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Sabrina - The After Years

Episode One - Unknown Suprises Part One

"Ooohh.. Oh my gosh. Zelda look!" Hilda gushed as she looked at the connected soul mate stones lying on the ground.
"Hilda, don't touch anything. What is it?" She bossed, waving her arms about as she walked out into the street and gasped. Those stones could only mean one thing... if only Sabrina knew about this..
"I'm going to go tell them!" Hilda said as she attempted to zap her way home. "No! How many times do I have to tell you Hilda! You cannot go around messing in someone else's affairs...even if it does have to do with our niece." Zelda warned, as she took a good hold of Hilda's pointing finger.
"Oh, it won't hurt anything and this is great news!, Please, Zelly?!?!?!" she pouted.
"I wish we could, but you know the rules. She has to figure it out on her own... but this is wonderful isn't it?" she replied, smiling brightly at her sister. "I can't believe it was Harvey all along!"

After the wedding, Harvey was there. I didn't ask questions. I just got on the motorcycle, wanting to get as far away from that church as soon as possible. I realized after the mine and Aaron's stone didn't fit and after my aunts told me that it didn't matter, I knew that it did matter to me. I wanted to find the person out there whose stone would fit mine.

"Harvey, thank you so much, for everything." I said, my voice slightly raised so he could hear me over the loud noise of cars zooming past, as they drove down the freeway.
"Sabrina, I don't mind...." and then he opened his mouth again to say something else but closed it suddenly.
"What did you want to say?" I asked, gripping tighter around his chest as the motorcycle sped up.
"I just wanted to say, when I broke it off with you, after I found out you were a....um.. you know.."
"A witch?" He turned his head to look at me and smiled sadly. "Yeah, and I'm sorry. It was wrong to do that to you. I was just surprised.. I didn't know what to do." he said quietly and I strained to hear him.
"Harvey, it's ok. I understand what you mean. If it was me in your position, I would have acted the same way." I replied and it was silent for awhile until I could hear him start to speak again.
"Really?" he asked.
"Yes, really. Now let's go back to the house.. I really need to get out of this wedding dress!" I said as we laughed about this slightly awkward situation I had gotten myself into.

I knew Roxy and Morgan would be home soon. What I didn't count on was that they got there so quickly and I hadn't had much time to think about everything. All I know really is that I have only fallen in love three times and I think the only true love I had was Harvey. You don't really get over that.

"Sabrina, we have to talk about this!" Roxy said quickly as she barged into the house..
"Um, I hope this doesn't take too long. I have a date in about.. oh now, talk to you later Sabrina!" Morgan said, as she rushed out the door.
"Oh don't worry, I have to go.. I will be back." Harvey replied before I could even say a word. After he gave me a kiss on the cheek, he said goodbye to Roxy, and left.
"I don't understand Sabrina, what happened exactly? .. and tell me everything because there is obviously something I don't know." she questioned, her eyebrow raised.
"I don't know, Roxy. You know I love Aaron. There was just something wrong.. I can't explain." I replied to her softly as I sat down on the couch.
"Sabrina, I know what you mean, but you know there is always something wrong in a relationship, that you have to work at." she said, sitting down next to me.
"No, it wasn't like that. I just knew when I was up there, that I was making a big mistake." and with that I layed down, exhausted, and fell asleep.

"Good Morning Bri-Bri! What a glorious morning it is, today! All of...." Salem sang loudly across the kitchen table until I clapped a hand over his mouth.
"Salem! What are you doing here?!?!..." I yelled "and why are you dressed in green?"
"Well, I came to tell you the good news. Why should you miss out on all the fun in the Other Realm?"
"What fun? and where are Hilda and Zelda?"
"Your aunts are getting ready for the parade, it's National Leprechaun Wrestling Day!" He screamed as he waved his little green flag.
"What is National Leprechaun Wresting Day?"
"You mean you don't know?!?!" He gasped.
"No Salem, I'm asking you for no reason, yes I don't know!" I screamed.
"National Leprechaun Wrestling Day is only my favorite holiday in the Other Realm..." he started.
"Salem, every holiday is your favorite holiday." I said blandly.
"Well maybe I shouldn't tell you if you want to be mean...."
"Just tell me cat!"
"It is a holiday to celebrate Leprechaun Wrestling of course, which only happens in March. This is a once in a year event, Sabrina!" he said loudly as he waved his little green flag again.
"And I thought things couldn't get any weirder...." I mumbled.

"Sabrina, I am so glad you could come!" Zelda gushed as she hugged her niece.
"Time for the Leprechaun part-ay!" Salem sang as he danced.
"Remind me again, why we brought him." Hilda said, pointing at Salem.
You could see the parade slowly making its way down the street of the Other Realm. There were tons of miniature floats, with these little, green creatures on top, waving about in their little wrestling suits. The crowd was throwing a bunch of....
"Four-Leaf Clovers?" I asked.
"Yes, dear. They do this every year to give their favorite wrestlers good luck."
"Oohh..kay." I mumbled.
"I think I am going to go for the Tiny Crusher, what do you think Zelly?" Hilda asked her sister.
"Hilda! I can't believe you are actually going to gamble your money away!" she screamed, her hands on her hips.
"Zelda, I could win a lot of money in this.... we could be rich!" Hilda yelled loudly, causing many people to turn around and stare at her.
"What?!?" She yelled at them and they turned back around.
"Not again...." Zelda mumbled as the two sisters, got into yet another argument.
"Personally, I am going for the Little Pincher." Salem said as he counted the money in his paws.
"Salem where did you get that?" I asked.
"Er.. if I said not in Hilda's room, do I get to keep it?"
"No!" both aunts screamed as they took the money away from him.
"Now what do I bet with..." He groaned.

