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Belinda came down the hill with all of her supplies on her back. "So, where are we going first?" Belinda asked.

"We're going to…umm I'm not sure yet." Raphael lied. He knew exactly where he was going. He just didn't want to tell Belinda.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to take guesses from here." She answered.

"Yeah…sure." Raphael answered. He didn't want to tell Belinda that they may be going to hell to face Inferno again. First, they had to find more information on the actual location of Soul Calibur.

While they were walking, they talked about their lives, Belinda told Raphael of being born in a beautiful town, and she was the mayor's daughter. Her mother died from a horrible disease, but no one knew what it was. It involved some kind of marking on her hands; they were in the shape of an eye. No one knew any cures to this disease or the origin. Then finally one day, she died. Then, she told Raphael that, four years later, an azure knight came to the town with a giant sword. Everyone thought that he was hired by some king to protect them. Instead, he ravaged the once beautiful town and destroyed it after staying there for a few days. Luckily, Belinda was in another town getting groceries. Unfortunately, when she got back, the only thing there was the town a blazed and the azure knight in the middle of the flames. After that she has traveled the countryside just enjoying nature.

Raphael told Belinda the story of his life. Raphael told her that he was born in France with the tumultuous as his cradle, family members scheming as his lullabies, and the rapier and medicine as his playmates. He made many enemies but his quick thinking made his family honorable to the nobles. Then, he told her that a man came to the king saying that an azure knight had stopped their army. All were shocked at how he was still alive, but Raphael saw the glowing red fragment in his hand and confronted the noble. He went into the noble's room, it was dark but he still looked around for the shard, but he couldn't find it. Then, he tripped over something, he kneeled down, and picked up the body with his arms, and noticed the head had been cut off, and the clothes were the same as the noble's. Then he said he heard a low, menacing voice, "Offer your soul." Raphael looked up to see a man with an arm that was too big to be human. Then, it threw something at him, and Raphael caught it, he noticed it was the noble's head. "You! You killed Sir Laurence! Guards! One of the Sorels has killed a noble!" a servant yelled. Raphael looked back to see that the knight was gone. Raphael ran out of the house and to a town that he hoped the guards couldn't find them in. Then he told Belinda of Amy, the little girl that helped regain his pride and strength. Unfortunately, she thought the human nature only consisted of evil, not good. Raphael then vowed that after he receives the legendary sword named Soul Edge, which he thought was the legendary sword. He told of his battles with many people who were skilled. After one battle, he gained information and traveled to a Cathedral in France, where he ran from. There, he confronted the azure knight again and fought him in a raging battle to the death. The azure knight then fell of the balcony to his death. Then, he saw Soul Edge lying there, so he took it and returned to the noble's house of which he dropped off Amy. Once he got there though, the noble informed him that Amy was beheaded the day before. Raphael then ran away and tossed the sword into a bottomless pit. Since then, he has been alone.

Once Raphael was done with his sad tale, Belinda broke up in tears, "That's so depressing! How have you lived with that in your mind?" she said.

Raphael was silent, even he didn't know how he did it.