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OoOoOoOo Chapter 9 OoOoOoOo

Vertigo paced back and forth across the spacious room Many eyes followed her figure, some with humor smirks others with annoyed faces.

"Can you stop that already? You're going to dig a hole through the floor," Madelyn Pryor, aka the Goblyn Queen snapped at the young blonde.

Vertigo glared at the redhead but held her tongue. She knew that the Nasty boys and herself were no longer the top notch group, these invaders were.

The Goblyn queen sat on a chair, on either side of her where dragon creatures and she was petting them softly while looking at the Nasty Boys. Her look was one of great distaste. She wondered why Sinister even kept those losers around. A couple of yards from her was Madame Masque sitting on a crate with a very bored look on her face. In her hands there was a small gun but she couldn't fire it, which might have been why there was a frown on her face.

Selene was standing with the Hellions behind her; all looking like trained puppies and Infectia was far away from the group looking through a telescope at a white substance. Her forehead was scrunched in confusion.

After a while of silence, Vertigo made a sigh and started her pacing once again.

"What is it you fear, Vertigo? The child has been caught isn't that what Sinister wanted? For us to get the child?"

Vertigo looked up at Madelyne who was smirking, loving the fear in Vertigo's eyes.

"I am not afraid of anything...I just know MR. SINISTER isn't going to be pleased that the MoE has left once again," she answered and gave Infectia a dark look which didn't go unnoticed.

"Why didn't you powder work anyway?" Madame Masque asked Infectia who looked up to stare at her only to notice everyone was looking at her.

"I am not sure. I have just studied it and there is nothing wrong with it. The substance was made to bring out the evil in them, and it worked but somehow they were able to fight it and it just stopped...almost as if something inside of them became immune to it...

"Why are you all surprised by this outcome? I described how powerful and strong willed those girls were, and I would know. I trained them," Deathstrike stated as she walked into he room making all the heads turn to her.

Selene perked an eyebrow, "I didn't underestimate them...I did that do it again would be idiotic."

"Well sorry but it's not my damn fault they some how got out of the trance. You know maybe it wasn't even the damn powder that was the problem...maybe they didn't have as much evil in them as you thought," Infectia defended herself.

"Bullshit...there's enough darkness in them for them to conquer the damn world...but they also know when they must stop. Maybe that's the major difference between them and us...they know how to control their feelings and deal with them. Unlike some people..."

Everyone looked at Vertigo who still looked a bit peeved. Ruckus was with her whispering things in her ear. Madame Masque looked disgusted by the view but everyone else rolled their eyes and looked back at Deathstrike.

"Anyway, I have just come from Sinisters office and you'll be happy to know he's not mourning the lost of the MoE...he was a bit upset but..."

"The child brought his spirits up." Madelyne answered with a dark smirk. She was looking at her creature lovingly.

"Yes..." Yuriko answered eyeing the Jean clone wearily.

"So are we going to meet the X-men again or what?"

"Probably...if there's one thing about Rogue that should never be that no matter how many times you knock her down, she always gets back up..."

The room got silent as everyone thought about this...and what it would bring in the future.

OoOoOoOo Cell OoOoOoOo

Nikki Allerdyce opened her eyes to see nothing but darkness. Her head full of questions as she saw nothing. 'Is this a vision? Is this a dream? Or is it the brutal reality? She got her answer when red orbs looked directly into her eyes.

"Y' ok?" Etienne asked is a whisper.

"Hmm...I'm not sure. What happened?"

"Ah minute Ah was watching our moms kick major ass and then next ah'm totally blacked out..."

Nikki popped herself up. "That's right..." she turned and faces him. "'re the chosen one...that's why they have you here." She watched him for a shocked reaction but found none. "Well...aren't you gonna say anything?"

He shrugged, "To be honest...ah'm not really surprised."

Nikki looked at him with a confused expression. "What do you mean?"

"Think about it...look at the other MoE Children...we all knew that the one Sinister wanted would be the spawn of one of his best fighters. No offense and stuff...but mah mere was de best. Now look at all my other siblings...what's their powers? Paper manipulation and an empath...what's mine? Body possession. I inherited fathers look...but mere's curse of a power..."

