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I crashed through another set of EMTs. Poor guys. But then, they had no right to keep me sitting here when I was supposed to be searching for Sam. My parents had placed me under their care. This was Set 3, Harris and Cooper. Poor guys.

I levitated a pair of medical scissors and shot it at Cooper's head. They'd lasted longer than the other sets; I give them that. Cooper only dodged the scissors and Harris, who was superstitious, frowned further.

The advantage to having such ghost-obsessed parents was that that reasoned away my now electric-green eyes to having been immersed in the ectoplasm all over the school grounds. I knew better. I have to explain this further, though.

In the Ghost Zone, there are those ghosts with enough power to subdue anyone beneath them. They flex their muscles over their domain; usually driving minor ghosts into oblivion. These minors usually don't have a specific form or truly original thinking, and they are virtually powerless on their own.

However, once in a while, one of them gets enough brain power to finally assemble the idea that all the minor ghosts combined could be truly powerful. This manifestation is rare in the Ghost Zone and is often disastrous. It is called the Gathering. This is the first time it's been seen out here in the human world. And it was after me.

There's almost a merit, in the Ghost Zone, to having faced off the halfa and survived. Or at least done it. At all. It appears some little ghostie scrunched his little green forehead together and came up with the great idea that beating the Phantom would win minors more power.

Not so, because, obviously, I'd put them in their place. As bad as that sounds, some things should just never happen. The Gathering, together, had powers some of my other enemies did not. Like the ability to short out my powers while I was in their presence. Whoever commanded the Gathering was obviously some sort of cunning, because they'd use this to their advantage in our first tussle.

Beating. Whatever. My ribs are still killing me.

And now, IT had Sam.

Or maybe it didn't, but humans would never find her. I needed to look; I could see what they couldn't. Like the fragments of torn, ghostly appendages floating around the area and then faces in the green goop that covered the ground. I found that with the inability to change my eyes came the inability to block out seeing ghosts. My vision was macabre and…well, no pun intended, haunting.

Before, I had only seen ghosts who were threats, or malicious. Now, benign spirits were appearing before my new eyes. Did Cooper know the reason he was so calm in the situation was because the ghost of his deceased brother followed him? No. I glared at the boy-ghost who did not like me in the least. He rolled his eyes and curled up in his corner.

I punched the wall of the ambulance, frustrated. I couldn't phase though because of the two sitting in the front would notice. Figures. All theses powers and not one thing that could help me out!

Ok, well, my dad's handy. Whatever gun he shot off made the windshield of the vehicle suddenly popped, glass dissolving before our eyes. That did it for even Cooper, who bolted. I cheered and wrenched open the doors of the ambulance, diving headfirst into the ectoplasm.

It was like swimming through unset Jell-O, unstable and thick. Faces popped out at me and voices swirled in my head, their threats and taunts clouding my thoughts. I struggled to push them out and swam on. I hit an air pocket and gasped for my breath, my silver hair plastered to my forehead.

After that quick pause, I thrust myself back in. People sifting through the mess didn't notice me; I slid through them with ease. I searched and searched and searched…I lost track of how long it had been. My hope ebbed slightly. Was there nothing I could do? Was she…gone?

The thought wrenched at me and I accidentally inhaled the goop around me. I choked violently on it and thrust myself back up into the air. Without swapping back. I was crying too, which, when I think about it now, is embarrassing.

People around me, people I knew, fled, terrified. They didn't know it was me, how could they? I fell over and sniffled miserably.


Uh oh…

I dodged and felt the shot graze my head. My father stood threateningly about twenty feet away with a very nasty looking gun. I heard the technology in it click and whine, reloading for another shot at my head. I shot wildly back into the ectoplasm sea and made for the school basement.

It was a mess and dark, much like my mood. I found an air pocket and curled up, wondering if anyone would put two and two together here or if they were all really as stupid as I took them to be. I changed back to human boy and slid back into the sticky, lime color substance to swim for the surface.

Red shone from some dark corner of the basement and I felt my fear rise. I couldn't change in the midst of all these other ghosts, I feared something would go wrong and I'd take one of them into me. I heard a feeble voice calling out, teasing me.

"Pretty, pretty, I have your pretty." Red eyes blinked with a dim light from that wretched corner. It summoned its last vestiges of strength from the ectoplasm around it and roared at me, before its light extinguished. I plunged towards the fading light as it illuminated a body.

Sam was seemingly unharmed, but terribly cold as I pulled her frantically towards the medical attention she needed. As I broke the surface, gasping like a fish out of water, I pulled her head out the green sea and cradled it until my yelling brought someone to our air. They pulled us out and ushered me to where Cooper and Harris were with ambulance. The little boy-ghost, perched on the roof of the vehicle, glanced at us dolefully, shaking his head.

"Shut it you." I spat at him, climbing into the ambulance. Sam stirred on her stretcher and I leapt towards her. As soon on my hand hit her arm though…voices flooded my mind. They were in her? That's how they were surviving? I jerked my hand back as if I'd been burnt. The next chance I was alone with her…I'd have to get them out.

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