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0100 hrs

The night was clear.

Star shone in the sky light little candles, looking down at the world, waiting for something to happen. The moon was nowhere to be seen, hidden away, so it was dark outside in the street.

In the middle of town stood a humble game shop. Above the shop was a small apartment of which the residents were an old man and his grandson. They were not significant, you would'nt even look at the building twice.

But tonight it stood out.

The youngest of the two inhabitants appeared not to have noticed that the rest of the town was sound asleep and in their beds.

The lone window at the top of the small building shone its pale light across the street.


Inside was a tiny room, it belonged to a petit, young boy who was not as young as he looked. His room was small. But it was full of toys and games. The room was full of fun.


The boy sat on his bed working tirelessly on a golden puzzle. He was so engrossed with it he never noticed that soon he would have to get up for school.


The puzzle was an odd one. The only one of its kind, or so his grandfather had told him. Just looking at it, he knew that when it was finished it would resemble an Egyptian pyramid.


The unusual trinket sparkled in the glow of the room; it's light dazzling the boy's innocent eyes every time he fitted another piece of puzzle correctly in place with a little click.

The child had been given the puzzle as a gift nine years ago by his grandfather, and he had been working on it ever since. He was so close to finishing it tonight that he forgot the time completely and here he was, still up and struggling to finish the puzzle.

Normally he would spend an hour a night on the puzzle before bed.

But tonight was different.

He could feel the puzzle. It felt warm in his hands, and every time he got a piece right he felt a warmer surge of heat from the puzzle and it made him feel happy. The pieces slipped in one by one.




It was as if another was guiding his fingers.

He loved his puzzle, he knew it so well. It was his saviour, when he wanted to forget the everyday world and retreat to the comfort of his room, the puzzle was always there, waiting for him.

As he worked, clicking the remaining two pieces in, his heart quickened with the excitement and anticipation of having worked and waited so long to have it finally finished.

Holding the last piece in his hand, he hesitated. Did he really want to finish the puzzle?

What would he do when it was done?

He twirled the last tiny piece of gold in between his thumb and forefinger, before finally deciding to put it in its rightful place.

Just before it clicked, he thought about how it wasn't the end of the puzzle, it was the beginning; he would now be able to carry it around with him all the time. For some reason he always felt safe and comfortable when he was near the puzzle.

He would be able to spend time in the library to work out what all the symbols meant that decorated its golden surface.


The last piece slid comfortably into place, and a smile crossed his lips.

At that exact moment the puzzle erupted into a mass of golden light, which radiated out of the window and under the crack in his bedroom door. It was so bright that it lit up the street like day.

Yugi covered his eyes and let the pyramid fall gently on to the bed. A small gasp of surprise escaped his lips.

As the light faded, he peeked through his fingers, his eyes searching for his precious puzzle.

But instead of the puzzle, he was greeted by a mirror image of himself sitting on the bed next to him, looking at him in awe.

Yugi let out a small yelp and scuttled back wards and fell of the edge of the bed, but before he hit the floor he felt two strong arms encircle his body and pull him back on to the bed.

The mirror image smiled down at him, "Thank you." Was all he said. The words were spoken softly, almost whispered.

Yugi looked confused, and blinked at the reflection of himself and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Yugi's eyes then rolled backwards and he fainted in shock.


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