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The day was coming to an end and the sun was going down. InuYasha and his friends were sitting around the campfire preparing diner.

"Here we go InuYasha" Kagome said as she handed him a BIG bowl of turkey flavoured Ramen first. Then she started handing the other's their bowls.

"Keh! Wench! I wanted BEEF flavoured Ramen!" InuYasha said ungratefully.

"I'm sorry.....i'll go and remake some..." Kagome replied as she started taking out some ramen again.

InuYasha looked at Kagome suspiciously...something was WRONG! He attempted to argue with Kagome all day long, and each time she didn't reply back some smart comment or anything, she just did as he requested.

"Never Mind, I'll just eat this." InuYasha said still looking at her suspsiciouly.

Night time came as Kagome was still acting weird. Everyone went to bed and Kagome told InuYasha a : "Night!" before tucking herself in her sleeping bag. InuYasha went on a tree and sat on the highest stable branch, looking over his companions.

InuYasha's P.O.V.

Kagome has been acting weird...she hasn't argued with me all day and I haven't got sat for the last week!...she doesn't even smile like before..does she think I don't notice? She smiles...but her eyes are empty...what is making her so sad? I need to know! Or else how am I gonna protect her?!

Normal P.O.V.

He kept looking at her, trying to figure out what was making her so sad and thinking thoughts around those lines.

It had been a few hours and everyone was asleep, he could tell by their breathing. That's when he smelt it...Kikyou..his past love. He looked at Kagome guiltly and started running to Kikyou, missing, by a few seconds, to see that Kagome's eyes opened.

Kagome's P.O.V.

Where's InuYasha going? Maybe I should follow him...but then again..do I want to know where he's headed? Each time I go after him...I always come back hurt.....Maybe I should still go after him...

Normal P.O.V.

With that final thought, she stood up and started running towards the direction where he went.

With InuYasha

"Kikyou.." he stated as he saw her slim figure under a tree.

"InuYasha" She aknowledge his presence.

He went over and hugged her.

"I missed you.." He said as he nuzzled the crook of her neck.

"Me too..Oh InuYasha...." She said as she hugged him back.

Kikyou smirked evilly as she saw her reincarnation look at the scene in front of her. InuYasha not only missed the smirk, but he also missed seeing the girl that he had learned to like alot.

Kikyou with one hand, placed a barrier around Kagome fast so that InuYasha wouldn't notice her, and so that Kagome couldn't go anywhere, thus making her see the followings scenes.

Kikyou started taking off InuYasha's Haori as they kiss passionatly, and InuYasha took off Kikyou's shirt, revealing her soft skin. He smiled contently, he remembered the day when Kikyou had told him that she had found a spell to make her human again, without taking Kagome's soul. So now she was a living thing on earth. He touched her silky skin...she took off his pants. Soon they both were clothless and on the ground kissing each other everywhere.

Kagome, in the barrier, was closing her eyes and pouring tears out. She didn't want to see this!! She didn't want this to be true! How could he....why did he...She continued crying...was there any way out or would she have to watch them....She touched the barrier, trying to make her power destroy it. She hit on it and punched it. Suddenly, the barrier went down, and Kagome took her chance and ran FAST!

InuYasha was kissing Kikyou..until he smelled something...he stopped but Kikyou claimed his lips again and soon, the smell was forgotten.

With Kagome

Kagome was still running. Tears were streaking down her pale face. Her clothes were torn and bruises and scratches covered her body as she continued running into branches and such. Suddenly she fell back down to the hard ground. She looked up and saw a blurry image. She wiped away the tears as the monster smiled evilly. Kagome didn't feel up to do anything...so she just stayed there and let the demon do what it pleased with her body.

A few minutes later, she was covered in her own blood.

InuYasha, still covering Kikyou's body with kisses, suddenly smelled a smell. It was the smell he hated the most in the world...Kagome's blood.

He stood up fast, putting on his pants and haori and ran fast towards where the smell was coming from.

Finally he reached the place...what greeted his eyes was not pleasant..it was the torn body of Kagome..The demon hovering over her didn't stand a chance. In a wink of the eye, InuYasha had slashed the demon. He took Kagome, and sighed in relief when he found out she was still breathing. He ran fast torwards Kaede's hut, and quickly explained her everything.

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