" mean...if it had been that obvious why didn't anyone catch it?"

"They're scared...they all were. I mean look at the Summers, they we're scared yet deep down in their hearts they knew it wasn't gonna be one of their kids...parents are just scared of losing a child...and sometimes it makes them blind..."

"How long have you thought about this?"

"A while."

Both stayed quiet and Etienne sat down across the wall where Nikki was leaning.

"What are we gonna do?" she finally asked after a while of nothing but hearing a 'drip drip' sound nearby.

"Je ne sais pas...wait for our rents to save us...get tortured...who knows..." he answered darkly.

Nikki rolled her eyes, "Thanks that makes me feel so much better..."

"Ah don't think you have anythang to worry about. It's me they want, hopefully they'll just let yah go."

"Stop it."

Etienne looked at her, his eyes full of confusion. "Stop what?"

"Trying to act grown up! I'm not a telepath and I'm not having a Vision...but I can see it in your're think way to much about this."

"Something's going to happen," Etienne ignored her accusation and looked around as if he had heard something. Nikki looked too but then looked at him.

"Well if it anything happens, we'll just stay put...and wait for our parents to come..."

Etienne did not answer, but his reds on black eyes were very visible in the darkness. Alert. Something was coming. He closed his eyes and then Nikki couldn't see anything at all.

"What if they come to late?" he asked from the darkness surrounding them.

This time Nikki was one the one that choose to ignore him. She didn't want to think about what might happen...and more than anything she was dreading a vision.

"You're not a hero..."

Etienne's eyes snapped open; he looked at Nikki, with what seemed like a glare.


"You may have two powerful mutants for may have inherit their strength, their determination, their will, but you're not a hero. You're an eleven year old boy!"

They both got quiet. Etienne didn't know how to respond and Nikki was to peeved say anything else. Both inherited their mothers pride making it impossible to speak their minds and heart.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence from both they heard something and the got up in a defense poses. Silently listening to footsteps getting louder and louder.

Etienne looked at Nikki whose face was focused on the door, her eyes squinting.

"Who is it?"

"I don't know..." she answered and then she squealed and jumped back as the door slammed open. A woman in green leather stood before them, her eyes gleaming with evil and a smirk on her face.

"Hello Kiddies..." she answered slowly. " boy, come with me. Mr. Sinister would like to have a word with you," she stated. Goblyn Queen waited for Etienne to start coming with her but when she saw he wouldn't move she smirked and walked towards them. Etienne got in front of Nikki but was forcefully pushed away from her. He hit the wall and when he looked up he saw Goblyn Queens hand on Nikki's head.

"We can do this the easy way..." she stated as Nikki tried getting away, "Or the hard way..." as she said that Nikki skin started to turn in a scaly green.

"What are you doing to her?" Etienne yelled running to her.

"Choose, easy or hard way."

"Fine whatever just leave her ALONE!" he shouted at her, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Madelyn smiled and pushed Nikki away. As soon as her hand stopped touching Nikki's skin it went back to normal.

"Come with me."

Etienne followed the Jean look alike. But before he walked out of the dungeon he gave Nikki a last glimpse. His red on black eyes met her sapphire ones, and they didn't miss the fear shining brightly in them.

OoOoOoOo X-Mansion OoOoOoOo

Rogue was looking out the window. Wanda was sitting on the couch with John, Pietro and Lexa were standing behind the couch, Betts and Warren were sitting on the floor and Remy was leaning on the doorframe.

Lex, Wanda and Elisabeth kept exchanging looks as the fact that Rogue didn't seem so phased by the fact that Etienne was gone. She seemed shocked at first but now she almost seemed to be in some sort of trance or coma, she wouldn't even let Betts inside her head. The other weird thing was that Remy seemed to be acting exactly the same way. They had all been sitting there for at least in hour now, in silence. The X-men had made sure to give them all space and were babysitting the other children.

No one made a sound; it was as if ghost inhabited the mansion. But that would soon end.

Emma opened the door to the rec room slowly. Her face was grave, she had not taken the news of the Hellions joining with sinister well either, it was almost as if she had lost her children.


Green orbs turned to face the older blond.

"I've found it. What do you wanna do?"

"That's a stupid question."

