The Teacher

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry and Hermione, including anybody you notice, but I do own some of the characters.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were best friends in school. They did separate, even though they didn't plan to. Harry and Ron were roommates in a wizard apartment called 'Stay In'.

They had lived there for 7 years since their graduation, and Hermione had run off to find work. She had said in the many first letters that she had sent Ron and Harry that she was looking for jobs in Hogwarts, and that how she might have a chance to work there. She also had mentioned how sorry she was that she couldn't stay with them, but the work in life was what Hermione had worked for.

Harry had put her letters in a drawer in he desk where he would answer her letters. He locked the drawer, since these letters were special to him. Harry had every day from now hoped that there would be more mails from Hermione, but she hadn't mailed in the last four years. Ron every night would say that Hermione was probably busy at her job, writing and making all those homework planners for her students.

Harry's heart had sank every time he had mentioned Hermione's job, since she got what she wished, when he had always dreamed to be an auror. Harry had forgotten it sometimes when Harry and Ron walked around Stay In and had talked about things that went to muggles, Rita Skeeter, Voldermort, and animals. Ron had finally had enough courage to say Voldermort, since Harry told him the was nothing to worry about, if there was, Harry would tell him by the burning of his scar.

But all these walks and conversations had vanished, since all these subjects reminded him of Hermione. He never really realized how much he would miss her when the trio all left Hogwarts. But know he would just sit by the window, staring outside, trying to find Hogwarts in the blurred crowd.

"Hey, mate." Ron closed the apartment door behind him.

"What took you so long? You know how lonely it is here?" Ron laughed, but his ears turned red.

"Well. You've been so sad about Hermione-" Harry whimpered at the sound of her name.

"Sorry. About her, that I got you a butterbeer." Ron clunked a small bottle on the table and Harry drank the small remains Ron had left for him. When he finished he walked over to his bed, but first stared at himself in the mirror. He had dark rings under his eyes and his hair stood on end as it always did.

"Maybe Hermione didn't forget you, since you still look fine to me." He muttered quietly. Ron had already gone to bed, since Harry heard the rustling of his sheets along with his snoring. When he made sure that Ron was sleeping, he sat in his bed, and let his head hit the wall. You don't usually miss Hermione this much. Maybe your right. Maybe you love her. A voice echoed through his head.

Then he walked out of his bed, and unlocked his draw where all of Hermione's letters laid. He took out a bottle of jinxed ink that Hermione had sent him. On the label Hermione's handwriting glittered in the dark, but he couldn't see it.

"Lumos!" He looked over at Ron, but he still slept on, stirring slightly. He started reading the note.


I know that you are not the most honest person, so this I sent you. It is a jinxed ink bottle which has invisible ink. When you write something, like a secret on paper, if it is true, the ink will return visible. No spell passes it but truth.

All the love,


"Perfect." Harry whispered. Then he let his wand drift with his body as he faced the mirror. Then he grabbed his quill and wrote on the mirror carefully and quietly.

Harry Potter loves Hermione Granger

Harry smiled to himself as the ink became black and visible. He wiped of the ink, and went into his bed. He didn't realize that he had spent thirty minutes doing all this. He looked back at Ron, who still snored loudly. He realized something great. But his heart sank as he closed his eyes. He may love Hermione, but she still wasn't here.