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The first time she kissed Erik, it was unlike anything else. The fact that she had never kissed a man aside, it was not like she would have expected. Not that she had much clue of what to expect. The other Ballet Rats—in giggles and whispers—described their adventures. This was not like that at all, and Megan pitied those girls that it was all they had.

Her mother had never really described kissing and Megan had always been too afraid to ask. It wouldn't have mattered. She could not see her mother being able to give this feeling accurate description.

The book she still had, treasured, which had been a gift from Sorelli, hadn't helped either. It had described them as fire. That was the closest. His lips were not cold, as Christine had credited his hands. They were heat, and sun, and life, and fire.

Kissing him was painful. It was honestly painful. There was this deep pain in her chest, a twisting of hear and stomach and lungs that felt as her face did sometimes when she smiled too much. But she would die to kiss him. Walk willingly into the flames and smile while she burned just to be so near to him. She would burn to ashes and soot and dust just to be able to kiss him once before she went.

She had never been happier in all her life. Because she was allowed to touch him. It was unusual to be so happy, so perfectly content—nothing could make it better—she had never been so happy. And it was just from being allowed to be near him.

They were married in a small creaking church on the edge of a hill, overlooking the sea. He had taken her to see the ocean. I will do anything to see you smile. He promised her as she gaped at the very magisty of it.

Gaped. She was certain that someone elegant like Christine would have gasped, stood in awe even. But she could do little else but gasp and marvel. Attractive or no, she was amazed. He even took her on a boat, a real ship. Covered with lights and silk and filled with lace and champagne and soft music.

Sadly the two soon learned that boats and Megan were not a good mix. She spent most of the time in their stateroom, whimpering, sweating and heaving. Erik felt awful, that he had taken the one person he cared about and made her so very ill, but Megan was happy to spend time with him, no matter what happened because of it.

After a few days of being so sick she was well enough to walk about at least, and he took her up to the main deck and they watched the ocean. She enjoyed the strength of him and still relished that she could touch him so she acted a bit weaker than she was, and leaned against him while they stood watching the waves. He supported her and did not mention that he knew she was exaggerating her weakness.

He was simply happy that someone wanted to love him. Him. Not the Angel of Music. Not because he killed. Not because they pitied him. Megan loved him, him, Erik with no family name. He would let her lean on him, or tease him, or kiss him whenever she wished, because her wish was as good as a command when it came to him.

The trip only lasted a week, but despite illness Megan insisted she loved it, until she saw what lay at the end of the journey, because at the end of their trip he showed her the gift Sorelli had offered. She stood on the hill overlooking the vineyard and made a vague attempt at breathing.

"Whe—how—Erik!" She gasped, laughing and crying and unable to finish even a thought.

He had never seen anyone laugh through their tears before, and was unsure of what to do. He lead her to the front doors with shaking hands and explained. He hoped she was not unhappy with him.

"It was a gift from Sorelli, though I think more to you than me." He attempted to laugh at that and she smiled, her eyes still watering. He watched her when he opened the door. She stared, all the furniture covered with sheets, but she could see the beauty of this place, and suddenly she was dancing. Not to music, or a routine, she just spun and dipped around the furniture.

Contrary to what she had accused him of so long ago he did watch the dancers and he did know of the things they did and the things they could do. He knew Megan was skilled, but here, in this moment, watching her surrounded by golden sunlight and dustmoats and ghosts of furniture, he knew she had never danced like this before.

If she had danced like this at the Opera House she would have been better than Sorelli, she would have been a better dancer than any he had seen. "I've never seen you dance so well before." He told her when she dropped onto a still covered couch, her chest heaving slightly with her effort.

"I never had your full attention before. Sorelli has Phillipe's attention all the time, and now I have yours." She murmured. When he questioned she shook her head. "A secret between dancers...dear?" He shook his head.

She was adamant about trying to find names for each other—he could not see what was wrong with their own names—and was constantly trying out the latest one to come to her mind. Often he would come to speak with her and she would refuse to answer until he tried out her latest attempt at a pet name. Yesterday it had been "Lady Phantome of the Opera." A few days prior to that he had to spend the whole day calling her "Madame Opera Ghost."

She sighed and he sat down next to her, a small amount of space between them. She stared at the distance and managed a smile as she looked up at him. It still hurt that he did not fully trust her, but she understood it, and she knew that as time went on, things would improve. "Women at the Opera House—the guests—always used to talk." She started. And he looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "About decorating this house and that..."

"Would you like to be in charge of how this house looks Megan?" He asked.

"Yes." She looked at him with a small smile that out-shown any of Christine's because this smile had something none of Christine's ever would. This smile had a touch of deviousnesses to it, and it was directed only at Erik.

"All right. What will we do in this house of ours?" He was curious what this would lead to, Megan seemed to always be a mystery to him.

"Books." She announced with a soft nod looking very serious.



"Very well. We shall fill our house with books."

And they did.

The end.

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