"When do we leave?" Wanda asked knowing exactly what Emma had found.

"As soon as possible, and also its times to end it. Not matter the cost," Rogue responded walking towards the door.

Lexa nodded and got up, "Well you know you can count on me. I love crashing parties." Elisabeth got up and followed Rogue and Wanda who had already been up.

"What exactly are we gonna do differently now?" Wanda asked.

"The easy thing and they thing we should have done the first time. We're gone get rid of the power…"

"In other words Sinister?" Betts asked.

"How will you even get close to him? They have the hellions, Goblyn Queen, Infectia, Selene, and stupid Madame Masque."

Rogue opened the door to see a more than a dozen people waiting outside.

"Fight them force with force, they wanna play then lets play. But this time no more messing around and no more mercy. You think you can do that?"

"Ya." Scott answered looking at the rest of his X-men who gave nods as well.

"We're going to right? I mean you can't keep us her no matter how hard you'd try, Ben stated walking down the stairs towards them with many of the other following.

"No, two of you have already been put in danger and another two have been captured. They know yah're our weakness and they won't hesitate to use yah against us."

"Dat may be true, mais you know that we ain't gonna just stay here either," Pierre countered.

Rogue looked at Wanda who shrugged and mumbled," What do we have to lose? The end of the world is just around the corner anyway."

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Fiahne, but if any of yah get yahr asses kicked yah only have your self's tah blame."

"Oui Oui mere, we get de drill, Can we ho save mon frere now?" Odile asked impatiently making her mother roll her eyes again.

"Ah would answer yes with a snappy reply mais, we gotta go."

"Y' just wasted time saying that mon amor," Remy stated as the crowd of mutants started walking towards the hanger to get on the jet and leave.

"You both are wasting time now arguing," Wanda butted in annoyed.

"Well if you ask me, everyone is wasting time talking," Lexa answered making everyone go quiet.

"Well, it's a good thing nobody asked you," Rogue broke the silence making Wanda and Lexa start arguing. Elisabeth smiled, Rogue and Wanda were so stressed out that they were fighting just like when they had been teenagers. They had a valid reason to be stressed though; both were missing a member of their family. She smiled none the less though, because right now all three were showing how close they were and even thought it might have seem like they were falling apart to the other X-men members Betts knew that this was their MoE way of supporting each other. In their bitchy language them fighting like that was kind of them telling each other, 'it's gonna be ok in the end.' But beneath it all, there was also something else brewing inside Rogue's head, and Betts knew it.

Betts smirked, "Can you mates just shut the bloody hell up? You're all really childish." Three pair of eyes turned to her, all narrowed into slits, and then the explosion came. Four voices cursing, arguing, pointing fingers, yelling at the top of their lungs could have been heard from outside the mansion. Emma looked at them and for a brief moment remembered how this had all started. X-23 had been looking for revenge, Scarlet witch had been looking for freedom, Rogue had been looking for a home and Psylocke had been looking for power. They had been 16, young and childlike but extremely powerful.

'Is it ok that they're fighting among themselves?' Jean asked telepathically.

Emma nodded and answered, 'That's the way they tell each other they have each other's back…by telling each other off'.

All the way in back of the crowd of mutants were the MoE lovers looking ahead of them. Remy has a scrunched up face as he looked at Rogue, it was as if he was trying to read her mind. Pietro and John were also staring oddly at their bickering wives, the only one that found nothing wrong was Warren who was walking un-phased.

"Dey be plannin someting," Remy finally commented.

"What?" Warren asked.

"De wife's, dey be plannin someting," Remy repeated.

"Ya, just look at em, they make it obvious," John stated acting as if he was an expert on the subject.

Warren looked at the four women and then at everyone else, "Well it seems like they're just fighting like sisters do."

"That's what they want you to think, but they're sending each other like some private message," Pietro said looking at them curiously.

"Ya, ok, I think you guys are paranoid."

"Tink about it Warren, two kids are missing, dey allowed the others on the mission and dey be acting like nothing big is going on…"

Warren looked back at the girls and did notice that there were times when Betts focused on a certain girl while not responding to an insult or sarcastic remark.

"Ok…so maybe there is something going on in those heads of theirs," he answered slowly.

