As I watch You from A Distance


Donna toki date

Tada hitori de

Unmei wasurete

Ikite kita no ni

Totsuzen no hikari no nake

mega sameru

Mayonaka ni

Donna toki date

Zutto futari de

Donna toki date

Soba ni iru kara

Kimi to iu hikari ga watashi

o mitsukeru

Mayonaki no



No matter what the time

I'm just alone

Destiny forgotten,

Eveb though I kept going

Inside of the sudden light I awaken

In the middle of the night

No matter what the time

We'll always be together

No matter what the time

Because you're by my side

The light known as "you" finds me

In the middle of the night

Hikari;Light- Utada Hikaru


It was raining that night. I was sitting by the window, as I always have been, staring at the streets surrounded by darkness that seems to block my view to see what's going on outside. Actually there was nothing really out there to see.

Suddenly, a flash of light came tearing through the night followed by a silent roar of an engine from a distance. My eyes automatically followed a black car running from across the street as it sped through the rainy night and came to halt in front of a huge house across our own.

"Okaasan, okaasan(Mother, mother)" I called out to my mother who is sitting on a couch nearby. "There are people at the empty house."

Mother placed down the book she is reading on a table and stood up. "Kaoru-chan, are you sure?" She sat down beside me and looked out the window to see for herself.

I did not answer as I continued to watch the scene as four figures stepped out of the vehicle. Two of them seemed like adults while the other two were children like me.

"Kojiro! Kojiro!" My mother called my father as she stood up and took two huge umbrellas from the rack by the front door. "They are here. Hurry! We need to welcome them."

There were hurried footsteps behind me and father placed a hand on my shoulder to get my attention. "Kaoru, let's go and meet our new neighbors."

Mother and I shared an umbrella as the three of us went out of the house and walked towards the house across the street, despite the rain that is continually pouring down over our umbrellas.

"Okaasan, do you know our new neighbors?" I asked her, clutching her hand tightly.

"Yes sweetie. They are very good friends of otousan(father) and mine," Mother answered.

We stopped right outside their gate and Father rang the doorbell twice. We need not to wait because two of them, a male adult and a young boy were still outside bringing out some of their stuff from their car.

"Reiko! Kojiro! I'm so glad to see you!" The man cried in delight as he hurried over to us and opened their gate so we could enter. As soon as we stepped in, he hugged my father and gave a bow to my mother. He led us across their long driveway and ushered us under their front porch. My mother and father placed down the umbrellas and placed it on one side to let it dry. The little boy whom he was with stopped what he was doing and looked at us strangely.

"We're glad to see you too Seijiro," My father said in return. "We came here to say hello and to welcome you. It has been a long time since we last saw each other. Where is Okon and Akira?"

"Oh the two of them went inside the house to fix our things. You haven't met our youngest right? He lightly pushed the boy beside him to our direction. "This is our youngest boy Kenshin, he is now five years old. Akira, on the other hand, is already eleven.

Kenshin looked at us uncertainly, not knowing if he should approach us or not.

Uncle Seijiro laughed a little. "Go on Kenshin. They are otousan's friends. Say hello." He looked at my parents. "He is a bit shy."

"It's ok," Mother said. She placed a hand on my shoulder. "We would like to introduce our daughter. Her name is Kaoru and she's five like Kenshin."

"Kaoru-chan, why don't you say hello to Kenshin?" Father suggested giving me an encouraging nod.

I looked at Kenshin for a while then greeted him just as my father said. "Hello Kenshin."

He did not greet me back but just looked at me as he clutched his father's hand tighter.

I shifted my glance to my mother to see if I've done the right thing.

Mother gave me an assuring smile. "He's just shy sweetie.

Looking back at Kenshin, I prayed that someday this little boy would become my friend so that I will finally have someone to play with… or simply someone to share my life with…


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