By: Vana Telcontar

Summary: Little ficlet based on a Liz moment in "The Defiant One"

Spoilers: "The Storm", "The Eye", "The Defiant One"

Pairings: McWeir


Liz nodded as Aiden and Teyla walked off with the others of their team. What she hadn't told Lieutenant Ford was that really it wasn't paranoia and it wasn't for nothing. It really was instinct that drove her to send them out before it was time for the others to check in. She just knew that something wasn't right, that they were in serious trouble.

For weeks now she hadn't been able to shake the little bursts of insight she had been getting, things that far surpassed even her normal intuition. If something went wrong in a lab, she would know. If he was angry on the point of rage, she would know. If he was on the verge of snapping because of hunger, she would be able to feel it like she was experiencing it herself.

She wasn't sure why she had gotten such intuitions about Rodney, but she had. Since the Genii nearly taking Atlantis and his saving of her life, she had begun spending even more time with him than she had before, relishing in his company and their talks. They had begun to be able to sense each other without needing to see, could find the other in the event that one or the other was hurting or mad.

Her expression softened as she remembered Rodney coming to her after a particularly stressful day, with council and coffee; remembered just as well when she had gone to him and saved a hapless young scientist from his razor-edged tongue. But he had changed in the days since the storm, had somehow become less "cowardly", if you could call it that to begin with. Now he had fight in him beyond sarcasm, and he seemed to give more weight to decisions that John made on matters of military.

So when she told Aiden to go early, it wasn't because of paranoia. She honestly felt Rodney's fear and indecision, even across the vast distance of space. Something was wrong with her belov├ęd and he needed help as soon as he could get it. As soon as they all could get it. The longer she dallied, the more moments that Ford's team waited, was that much less time that Sheppard and Rodney's team had.

She would never admit it aloud, but Rodney had completely won her over. She still thought of Simon, but no longer as a worried lover. Rather, as a worried woman who didn't want to break a promise to someone back home. She loved the sarcastic, snarky scientist named Rodney McKay and the knowledge that he was in danger would never stand without action with her. She only wished that she could be the one going, but that couldn't happen, not to mention the eyebrows it would raise if she said she was going because she felt Rodney's fear or because she was worried for him.

Liz turned back to look out the window and down at the Gate, though her eyes weren't really seeing it as they reflected all her worry.

God Rodney, she thought, placing a hand over her heart as it pounded in her chest, please be okay.


A/N: Okay, I know I haven't updated my other story in a while but after seeing this episode this idea stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. I couldn't shake the feeling that this was a perfect McWeir moment! Lol I hope this appeases some of you who are becoming quite irrate with me for not updating "Once Magic Was Real". Oh, and I would just like to add, that that title has lost all links to the story. Lol What it was going to have to do with just is no more. -Shakes head- I'll attempt to rectify the situation as best I can with the next coming chapter, just give me some time....