"Only question is what…" Pietro murmured and they all followed in silence afterwards.

OoOoOoOo Sinisters Base OoOoOoOo

Madelyne Pryor walked in silence with Etienne whose eyes were wondering around the base looking for an escape.

"You're wasting your time with such thoughts, there in so way to escape this base…or Nathan."

"Yah can read my thoughts?"

Goblyn Queen laughed, "Boy, you can not even begin to understand how much power I have, how much damage I can cause."

"Yah said dat no one has ever escaped Sinister, yet mon mere did."

"Did she really? Look around where you're at. You are here…Rogue will come ad TRY to get you. Even after 16 years, there is no running away from him because he always gets what he wants."

They kept walking in silence, Etienne not knowing that Goblyn Queen was digging through his head and smirked as she found the ammunition she needed. After a couple of minutes they came to a huge metal door. Madelyne put her hand on a scanner and the door slowly opened.

"Essex, I have brought you our young friend," she stated while walking towards a desk and dragging Etienne by the elbow. The room was dark and the only light was coming from a small lamp on the dark desk. Goblyn Queen stopped walking and pushed Etienne forward towards the desk. He looked at a chair trying to find who this Sinister was but the chair's back was facing him, as he looked at it though he heard a low scratching sound. It started getting louder and louder until it got the point of sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Etienne fell to his knees without realizing and covered his ears with his hands.

"Honestly Yuriko, I think that's enough," the scratching stopped and Etienne got up and looked to where Goblyn Queen had been standing. She was still there but she was no longer alone. Next to her was a women with black hair and red eyes, on the other side was a pretty Asian women Etienne recognized as the one that had been the leader with the Nasty Boys attacked the X-mansion.

"Thank you Selene, I was just about to tell Deathstrike that as well. No need to give the child a headache," a loud voice told them, Etienne quickly turned around and met cold red eyes, not much different from his own.

"So you're the chosen one. And you look so much like your father, I'm sure your mother loves that."

"What do yah want with meh?" Etienne snapped making Sinister perk an eyebrow and smirk.

"Gambit's face but you're mother's straight to the point attitude, I like that. And you're what? 11?" he asked and looked down at a piece of paper on his desk. He looked back up at the child who was looking at him challenging, "I think you know what I want with you."

"Hmm Ah know it has somethang tah so with the end of the world, world domination or killing all humans."

"Smart one aren't you?"

"Non. Not really, that just happens to be what all mad scientist want."

"So you think I'm a mad scientist?"

"Non, Ah think yah're a crazy son of a bitc…"

Deathstrike quickly covered Etienne's mouth while a small smirk graced her lips. "Well this one is definitely Rogue's. The attitude, the potty mouth and the great disrespect for their elders.

"Let him go Deathstrike," Sinister ordered while looking past Yuriko and Etienne. He stared at Madelyn who was smirking while looking at the little boy with her head sideways. Her eyes met Sinister and as they did he gave a small nod making her smirk get wider if t was even possible.

"I have a propositions for you. Like your mother and the other Ministry of Evil members I will let you decide whether you want to join my team or not."

"Like ah'd ever join yah!"

Sinister grinned, "Something tells me you just might. I'll let Selene take over the negotiating though."

The woman with red hair and red eyes started making her way towards him and when she reached him she crouched down to be at eye level with him. "This is the deal little man, you can join us and conquer the world, be known as one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Or you can go back into that little shit of a dungeon, be tortured by whoever the hell is bored at the time…"

Madelyne walked over to them and crouched down as well. Etienne looked in to her blue eyes, they seemed sweet and soft like Jean Grey's but there was a glint of evil in them as well. 'You can also watch your little girlfriend turn into one of my demon slaves…did the green scaly color she was turning into turn you on? Cause you might just be seeing her like that again'.

Etienne glared at the women before him, the vision on Nikki's fair skin turning green, feeling tough and rough like a reptile's pissed him off. "Leave her out of this," he told her in a low voice.

She smirked liking how she hit a nerve. Going in a different direction she asked, "What do have to lose by joining us anyway?"

"Oh ah dunno…my HUMANITY?"

