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With Brock asleep in the passenger seat, Reba called home on her cell to tell the kids what had happened.

""No I am not making this up Cheyenne. Your father truly believes he and I are still married. In his mind Barbra Jean is just his assistant nothing more. No she didn't take it well. She left permanently. She said she'd been waiting for something like this to happen, no not this but something between us, and was glad she didn't have to keep pretending to still be in love with him. Yes, I can see the irony here, just fill everyone in and remember you guys have to play along. Your father's health depends on it. I promise I'll sit down with you guys this evening to discuss this properly. I know this is going to be confusing and difficult, but we'll deal with it. I'm almost home, see you soon."

Reba pulled into the driveway a few minutes later and gently shook Brock awake.

"Brock, we're home. Let's get you in the house and you can relax on the couch. Just lean on me, that's It." said Reba as they walked unsteadily into the house.

Brock sat down on the couch and while the kids crowded around him.

"Dad, are you alright? What happened?" asked Kyra

"I'm alright Kyra, I'm just a little banged up, and very tired. I got hit by some jerk in an SUV. The next thing I remember is waking up and seeing your mother's face. She told me everything would be ok and I knew it would be." Brock was addressing Reba at this point, and squeezed her hand.

Reba blinked rapidly trying to drive away her tears. "Alright, it's almost 1:00 am and we've all had a long day. It's time for bed." Reba said briskly, trying to control her voice.

Once they were upstairs, Reba realized that there was nothing for Brock to wear. Before she could say anything Brock sat on the bed and started removing his clothes. Once he got down to his underwear he pulled back the covers and got into bed. Reba, who had stood stock still during the whole process, grabbed the first nightgown she saw, and bolted for the bathroom locking the door behind her.

She washed and brushed, trying to gain control of her breathing. So what if he still sleeps in his boxers, so what if he's still handsome, so what if he's obviously been working out. Sleeping in the same bed with him will be fine. Oh shit! She had just put on her nightgown when she realized that it was not a long shapeless nightgown as she had hoped, but a short, green satin nightgown with a very low neck line. She shook her head slightly and went back into the bedroom.

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