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Abby Sciuto was working on a blood analysis for her boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, when Special Agent Caitlin Todd, her best friend, came into her lab.

"Hey Abby! Gibbs wants that Blood Analysis pronto."

Abby smirked. "Well, you can tell our boss that my fingers are working over time and he definitely doesn't pay me enough."

Kate smiled and lingered in the lab. That was Abby, always telling Kate to tell Gibbs things that would get her into trouble. But if Abby simply told him that herself, there would be absolutely nothing wrong.

"Kate, you do know that they have this absolutely amazing invention called the telephone and I can use it to call you. When I'm done, okay?"

Kate shrugged. "Okay, so the truth is that Gibbs is in a sour mood."

Abby smiled. "When is he not?"

Okay, Abby did have a point there. She grinned at her friend's comment, which was another of those things that only Abby would get away with. "Yeah, okay, you have a point, as usual. But today is really bad! And he doesn't look so hot either."

Abby looked up worriedly then forced herself to calm down. "There is a flu bug going around." She amazed herself with how calm she really did sound. Inside though, she was panicking. Gibbs hadn't been snappy earlier! And he had looked plenty hot enough to her…

Kate was surprised that the lab tech knew about such trivial things as flu bugs.

Abby grinned, knowing exactly what Kate was thinking. "Hey," she shrugged, "I watch the news."

Kate smiled. That was Abby for you- always one step ahead and full of surprises. "Okay then, I'll go and see if I can't save Tony from the incessant yelling." And with that, Kate left.


Abby stepped off the elevator and headed towards the bullpen. She heard Gibbs yelling at McGee and winced. This was not going to be easy, of that she was certain. Of course, one could easily argue that nothing was easy with Gibbs.

"Okay Gibbs, I've got your Blood Analysis." She pulled the printed page out of her pocket with a smile and handed it to him. "Here you go Boss-man!" She made an attempt to sound like her normal, cheerful self. Still, she couldn't help but notice that his face was incredibly pale. She refused to let herself panic- for now.

He grinned at her. "Thanks Abbs."

Abby smiled in spite of herself. "Gibbs, are you feeling okay?" He glared at her and nodded.

Yeah, that was what she thought… But she shrugged. "Okay. See you later then." Abby walked away and into the elevator, intent on heading to the morgue to see Ducky.

The only person who knew of her and Gibbs' relationship was Ducky. When she entered the Morgue she saw Ducky working on a blood culture.

"Hey Duck-man! Can I ask you question?"

Ducky looked up at Abby. "I don't know that I'll be much help, but you're welcome to ask my dear."

Abby smiled. She loved Ducky and his quirky pet names for all of them. "Have you seen Gibbs this morning?"

Ducky thought for a moment before answering. "No I don't believe that I have. Why, is something wrong?"

Abby shrugged. "Kate said he was grouchy, but Gibbs is always grouchy. Still, I decided to go up and see him, just to be sure. He looks pretty pale Duck. And we didn't go out last night. He wanted to work on his boat."

Ducky thought for a minute. "I'll see what I can do, alright? And please don't worry my dear; I'm sure it's just a cold or something."

Abby smiled. "Thanks Ducky." She was incredibly grateful that they had a doctor in the building just the same. With one last look back at the doctor, she left the Autopsy Suite.


Ducky walked up to the bullpen and saw Gibbs sitting at his desk. Indeed Abby had been right. He did look pale... too pale, just as she had assumed. Ducky walked over to Gibbs' desk and looked at him.

"Anything wrong Duck?"

Ducky just shrugged. "You tell me Jethro."

Gibbs looked confused. "Ducky, what are you talking about?"

Ducky looked to see Tony and Kate were watching off and on. Well, according to Abby he wasn't going to appreciate this conversation either way, but Ducky knew Gibbs well enough to know that this was not a conversation he should have with Gibbs in front of his subordinates. "Would you care to share lunch with me?"

Gibbs shrugged and gave Ducky an odd look. Still, Ducky was his friend and would invariably have a good enough reason. "Sure Duck."

Ducky smiled at him and nodded. "Come down to the morgue when you get hungry." Ducky turned and headed off to the elevator.