Raphael kept running, trying to forget the horrible event that happened to his beloved Amy. He was depressed, and disgusted. He couldn't take it, Amy was dead. He remembers Amy helping him when he was running away from the guards. Feeding him, comforting him, and giving him company. It wouldn't escape his mind, because of him, Amy was dead. If he didn't leave her at the noble's house or even accepted her help, then she would be alive with Raphael, probably somewhere in the countryside. He made it to Spain and decided to go through an alley; he was weak and hungry from both his battle with Inferno and his prolonged travels.

As he sat down against the wall of the alleyway he thought deeply about the battle with Inferno in hell. It was hot, the flames were spread out everywhere, Inferno glared at him with the devil's eyes. They faced each other, each with a blade in hand, ready to strike. Inferno made the first attempt, but missed when Raphael side stepped and slashed him. They went on for days, trading blow after blow, some that would seem fatal to a mortal. They fought until they could not go on, then when Inferno was down; Raphael stabbed him through the head. Inferno rose up into the air and bursted into flames, revealing Soul Edge. Suddenly something hit Raphael in the head. "What the…blasted buildings, they're falling apart." He said as he looked down, then a grim face came over him. A fragment was laying on the ground, glowing blood red, "Is this Soul Edge?" Raphael asked himself.

"Hey there he is!" Someone yelled out. Raphael turned to see three men standing there, probably assassins. Raphael tried to get up, but he was still too weak, "Come on, let's get him before he runs away!" a second man yelled out. They went after and unsheathed their blades and started surrounding Raphael, ready to kill him. "Hiyyyaaa!!!" Raphael heard someone yell as they stabbed the first assassin through the heart. The other two left him and went after the samurai. The samurai stabbed the first man, jumped over him, and sliced the second man's head in half. After it was over Raphael walked over towards the samurai, "Take this, it is part of an evil but powerful blade. Make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands." Raphael told him as he handed him the fragment.

Raphael stumbled onto the building where he found the rapier he used to battle Inferno. He looked around, looking at each blade with detail, he stopped when he saw a blade with a blue hilt, "This seems to be useful. Wait, there's something written on the blade…Queen's Guard. Interesting." Raphael took the blade and continued toward where he wanted to go, the library. This was the place where he found the information about Soul Edge. "There must be some counter acting force that opposes Soul Edge's negative energy." Raphael said. Just then a piece of paper fell out of the self; Raphael looked at it for a minute and then opened and read it.


I'm scared, they're going to behead me tomorrow, I don't know what to do. I wish you were here so that I can talk to you. The noble told me that you were out looking for an evil blade. I can't believe you would do that. I better finish before they come to throw me into the dungeons. While I was at the noble's house, I read about the evil blade that you were going after, and I found another blade that is good. It's called Soul Calibur, it is known as the sword of heroes, it is suppose to be so powerful that it will destroy Soul Edge and even bring people back from the dead! Uh-oh they're coming, I have to stop here, I hope that we can be together again.



By the time Raphael had finished the note, he was crying, he wished that he could have stayed but he wanted to help Amy see the world in a new light. Then an idea came to him, if Amy is right, then he could use Soul Calibur to bring her back! With a new objective, he set off to find Soul Calibur so that he and Amy could be together again.