"I told you the Tiny Crusher would win!" Hilda said as she smiled happily.
"Well if he wouldn't have pinched the Little Pincher, he would have won!" Salem said.
"You would think pinching would be something the Little Pincher wasn't weak at..." I laughed.
You could hear the phone ringing loudly downstairs and both sisters began to rush towards it, arguing about which one of them it would be for.
"You don't live here anymore, why would you get a call?" I asked as Zelda picked up the phone.
"Sabrina it is for you." She said happily, a very large smile on her face.
"Hello?" I asked, as my aunt gave me the phone.
"Sabrina! It's me!"
"Yes! How are you?"
"Oh wow, I haven't talked to you since college."
"Well I just wanted to call and say I'm moving back..."
"Are you serious?!?!"
"Yes, there is just one little problem......"

That following night, I ushered everyone into the living room. I can't wait; this is going to be the best thing that has ever happened.

"Sabrina, tell us what is going on... What's the big surprise?" Zelda asked curiously.
"You'll just have to wait and see...." I said, a big smile on her face as I sat down on the couch.
"And why didn't you invite me?" Salem questioned.
"Salem, you can't talk at all. There is someone coming here."
"A mortal?"
"Who is it?" Hilda asked, sitting down next to Sabrina.
"I can't tell.." I started to say but was interrupted when the doorbell rang.
"I got it!" I squealed as I ran and opened it.
"Sabrina!" They screamed as they hugged each other.
"Valerie?" Zelda asked.
"She just moved back!"
"It's great to be back too!" Valerie said happily as she walked inside.
"Valerie is going to be staying here.."
"Do Roxy and Morgan know about this?" Hilda said as she helped Valerie bring her stuff inside.
"They will soon..." I said.
"What about Harvey?"
"Oooh. Let's go give him a surprise visit!" They said as they rushed out the door, leaving everything unpacked, lying on the floor.

When we arrived there, Harvey was ecstatic! It was great for things to be like ituse to be. I can't believe how long it had been since we had seen each other.

"I can't believe how much I missed!" Valerie said after I started talking about my almost wedding.
"Well, there is a lot you didn't miss too." Harvey pointed out and they busted out into hysterics again.
They had spent the whole night at Harvey's reminding each other of things that happened in High School when they decided to all go back to Sabrina's to help unpack.
"Do you remember that time when Libby slipped in the hallway and fell into that cake made for the football team?" Valerie asked, making them all laugh as they walked into the large Victorian home.
Sabrina, whose stuff is this?" Roxy asked when they walked inside.
"Oh, Valerie, meet my friend Roxy.. Roxy meet Valerie. She is going to be staying with us for awhile." I said as they shook hands.
"Oh I remember you now."
"Roxy, have you seen my aunts?" I asked, looking around.
"No, they went upstairs earlier, but I never saw them leave." She said.
"Oh, you know how my aunts are... always disappearing when you least expect it... you just never know when they are gone..." I said quickly.
"Sabrina can I talk to you alone in the kitchen for a minute?" Harvey questioned.

"Does Valerie know?" He asked once they closed the doors.
"You know she doesn't, Harvey."
"So i'm guessing your aunts or Salem won't be here as much."
"Well, the same thing happened when Roxy and Morgan came to stay."
"Yeah, but they weren't here as much as she will be."
"Don't worry about it. If someone ever finds out, it won't be your fault."
"What if I accidentally give it away?"
"You won't. I trust you. Now come on, we need to help Valerie unpack." She said as she walked back into the living room.

The next few days went by like a flash. It was great having both her and Harvey here all the time. Things didn't get weird until I came downstairs one morning for breakfast.....

"Good Morning!" Harvey said joyfully, a smile on his face.
"Good morning to you too. You're up early!"
"Well, I had an alarm clock..." He said as he pointed next to him.
"What do you..... Salem! You can't be here!" I yelled.
"I'm offended!"
"There is a mortal here Salem, and you already almost revealed yourself one time.
"I'd like to say that it was not my fault. Now, leave me to my breakfast." He said and started eating his cereal.
"Sabrina, you don't have to worry about anything. Salem is here when Roxy is all the time." Harvey stated.
"Yeah, but Salem likes to cause trouble."
"Just because I tried to take over the world once, everyone seems to think...." He started to say when they heard a gasp by the stairs.
"Your cat just talked!" She screamed.
I pointed my finger and froze Valerie in her place.
"This isn't good." Harvey said worriedly.
"Salem!" I yelled loudly.
"Hey, this is your own fault. Just give her a memory potion and all will be well, no need to get crazy."
I pointed my finger at Valerie and she unfroze in an instant.
"Me too." Valerie said quickly.

To Be Continued.....