"No. Honestly, What do you have to lose? I have looked inside your mind…you're so alone. The middle child never gets that much attention you know.. Your little sister has your parents, your twin siblings have each other, your older siblings can relate to each other since they're only a year and a half a apart…not to mention they both have become close with members from the Allerdyce's, Ben and Chris. But you…who do you have?'"

"No one…you're alone…in the darkness" Selene joined the conversation.

Etienne looked at the floor not wanting to stare into any of the eyes that were closely watching him now. He wouldn't fall into their evil plan…no matter how accurate he though they were…he would try to repress that hatred that he might be feeling inside…keyword…try.

"Aren't you tired of such bullshit? Don't you want revenge? For being ignored…for being teased…for being told you're not a hero…help us Etienne. You will be in the darkness, but you won't be alone…you'll have us," Madelyne finished her speech Selene started putting her hand on the boys head to try and take over his mind but was stopped but Sinister who held his hand up in protest. He had a huge smirk on his face and Selene looked over to Goblyn Queen who had her hand out looking as if she wanted the young boy to take it. Etienne's head was still bowed down but it slowly started to rise, his eyes were close but snapped opened and looked at Sinister. His eyes were shinning with a new emotion, one that no child shoulder ever have, evil. Etienne then looked at Madelyne and put his hand in hers. Deathstrike got up from her crouched position and walked over to Sinisters desk. She sat on the black top and in a triumphant tone said, "I think we have a deal."

OoOoOoOo Meanwhile OoOoOoOo

"Why is it so quiet around here?" Morph asked walking into the room where the nasty Boys were lounging around with the new power recruits.

"Guess it's cause we don't have much to say," Madame Masque answered never looking up as she cleaned a black gun making it have a powerful shine.

Morph laughed as he looked at her, this new people were pretty fun he decided. Even though he knew the others were annoyed with them, especially Vertigo.

"Oh, I came looking for Deathstrike, anyone know where she is?" he asked breaking the silence that had overcome the room.

"Yes, I believe I saw her leave with Selene. They were going towards Sinisters office, I think they were planning to have a chit chat with the chosen boy."

"Speaking of the chosen child. Vertigo, you seemed to have quiet a suckastic reputation with the child."

Vertigo's eyes narrowed and she glared at the only human in the room.

Madame Masque smirked at her, "I mean no disrespect girl but we have heard things."


"Well for one we heard you picked the wrong child last time you went on the attack," Infectia commented.

"Honestly, that didn't strike me as odd. I mean everyone makes mistakes…but what did strike me as funny was that…well the seer…Destiny…didn't she tell you which child was the chosen one?"

Vertigo glared at Madame Masque and Infectia who now had huge smirks on their faces as they waited for the answer.

"That's between me and the dead hag."

"Come on, she's dead, we have the kid. Everything's ok now, what did she say?" Infectia asked looking very curious.

Vertigo looked at her intently before opening her mouth again, "She said the child was going to be one of the strongest…that the child would have a great resemblance to their parents. She didn't give me a name…she croaked before she could name anyone…I though it was a done deal with that information but when we finally got pictures of all the children we discovered that many of them looked like their parents their parents. Deathstrike narrowed the search and guessed that it would be one of the MoE's children."

"So the blind hag was of no use anyway," Madame Masque laughed. "What a waste of time killing her then."

"Yes…and no…she was a waste since she couldn't give us a name, and even if she had had enough time I doubt she would have given it to me. But saying that he would be strong she narrowed the list down," Vertigo shrugged and continued, "I guess in the end torturing her to death was a good deal." As she finished the door opened and showed a very happy Black Queen.

"It's has been done."

"What has?" asked Morph.

"The thing that guarantees that we will win this war…we have a new ally."

OoOoOoOo X-Jet OoOoOoOo

Odile looked up startled.

"What's wrong?" Chris asked. Her head had been resting on his shoulders moments ago until she instinctively rose up and sat straight in her seat.

"Ah just felt…de biggest chill evah…"

"Do you want my sweater?"

"Non…Ah don't thing ah got it from de weather…" Odile answered and looked over to Pierre. Pierre caught her gaze and the look in his eyes scared her. They were wide as if he knew something was wrong too…and that was odd because Pierre was the Lebeau child that least showed scared emotions.

