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A/N: This is going to be a relativly short piece (10-15 chapters) and will feature a prominent slash pairing. If this bothers you please make use of the back button now. Also, the events in this story are loosely based on those of WW II. If this bothers you please make use of of the back button. Now that that's settled, on with the story...


It's amazing how a slip of the tongue can change everything. A simple statement can change the course of history forever. One question and nothing's the same. So be careful, for a statement could change your entire life and whether it be for better or worse you'll never know.

It could be said that Peter Pettigrew is very smart. It could also be said that Peter Pettigrew is very stupid. Whatever the case may be, he certainly is a traitor. This fact, however definite it may be, is known by far fewer people than the first two. In fact, only two people know it, the first being Peter himself and the second being Lord Voldemort who may or may not be considered a person. That, however, is about to change.

The Order of the Phoenix knows there is an information leak somewhere. There have been too many occurrences of Death Eaters waiting and ready for members of the Order for there to not be a leak. The problem now is that the Order doesn't know who it is. To reduce the number of deaths, Dumbledore has started only telling the members that are going on the missions where and when they are going. This had bred mistrust, especially between two people who shall not be named but whose initials are Remus and Sirius.

This is the story that we all know and love, and we all know the outcome. Here, however, the story changes. The tongues of both Sirius and Remus slip respectively and question the whereabouts of the other when he is absent. These questions are directed to Dumbledore and are always answered with "on a mission, honestly (insert name here) this is the (second, third, fourth) time this week."

The second and more wounding slip is made by the traitor himself. He's been trying for weeks to arouse suspicion between Remus and Sirius and has been succeeding rather brilliantly. Using the fact that Remus is a werewolf and Sirius a pureblood, he's spun webs of distrust between the two. This is where the debate as to whether Peter is very smart or very stupid can be argued best. It could be said that he is very smart because he comes up with such a brilliant plan to drive the group apart. It could also be said that he is very stupid because he doesn't execute said plan very well and is caught. This, however, is neither the time nor the place for that debate.

Sirius, knowing full well that Remus is normally on an Order mission when not at home, decides that Peter's behavior of late is much more suspicious that Remus'. So, Sirius decides to test the theory that not only is Peter the traitor, but he's trying to frame Remus as the spy. One night at an Order gathering Peter casually asks Sirius where Remus had been the previous night. Sirius replies that he "hadn't the faintest." In fact, Remus and Sirius had enjoyed a nice quiet evening together in front of the fire before turning in early. Peter, of course, jumps on the opportunity to make the werewolf look bad and spins a tale about seeing Remus in a dark bar with some known Death Eaters. Sirius politely thanks Peter for the information and restrains himself from killing the (figuratively and literally) rat.

Upon arriving back at their flat, Sirius grabs Remus by the back of the neck, kisses him fiercely, and apologizes profusely. Remus, being thoroughly confused, asks the other man "what the hell are you going on about?" After the situation is explained, along with another apology for suspecting him, Remus relates a story which follows a similar pattern of events. The information makes both men so happy, that not a sound is heard from their bedroom for a very long time. (This is due to a well placed silencing charm that was cast soon after they entered the room. Can't have the neighbors getting upset now can we?)

It isn't until the next morning that they discuss what to do about the problem. It's decided that only Dumbledore should know about it, for if all the others knew, Peter might figure out that his secret was no longer a secret form their behavior towards him. This decision takes some time to reach because Sirius is set on killing "the little bastard" for quite a while. In the end, though, Remus' "let them think they have the upper hand" finally penetrates Sirius' thick skull and he gives in.

There is a third slip of the tongue that occurs during this time. The Potters (seniors that is) are visiting friends when Mr. Potter turns to Mrs. Potter and says "didn't you leave cookies in the oven dear?" Mrs. Potter realizes that this is very true, apologizes to her hosts, and dashes home to prevent burning of the cookies and the house. Three minutes and twenty seven seconds later the house is attacked by Death Eaters; no one survives. James and Mrs. Potter are devastated, but that's war.

The stage is set. The characters are in place. The events that are about to unfold are neither truth nor lies. They are simply what-ifs. A look at what might have happened if these tongues had slipped and Peter was not made the secret keeper.