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Kitty absently-mindedly tapped her pencil on her desk. Health wasn't usually so boring, but Ms. Smith had asked them to study for another class while she got some papers ready for their new project. It wasn't as if no one had anything to do; with midterms just a few weeks away, teachers were piling on the work while trying to stuff their brains with faint memories of what they had learned the first day of the school year. It also didn't help that this was her last class before lunch.

Finally, Ms. Smith approached the front of the class. "As you all hopefully know, it's just a little over two weeks till midterms. Earlier in the year, we went over dating, and we got to take the babies home." She was talking about mechanical babies that cried until you put a key in their back to shut them off. Kitty remembered that, and recalled that Rogue had more or less kidnapped it, enjoying taking care of another "life" without having to worry about gloves.

"Well," the teacher continued, "I had wanted to go in order and have you married before handing out the babies, but certain circumstances caused us to have to postpone the marriages. So, instead, we're going to have it as our midterm grade. There won't be any test, but you have to make sure you do well on this project, because it will affect your grade." She posted a sheet of paper on the cork board. "You can all come up here and check who your couples are, one at a time." She pointed to the first row and they sprung from their seats.

Kitty mentally groaned. Most of the time, it was good to be in the last row, but she was dying to see who her new "husband" was. Impatiently, she waited, unconsciously going back to tapping her pencil on her desk. As the third row was returning to meet with their partners, Kitty felt a little anxious. 'It's totally ok!' she thought, 'I mean, like, there are still 2 boys in my row who don't have partners. One of them must be mine, and neither of them are totally bad looking or anything.'

At last, Ms. Smith released the last row. Kitty would have phased through the rest if she could have, but, since that would probably be bad because of the no-powers rule, she simply pushed them out of the way. Kitty quickly scanned the list for her name. She didn't find it, and looked it over again. 'Oh my god!' she screamed internally. She wasn't on the list.

Kitty pushed back into the classroom, seeking out Ms. Smith. "Hey, Ms. Smith!" She called, running over to the instructor. "I'm like totally not on the list! What's up?"

The blonde educator sighed. "I'm sorry, Kitty. There are more boys in this class than girls. I'm not sure what I'm going to have to do for you yet. I just didn't find anything compatible for you, so you were last on my list. Let's see what we can do…"

The door in the back of the room opened and someone cleared their throat. Both Kitty and the teacher turned around. "Do we have a new student?" Ms. Smith asked.

"Lance?!" Kitty asked in surprise, a grin spreading over her face.

His eyes flew to her and he smiled. "Uh, yeah, I'm transferring in, as of today."

The blonde smiled. "This is perfect. I think we found you a partner, Kitty. Mr.…?"

"Alvers. Lance Alvers."

"Well, Lance, why don't you bring up a desk next to Kitty's and she'll explain the project to you."

Kitty moved to her seat and Lance moved up a spare desk. "Like, oh my god, Lance! I can't believe you're here!"

He ran a hand through his hair, "Yeah, well…Anyway, what's this project all about?"

Kitty blushed. "It's a marriage project. We pretend to be married and like…stuff like that…"

"Oh…" his face matched hers with a blush, but he did a better job of hiding it, since he actually tried to hide it.

Ms. Smith approached the front of the classroom as the project packets were passed back. Kitty flipped through her own papers as the teacher began to talk. "Today's Wednesday, so we're going to start today. You'll be periodically turning in worksheets and doing presentations in front of the class. The last Thursday and Friday before the end of the semester, we'll pretend we're at a 20-year reunion and you all can present about your family. That will be about 25 of your grade. The rest is based on packets, and skits you'll do in front of the class. Now, the skits will be completely random. Mostly everyone will get a different one, and you won't know what it's about until right before."