"Ouchy ouchy ouchy OUCHY…" Everyone startled look at the young whiny voice.

"What is it dear?" Mystique asked Anna-Marie.

"Owy…mah back grand-mama…its poeky."


"It's like a sharp tingle…" Nate butted in, "Going up and…"

"Down like some kind of pin striking your spine…" Natalie finished her twins' sentence while looking into space.

Everyone then turned to the Lebeau twins.

"What's that does that mean?" Wanda asked and turned to Rogue for an answer but was shocked to see Rogue looking at her arms. She seemed to be shivering and many Goosebumps appeared on her skin as if they were on a frozen ice land.


"Je sais…Remy can feel it," he answered in a whisper. Remy's red on black eyes looked outside through a window, he ignored the little hairs that were standing up in the back of his neck.

"Magneto…" Erik looked over to Rogue. "Can you make this hunk of metal go faster with your power?"


"Then what the hell are yah waiting for? Do it." Magneto looked at her strangely for a minute but then went a head and flew out of the jet to try and boost some speed.

"Rogue, what is it?" X-23 asked.

"Ah dunno…but ah know something is wrong…"

"Something like what?" Wanda asked. Rogue looked at her but didn't answer. She didn't know what to say or explain how she was feeling. There was just a sinking feeling in her stomach that was telling her something was wrong.

OoOoOoOo Dungeon OoOoOoOo

Nikki Sat quietly with her head in her arms. Etienne had been gone for a long time and she was staring to feel alone and a bit afraid. She was scared of what would happen to them…of what would happen to Etienne.

She started sniffing and held back tears, tears of sadness and despair. Her ears perked though when she heard footsteps fast approaching and soon the dark chamber she was in lit up with bright light from the outside. Her head snapped up to see who it was and her sapphire eyes met red on black…then everything around her went dark…

OoOoOoOo Nikki's Vision OoOoOoOo

"Etienne NO!" Rogue yelled and those were her last words as she fell onto the ground, her body covered in blood. All the adults fell…one by one until there were none of them left. Etienne looked around at the destruction surrounding him and smirked. A big rough hand rested on his shoulder as both watched Rogue's body start rising. Once she was up she looked up and her emerald eyes were now a pale blue.

"Welcome back…Cassandra Nova…"

OoOo Flash OoOo

Years later

"Ah'll Kill de S.O.B," a feminine voice stated. An auburn haired woman walked towards a building that seemed to be lit on fire.

"'Dile, you ain't think straight sweetheart." A hand grabbed on to hers and pulled her back.

"I'm not thinking straight? What the HELL are yah talking about Chris? That bastard killed our parents and a lot of our close friends. Brandon…Brain…Rachel…Victoria…they're all dead and it's HIS damn FAULT!"

Chris cupped Odile's face with his hands and looked deep into her emerald orbs. "That's true…he has done a lot of messed up things…but you havta remember that that bastard is your brother…would your mom want you to kill him?"

"Why not? He doesn't seem to have a problem with it…"

"Chill, don't do anything your gonna regret…don't be like him…" he told her and then and then bent down to kiss her soft lips. She responded but when they pulled apart she looked up at him detrimentally.

"Dat brother of mahine…is dead…"

OoOo Flash OoOo

"His defenses are down, this might be the best and only shot we have to take him down without getting the others involved," a black hair man stated.

"Oui…we should do it for our Mere's," Pierre answered nodding softly while looking at what they knew was Sinisters, Cassandra Nova and Etienne's base. The two best friends looked at each other, gave each other high five's and then ran blindly towards the building.

OoOo Flash OoOo

Fire rose above everyone's head and became a beautiful dragon of light. White bangs flew widely into the wind. Loud shzzzzz sounds were heard as fires all around were put out by strong sheets of water. Nathaniel Lebeau kept playing with his dragon of fire knowing that Nathalie was doing a great job taking care of the other fires with her water manipulation power. He was obviously wrong because soon afterwards her heard a very familiar scream.

"Nat? What is it? What's wrong?" he asked as he run towards her. "Nathalie what is it?" he asked again as he manipulated fire out of the way to reach her sooner. When he found her she was on the ground. Her white hair and auburn hair bang had dirt all over. She was crying while hitting the ground. She looked up to stare into eyes identical to hers, green on black.

