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(In a warehouse, far from where Yugi sleep's under the watchful gaze of Yami….)


As the room began to empty of it's Zombie like occupants, he thought back over the last 20 minutes as he had watched his brother change into a revenge filled manic as the presence of the ancient spirit was alerted to him.

He lowered his head in shame, for not being there when Malik needed him the most.

It was going to be his honour, and pain. But his 'father' had dismissed him and chosen his real son instead.

Now Malik's body was covered in ancient scripts, the secrets of the Sennen items. The Pharaoh Atemus most treasured processions.

He wished to have his younger 'brother' back the way he used to be, light hearted and innocent, full of fun and intrigue. But that was before the 'other one' took him over. The young blond man hated the Pharaoh with such malice that he had allowed this spirit take over his body.

He knew that only he could help Malik recover and fight for control of his body, and without his help, the spirit who he now knew as Marik would gain full control, and that, he would never allow. Malik wanted to be free, but his anger needed to be satisfied.

He had sworn his life to Malik and he would die trying to protect his brother. The only other person he thought could help was Maliks sister, Isis.

He glanced over at his brother one more time before leaving the large room to see if she could be contacted. Not only was the ancient spirit in trouble if Marik found him, but also his brother would destroy the honour of his entire family and their service to the Pharaoh's of Egypt would all be in vain.

To protect his brother, Isis was his last hope.

He picked up the vid-phone and dialled the number.

A beautiful woman appeared on the screen, and she gasped when she saw who it was. "…Brother ! Where is Malik?……!"

He bowed low and then stood straight and stared into her dark eyes, willing her to understand.

Isis was surprised to see him. She had known that they would return to her one day, and she had been searching for them. She knew that the man now on the view screen before her wanted the same as she did.

"What's happened? Is Malik alright?" She started to enquire. Then realising it was no use she asked one question, "Has 'he' returned to us?"

The tanned man nodded his head once, yes.

His worried eyes caught her own, and she knew it was time. "I'm coming to meet you, tell me where you are!"

He help up a map of Japan and pointed.

Isis let out a sigh of relief, "I'll be there in a few hours. Keep him busy. Don't let him do anything to upset the balance." She got up and ordered a flight to Japan from her Egyptian staff. Sometimes a woman of power had good connections to get what she wanted.

He nodded once, this time with his eyes shut, and cut the connection.

Turning, he walked back towards the room where his brother was sitting cross legged on the floor, seeing through the eyes of his Zombies who were roaming the streets to find the Pharaoh.

Moving to stand in his usual place behind Malik, ………. Folded his arms to keep watch for any change in his behaviour so he could tell which character was in control of the body.


Yami sat by the desk watching his Light sleep in his bed. His fingers traced the outside of the golden puzzle, his fingers gently brushing against the symbols decorating its sides.

His eyes drifted from his Hikari to the puzzle that now rested around his neck and wondered what the day would bring. What strange new world was this? He stood and walked over to the window and gazed at the street below, and the tall buildings that filled the skyline.

Yugi stirred in his sleep, and Yami turned his attention to his young counterpart. The boy was dreaming. Yami frowned, as it appeared Yugi was having a bad dream.

Not wanting to wake him up, Yami vanished into the puzzle around Yugi's neck and found his was to a bright door, which was opposite his own door.

These doors were the entrance to the souls mind. Each one had their own 'soul' room. Yami put his hand on the door, and pushed it open.

It made no resistance, and Yami entered Yugi's soul room.

It was not like a room inside, because Yugi was dreaming, and it was a powerful dream, one of fear. It had taken over his soul room.

Yami wondered what Yugi was dreaming of. He looked around for the young boy. He could not see him anywhere, and was about to call out his name when he heard a small voice cry out in pain.

He swiftly made his way over to the sound.

His eyes widened in disgust and surprise, for there on the rough ground knelt his Hikari, holding his side and begging to be left alone.

"P..Please…I…I…don't know….leave…me…alone..!" Yugis voice shook.

Above him towered a tall, pale haired boy, whose tanned skin complemented his complextion making him very attractive. He stood threateningly over the younger boy. Yami noticed he looked like he was about to kick the young boy again.

Yami knew dreams were real to those who dreamt them, and to Yugi it was real right here and now.

Yami would protect his Light, from others, and himself.

Yami concentrated and an eye appeared on his fore head. Summoning his ancient power he banished the figure from Yugi's soul room.

Yugi whimpered on the ground as Yami walked over to him "He is gone now. You can get up. You are safe." He held out his tanned hand to help Yugi get up.

Yugi stopped sniffling, and his watering eyes looked up to see Yami had replaced the figure that had been haunting him. His hand waiting to be taken.

"Y…Yami!" He stuttered as he reached up to clasp his out stretched hand, "What are you doing here?"

Yami explained, "You were dreaming young one. I rescued you from yourself. Who was that mule?"

Yugi, now on his feet, went bright red and hung his head in shame. "I….um….its…its…no-one."

Yami knew he was lying, but also knew that the young boy was embarrassed and would not tell him yet.

"Where are we?" Yugi asked looking around at the strange room, it looked like a hall or warehouse. He was not sure if he was awake, or asleep. Or how he got here "Am I dreaming?"

Yami smiled down at him. "Yes. We are in your soul room. Just imagine a place that you call home. Close your eyes until I say to open them."

Yugi looked confused, but did as he was bid.

As Yami waited, the room began to change into a room very similar to Yugi's own bedroom.

"Open your eyes now," Yami commanded.

Yugi carefully opened his eyes, only to gasp with surprise as he stared at his own room. "Wow!" was all he could say.

Yami made to leave, but before he got to the door, Yugi's voice stopped him "What is a soul room? Do you have one too?"

Yami paused in mid-stride, before turning to answer his Light. "It is a place for you to stay, when I help you. I have a room also; it is across the hall from yours. Goodnight my Light. Sleep, we will talk some more in the morning."

With that he left.

Yugi looked around his room and spotted it even had a bed. He climbed onto it and shut his eyes, thinking that he was just having a weird dream, and almost hoped he wouldn't wake-up in the morning.

How was he going to face school in the morning now?

He thought he had found a friend, but he was only dreaming. He didn't want to be alone any more.

Sighing, he drifted into a sleep that was undisturbed by unwanted others.


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