prince shot immediately to his ascended Super Saiya-jin form, his golden locks of hair standing out in thick and stiff spikes as he glared at them all. They all doubted what he knew in his heart they were capable of; he had seen the anger and the resolve that had driven them when Goten was killed, the kind of drive that proved them all warriors. And now, when their planet needed them to be strong and to strengthen that resolve along with their bodies, they had begun to feel hopeless.

He would not allow this to happen, not when he knew in his heart and with the royal blood that flowed through his veins that they could overcome any challenge that was set before them. Goku and Vegeta had faced the most powerful beings ever to bring the Earth under fire and had triumphed, as had Gohan and Kimuchi over the years, and now it was their turn. The next generation needed to rise up now and take their place as the defenders of their home world, even if it wasn't what they had wanted out of their lives, it was what was necessary.

"If you're too afraid to fight for our future, then you can all stay behind, but I'm going in and I will stop these bastards!" Trunks growled, opening the door and stepping inside slowly, "Alone, if I must..."

Nobody spoke a word as the door the chamber shut, locking itself up as Trunks entered the room that he had spent several months in as a child long ago, leaving his friends dumbfounded and wide-eyed. The Saiya-jin from space, Berge and Apio, didn't even flinch in their facial expressions as they looked at the door, nor did Ice or Sanil as they headed away from the rest of the group. They all knew that Trunks was right and that he knew what was best in this situation, but that didn't mean that they had to like it when he said as much.

Bra clung to Ubuu very tightly as the young Majin sighed, not wanting to think about the future threat coming towards Earth, and Pan was in a similar hold with Yamcha's son Roshi. The two couples had just found each other during all this confusion and their preparations, now to find that they may be ripped apart because of a battle, as Goku and the others had often been. The thought was unbearable, but Bra was the daughter of Vegeta, Pan the granddaughter of Goku, and the other two had been trained by the greatest fighters in existence. It was their duty and their obligation to the people of this planet to fight, even if things looked hopeless, and they were not going to just abandon those duties.

"Looks like we're going to have to get serious now," Roshi finally spoke, smiling softly like his father used to, "I just hope that this chamber is everything that Trunks says it is, or else were all screwed."

"I don't think Trunks would lie to us about this, not with everything that's on the line," Bra sighed heavily, "After all, he has the most to lose out of us all...his wife, his son...me..."

"Then we'll just have to make sure that that doesn't happen, won't we?" Ubuu smirked, holding Bra close to him, "I can't lose you either..."

"We're all in then?" Pan grinned, putting her hand down between them all and finding it over-lapped with three others, "No matter what happens, we all stick together...and win together?"


Author's Notes: And so, officially, ends the Destroyer Saga, with the Z fighters preparing for the trials that lie ahead as Trunks falls, unwittingly, into the role of the Z fighter's leader. Also, to make it clear why I include those four in the last part of this story, Pan and the others are going to play increasingly critical roles as the story progresses on. As for what lies next for Dragonball AS...you'll have to stay tuned to find out, but thank you to everyone who has been so supportive thus far. See you all again soon!