"Nate…" she called softly to him making him walk over to her. He saw bodies on the floor and his eyes widened; he knew what had freaked her out…bad. Ben and Pierre…were dead.

OoOo Flash OoOo

"This is our last stand people! This is it…no more CRAP! We're going in there and finishing him off like we were suppose to the first day we had the chance…no more PITY! No more MERCY!" Emerald eyes burned brightly as the young woman spoke.

Odile looked at the younger girl proudly, Anna-Mari had inherited a lot more than her moms look, she had inherited that bitch personality, southern accent and that determination that made her a winner.

Anna levitated as she finished her speech, her wavy brown hair with that classic white bangs stood in a neat ponytail. Her eyes scanned through the crowd of mutants that were supporting her, a lot of them her friends, and also the only ones left willing to fight for their freedom. She looked around looking for her siblings; tears almost came to her eyes as she remembered Pierre. She was thankful that the rest of the were still alive, and she knew that Pierre would have wanted to be the first to go but it still pained her to think of him. Her eyes searched out for Nate and she found him with Dana Summers. He was whispering into her ear, Anna guesses he was telling her that everything would be ok in the end. Not far away from them was Nathalie with her own lover, Derek Alvers. She gave a bitter smile at things turned out to be, some of them were following in love with people they had known since they were children…only to feel like you can lose that person at any moment. She shook her head and cleared the thoughts out of her head as she remembered she was in front of a big crowd of mutants.

"So…are we READY?" she yelled out.

"YA!" many people answered. From where she was she saw Odile's hand in the air entwined with Chris's, the ring on her left hand shined brightly with the sun.

OoOo Flash OoOo

/zap/ Matthew Allerdyce moved his long sloppy black hair out of his eyes and turned to the side were his cousin had just teleported to.

"You ready?" Christina asked.

"Phff…I was born ready," Matt answered smirking as electricity sparkled from his eyes and fingertips.

"You talk big small fry, but can you back it up?" a new voice asked and both turned to see Alexandra walking towards them, metal objects flying around her at her will. Her eyes were cold; she looked a lot like her mother. Christina frowned at this, her sister had been one of the sweetest people ever but after their brothers deaths she had turned cold. In a way she felt responsible, even though everyone knew there was nothing she could have done about it.

"Can we stop talking and start walking?" Amelia Da Costa asked as she gently pushed Matt towards the hill that showed Sinisters latest base. From far away they could all hear Anna's voice. Trini laughed walking behind her, a smirk wide on her face.

"Nicely said," a new voice added and Nikki stepped out of the shadow of a tree. She looked down at the building below…dreading what would come.

"Whether we live or we die…lets remember what we're fighting for…Freedom…" as she Anna finished small figures were seen at the bottom of the hill. One of the figures was tall, with auburn hair and red on black eyes. The last thought in Anna's head was, 'It's about to end'.

OoOo Flash OoOo

Nikki sat alone…surrounded by fire and dribble…the fight was over and it had been chaotic. Silent tears rolled down her eyes to her cheek as she looked at the dead bodies of her family and friends.

"Nikki…" sapphire eyes looked up into red on black orbs.

"It's over mon amor…it's just yah and moi…" he eyes widened with fright and everything went dark but she heard him again…


OoOoOoOo End Vision OoOoOoOo

"Nikki…" Etienne said again walking towards her.

"STOP!" Nikki yelled as he was about to reach out and touch her hand.

"Don't touch me…" she whispered to him as she subconsciously hugged a wall and blinked back tears.

"Nikki?" Etienne asked again, he face one of shock at how fearful she was of him. He watched her sadly as he watched her sway back and forth while repeating, 'don't touch me' like a broken record.

"Would you like me to fix her?" Goblyn Queen asked walking towards the small girl.

"NO! Leave her alone," Etienne yelled making her back off.

"As you wish."

"Let's go…we have things to do," he stated after a while and started walking out of the small dark dungeon. Before leaving completely he gave her one last glimpse and as soon as the door was shut, Nikki Allerdyce let out a sob.

'You're not a hero' was remembered by both individuals as they parted ways.