She picked up some manila folders on the desk, as well as an upside down cowboy's hat. "You can pick your jobs out of here. Then you both write it in your file, which will keep track of your marriage. You get files at random. They contain where you live, how many children you have, your monthly budget, that sort of thing. Your job slip has your salary on it, so you both fill that out and can manage your budget from there. I'll pass these around while you two get to know your partners. Now, your not going to be able to do this all in class, so make sure you find time to get together after school or during lunch."

Kitty looked at Lance, who was grinning at her. "So, Miss Pryde, I guess we're together in this, huh?"

She grinned back. "Like, I thought I was Mrs. Alvers." His heart skipped a beat and she realized to herself how right that sounded. It definitely had a nice ring to it.

"I wasn't sure if you'd want to keep your last name or not." Lance traced circles on his desk with an index finger.

"Well, I always told myself I'd only keep my name if I didn't like my husband's last name. But Alvers is like totally perfect." She pushed a lock of her bangs behind her ear, only having it pop back out a few seconds later.

Ms. Smith appeared at their desks, holding out the almost empty fishbowl. "Now, Lance, since this is the only work we're going to be doing, this project is going to affect your grade in this class. I'm not going to make you do all the work from the rest of the semester, but next semester I'm going to need to see you after school maybe once or twice a week to go over all the other chapters with you. You two have to do really well on this assignment, it's going to be Lance's grade in the class."

Lance nodded and reached into the fishbowl. "I get it."

"I'll totally help him all I can, Ms. Smith." Kitty assured, reaching into the fishbowl after Lance had taken his hand out.

"I'm sure you will, Kitty." Ms. Smith put their folder on the desk between them, then placed a hand on Lance's shoulder. "You got lucky, Mr. Alvers. Kitty will take care of you. She's a great girl."

"I know," Lance said as the teacher walked away.

Kitty blushed before nudging his arm. "So, what'd you get?"

Lance opened his paper and chuckled dryly. "Construction and demolition."

Kitty leaned her head back and laughed. "Like at least we know you're good at it. The demolition part at least."

He laughed with her. "Well, what did you get?"

She unfolded her scrap of paper and her eyes lit up. "I run a bakery!" Kitty flipped open the packed and wrote in her job and monthly salary, which was an estimation, as someone who owns a store can never know how much they're going to earn each month.

Lance took the job chart as Kitty flipped through the rest of the contents. "Like, we're a newly married couple, no kids, but we're totally thinking about it." After a moment, she continued. "If you don't mind, I'll manage the money. I'm pretty good at math."

"Sure. It's not my best subject, so if I'd done it we probably would have gone broke." He ran a hand through his hair. "Hey, uh, she said that we have to get together after school and such."

"Oh, yeah. Well, I usually have lunch with Scott and Jean and everyone." She could tell he was trying not to make a face. "How about we meet in the library after school?"

He sighed in relief. "Sure. I can give you a ride home afterwards."

"Ok, great." Together they sat in silence, though not an uncomfortable one. "You know, Lance, I'm really glad you're my partner on this."

He was about to respond when the bell rang loudly. The whole class was so loud, that even if they had tried to speak, they wouldn't have been able to hear each other. "See you after school in the library!" She mouthed, then rushed off before realizing she only had lunch now.

Lance watched her retreating back till she was out of site, then wondered why his heart was still beating so fast.

"Kitty? Kitty?"

The girl looked up to see Kurt looking at her very closely. "Ah!" She pushed him back. "Kurt, it's called like, personal space!"

"Says the girl who walks through people," her usually blue friend retorted with his heavy German accent.

"Is something wrong?" Scott asked, concerned eyes behind those glasses.

"No, I was just thinking of a project we were assigned in health today." She toyed with the straw sticking out of her milk.

"Oh, yeah? What was it?" Jean asked, pushing her vibrant red locks behind her shoulders.

"I'm sure you guys had it. The marriage thing."

"Did ya get someone really horrible?" Rogue asked, slipping into the empty seat next to Kitty.

"Actually…no…" A blush spread upon her face again.

"C'mon, spill!" Jean urged. "You can't just leave us in suspense."

