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Ducky had gotten Gibbs to eat lunch with him at 12:30. Gibbs came in and found Ducky looking over a dead body. The skin was peeled back from the rest of the body and Ducky was staring at the contents intently. When he saw it, his normally strong stomach started to churn and threatened to send all of his breakfast, which had consisted of 6 cups of coffee, spewing all over the sparkling clean linoleum floors.

"Ducky; what's the sudden urge to have lunch"

Ducky looked up at his friend. "Jethro, are you feeling alright"

Gibbs looked at the pathologist with a confused look. "Not you too…" He sighed exasperatedly.

Ducky smiled at his friend and said nothing.

Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Ducky, I feel fine. And I would appreciate it if you would kindly tell Abby that, as apparently she refuses to listen to me."

Ducky looked Gibbs over thoroughly from a doctor's eye. "Jethro," he began. "Abigail is just worried about you. And so is Caitlin, for that matter."

Gibbs made a face. "Well then let them both know that I am fine. I'm just tired, that's all."

Ducky nodded.


Ducky walked into Abby's lab where he found her working on a blood culture. When she looked up at him she gave him an incredibly worried look.


He shrugged. "He told me that he's fine my dear. However I did notice that he is exceedingly pale, as you pointed out."

Abby nodded, still not entirely convinced. It wasn't that she didn't trust Ducky's opinion, but something told her that Gibbs had played him- and her, for that matter.

Just then the elevator dinged and announced someone coming. They both turned to see Kate, Tony and Gibbs step off the elevator.

"Abby tell please tell me that you have something for us" Kate begged.

Abby smirked at her. "Aw, poor Kate… Are the guys giving you a hard time"

Kate nodded, a mock puppy look on her face. Kate cast a glance at Ducky and frowned slightly.

"Ducky, are you bugging Abby again" asked Tony teasingly.

Abby glared at him. She was always incredibly over-protective of Ducky, but as she knew the real reason he was down here, she wasn't about to let Tony mock him. "Very funny DiNozzo." Her voice was incredibly lacking in even the slightest signs of amusement. "Actually, Ducky was consulting me on something." She turned to her mentor- who also served as her father figure the majority of the time. "I'll get right on it Ducky."

With that the Pathologist left the lab.


Abby shut down her computer and went up to the bullpen, fully intent upon checking that Gibbs was doing okay. She got there only to find his desk empty. She noticed that Tony was sitting at his own desk, typing vigorously on the computer.

"Tony, where's the Boss-man"

He pointed distractedly towards the men's room.

She nodded, almost to herself. Then, as if only just remembering that he was there, she turned back to Tony. "Did he seem okay"

Tony looked at her. "If you mean other that seeming moodier- a lot moodier- then yeah, he's absolutely wonderful Abby."

Just then he saw Gibbs come down the stairs.

"Of course, don't know why you're asking me, ask him yourself…" He indicated the stairs with a nod of his head and she turned slightly.

Before Abby could even open her mouth, Gibbs was already barking at poor Tony. "Hey, are your reports done"

Tony nodded, almost fearfully.

"Good, then get out of here."

Tony didn't need to be told twice. He gathered his bag and jacket into his arms with record speed, bidding them a very hasty farewell.

Gibbs looked at Abby and smiled slightly. "Ready to leave Abbs"

She nodded, not turning around. She watched him walking towards the elevator.

He turned and frowned at her. "Hey Abbs, you coming or are you just going to sleep here?"

His voice, though a little shaky, brought her out of her quiet reverie. "Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I'm coming." She ran to catch up with him, but not before finishing her thoughts. He was walking sluggishly. And now, more than ever, she wanted to know why.