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I knew that things were different as soon as high school was in full swing. Second semester full swing. We weren't counted as stupid freshman anymore, just plain freshman, after mid-year exams. But I digress.

What I want to say is how things were different.

I had my two friends, best friends, it didn't matter that they were guys, it never had. I was still me, still the stubborn and righteous Goth, Danny was still Danny (Ok, well, maybe not the same Danny in the same sense), still the clueless kid from the down the street that was hopelessly adorable, and Tucker was still Tucker, still nerd from lord knows where. Yes, I know that was pointless, but I must assert these facts as they are relevant later.

It was January at the time and I was freezing my ass off walking home. Cold, cold, cold, cold, was my inner chant as my heavy boots thudded on the iced over pavement. Did I want to be walking home? No, I didn't. I'd missed my bus because I had been trying to help Danny with one of the usual disturbances, but, unlike him, I couldn't go straight through a wall to escape the wrath of Lancer. So I had been caught, of course, and was put in detention, the inevitable. So here I was, marching through the streets of Amity in the early twilight of the winter months with a cross expression on my face. It was about ten degrees as it was, but when the temperature plunged further, I knew someone was coming to make an apology.

"You know, leaving me to cover for you is not a very chivalrous act." I said.

"Well, what did you want me to do?" Danny asked from somewhere behind me. There was a flash of light and the sound of sneakers dropping onto cement. I paused and waited for Danny to catch up. In the growing dark, my friend had abandoned his normal eye color for a nearly neon but definitely glowing green. Still shivering from his paranormal activities, he leveled himself with me and hooked his arm through mine. Oblivious to the fact that I was carrying about four textbooks, all of which I nearly dropped.

"Oh, you should pat attention more!" I chided as I caught them. He laughed and blinked his green eyes. I knew why he kept them, they made it easier to see in the dark, but still. "You should get rid of those."

"I know, but I'm lazy."

"What if someone sees you?" I reminded him.

"Nothing I haven't already dealt with."

I'd hooked my arm back through his, it was certainly warmer than being on my own. I exhaled plumes of white breath and pressed on with my walk, this time with my head resting on Danny's shoulder. But I was still cold, so very cold. Danny! I checked and god damn, he hadn't gotten rid of those eyes! I pushed him a little. "Dan, still affecting the temperature."

"Oh." he blinked, and the baby blues I had been jealous of since first grade were back. I saw my house looming off down the end of the street. We slowed down and I closed my eyes, listening to what I could hear of a heartbeat and blood rushing through his parka, which wasn't much. It had been an extraordinarily long day. I walked up to my door and looked back to say goodbye as it began to snow. Danny was standing in the pool of light from the street lamp, a normal kid from down the street. I waved; he grinned in his way that made me feel like nothing would ever change and vanished from sight in the blink of an eye. I laughed as I closed my front door behind me. I leaned against it and sighed as the heat of the house brought the sting of feeling back to my ears, my fingers, my toes and my face.


I was doing homework later when the phone rang. I checked caller ID, Danny.

"What was the scie-

"Science was read pages 628-31, do questions 1-8 on page 632."

"And Eng-

"English was to read chapters 1-4 in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'."


"Math, workbook pages 56-7 evens."


"Spanish, get ready for your oral tomorrow. Anything else?" I finished.

"No. Thanks Sam."

"Hey!" I cracked a smile as I cradled the phone on my shoulder. "You said thanks."

"So? What's the big deal?"

"Countless days of telling you what you forgot, this is the first time you've said 'Thanks'."


"I really like that."



"Never mind."




I hung up the phone and went back to math. After math, English and then I was done. My closet was raided for clothing for the next day. I was in a very purple mood picking up a purple turtleneck, scarf and boots. I settled on black jeans and coat. As different as this was from my normal apparel choice, there was no sense in being cold...even if your best friend was there holding your hand.

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