"I…I don't want to tell you," Kitty realized suddenly.

"Huh?" Scott's look of concern changed to one of confusion. "Why not?"

Across the cafeteria, they heard a familiar cackle. "Well, well, we're back and nothing's changed, huh, Fred?"

"Nope, everything's the same," Fred responded to Toad, eating a Twinkie.

Jean looked at the returning group. "It's Tabitha and the rest of the Brotherhood," she remarked as the blonde kicked a soda machine that had eaten her change.

Cyclops crossed his arms over his chest, "What are they doing back here?"

Toad spotted them and hopped over, followed by Blob, Boom-Boom and Avalanche. Kitty couldn't keep the smile off his face. He was so cute, especially when he was trying to be good. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the X-geeks. You didn't miss us?" Toad asked, eating a fly in their general direction.

Scott was trying to be civil. "Tolansky, Dukes, Smith, Alvers…"

"Hey, there, Shades, everyone," Tabitha greeted, taking a swig of the soda she'd finally rescued from the kidnapping vending machine.

Besides a nod or a wave from everyone else, it was silent. "I can see we're not wanted here. We've got other stuff to do anyway." Toad hopped away, followed closely by Fred. Tabitha strayed to talk to everyone and Lance kind of hung to the side.

"I'll see you later, Kitty?" Lance managed to say after a second.

"Right after school in the library. Like, don't worry, I won't forget."

"Ok, see you then." Avalanche smiled at her, before his eyes bet Scott's shades. They stared at each other for a second (how it really worked through the glasses no one will ever know) and Lance left.

"He's your partner?" Kurt wondered aloud.

"Uh huh. Oh, and Scott, I won't need a ride home today. Lance is going to drop me off." Kitty went back to eating her lunch quickly, feeling everyone's eyes on her.

"Kitty…" Scott began hesitantly. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, he's-"

"He's a good guy, Scott!" Kitty told him harshly. "And he's my friend. Besides, even if he wasn't, he's still my partner. And I'm gonna meet him after school." She sighed and put her milk carton back on her tray. "I'll like, see you guys later."

She walked away from the table, leaving everyone staring at her in silence. Scott put his head in his hands, as Jean rubbed his back comfortingly. It was her job as his girlfriend, even though she thought he was wrong.

Tabitha laughed. "Smooth, Summers. Very smooth."

Kitty was getting worried. It had been fifteen minutes since the bell had rang, and her back was starting to fall asleep from leaning against the lockers. In fact, she had almost phased through the metal after day-dreaming. 'He's totally standing me up!' She thought angrily, disappointment clouding her mind. "He's not going to show. I thought he was like totally excited about this too.' A hand was placed on her shoulder and she jumped in surprise, phasing through the body part and turning around to face her attacker.

Lance's hands flew up in defense. "It's just me! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

She sighed in relief. "You were late; I was just about to leave!"

"Some of my teachers needed to talk to me. I came as quick as I could."

"Oh. Well, let's get started then!" She pushed open the door to the library and found a small table in the back where they wouldn't be disturbed. The two worked for several hours until the librarian finally told them they were closing. "Oh my god, I can't believe how late it's gotten!" Kitty said as she packed up her books. "It's like it just flew by."

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." He could see she was getting lazy, so he picked up her remaining binders so she wouldn't damage them or anything else shoving them into her bag. "My car's just around the corner," he told her as he opened the back door for her.

"Great. I'm starved and I don't wanna be late for dinner." She hopped in the passenger seat of the car as Lance started the engine of the jeep. The two chatted for a while longer, until Lance pulled up next to the gates of Xavier Institute.

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow then," he said as he killed the engine.

"Fourth period health." She took her binders and slung her bag over her shoulder. "See ya, Lance." Then as an afterthought, Kitty leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye!"

His eyes followed her as she ran into the house. "Bye…" he finally whispered after his heart rate had left attack territory. For once, he couldn't wait for school.

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