OoOoOoOo Sinisters base OoOoOoOo

The X-Jet flew in the sky making a loud noise as it flew around in circles for a while. Madelyne ran out and looked up at the sky. She made a quick stroll into the building she was by and announced, "We have company!"

"Obviously," Infectia answered impatiently while giving Madame Masque some poisonous gasses for he guns.

"I'm glad, I've been wanting to pay them back for ruining our fun last time," Madam Masque commented in her Italian accent while loading her guns.

Goblyn Queen looked over at Vertigo and said, "You, bring the chosen child. He'll be with Sinister and get one of your lackeys check on the seer child."

Vertigo nodded and left but was a bit peeved at the fact she was being pushed around.


"I know…" Black Queen interrupted Goblyn Queen and turned to her hellions. "Move out…the X-men will be excepting us so give them what they want…a fight. And do not let Emma influence you…remember what team you're on," as she finished they all went outside to hide for a sneak attack.

Selene, Madelyne, Infectia, Madame Masque and Yuriko came together for a brief movement.

"If we fail, Essex won't be pleased," Deathstrike stated.

"If we fail, Nathan won't be alive," Goblyn Queen re-phrased and they all went their own direction. Goblyn Queen went to get Etienne since it was obvious Vertigo didn't do her job.

OoOoOoOo X-men OoOoOoOo

Cyclops flew the X-jet around in a circle one last time after Goblyn Queen disappeared into the building.

"ShadowCat, Nightcrwaler, Sunspot, you guys know what to do." The nodded and soon found a way out of the X-jet. Kurt teleported, Kitty phased and Roberto jumped out. Sunspot landed on his feet since he had powered up on the way down. His skin was now black and invulnerable, he looked to his side when he heard a /bamf/ and smelled brimstone. Both him and Kurt looked up when they saw a shadow and that's when they realized Magneto had followed and floated down in front of them.

"And so we meet again X-men…and this time it will be our last," Deathstrike spoke first.

"Don't worry then, I'm sure the X-men will give you a proper funeral," Erik answered un-pashed by their threatening poses. The nasty boys all shot daggers at him and the other X-men got ready for an attack. Before anyone could take the first shot though the X-jet landed behind Magneto and his group. The door opened and the first two mutants that came off were Rogue and Remy and they were followed by everyone else.

Selene smiled a vile smile, "Rogue, so glad you could join us. Unfortunately i'm afraid to tell you your visit is in vain…for what you came for is already lost," as she finished the green demons come out with someone in between them. Remy squinted to recognize the person and his eyes become wide as he realized who it was.

"Bonjour mere…bonjour pere."

Rogues emerald eyes looked as if they wanted to pop out of their sockets and a small "Etienne" escaped her lips.

OoOoOoOo Dungeon OoOoOoOo

The room was dark and sapphire eyes with dried tears stared numbly into space. Everything was quiet…and the last thing that echoed through the darkness was…

"The end has come."


Dun dun dun…and that's all. What do you guys think? Anyone mad at me? Lol. Well, I'm sure you all get the clue that the next chap IS the last. It's been a long road for this fic but it's time to end it. Well, what do u guys thiink the girls are planning? And now we know sini's plan, he's still trying to get Cassandra out again(think back to the fisrt part of the vision). Um, just let you guys know on a couple of things, early in the chap when Etienne say's he has his mother curse of a power, I'm not saying he has absorption powers but that his power is a curse too. Also the purpose of the vision is of course to give you a glimpse into the feature and to kinda tell you what the younger kids powers are going to be in the future. Here's a list to make it more clear :D

Nathaniel Lebeau- Fire Manipulation,
Nathalie Lebeau- Water Manipulation
Anna-Marie Lebeau- Flying
Matthew Allerdyce- Electricity Manipulation
Alexandra Maximoff - Magnetic manipulation (like mags)
Christina Maximoff- Teleporting
Derek Alvers- Earth Manipulation (like Lance)
Amelia Da Costa- Solar beams that come out from eyes and hands
Trini Crisp- Fireworks
Dana- Telekinetic

Anyhoo, that's all folks. See you next time, Hope you liked and will review. Love ya lots - UHW ;D