Hi. Welcome to another installment of the LFN ReRun Poetry series. It should be stated that I am not a poet. I just like to think I am, so if this sucks don't be surprised. Meter and rhyme usually bore me (so I ignore them and string words together in a William Shatneresque way) but this time I thought I'd try it the 'normal' way. This started out as a Michael poem but the last line just made me think of Operations for some unknown reason so I edited the hell out of it as the Muses stood by shaking their heads in bewilderment.

Standard Operating Procedure
by BithaBlu

I am not just a cold heartless bastard
I have feelings too
Just cause I don't bitch about them
Like you so often do
It doesn't mean I don't have needs
Or really want to screw
So bring Maddy to the tower
Or I will cancel you

I am the fist of god
But Maddy's hand is heaven

I rule over Section in my perch
From behind the bullet proof glass
Strutting around in military style
With a pole shoved up my ass
I wish Maddy wouldn't break my balls
When I try to make a pass
I don't care if she says we're through at all
I miss my icy lass

I don't know if my heart still beats
But something else is throbbing.