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He couldn't understand why it hurt so much…how could the death of one girl have such an impact on him?

He knew why…because it wasn't any girl…it was Kagome…she didn't deserve this…

She didn't deserve this at all!

A tear fell out of his eye and dropped on Kagome's porcelain cheek.

She didn't deserve it…but there was nothing he could do now…except one thing…

He slowly unsheathed Tetsaiga.

It was his only option…

He didn't see any other way out.

"I love you Kagome…" he said as he slowly headed the tip of the now transformed tetsaiga towards himself.

0o0o0o0o HAPPY ENDING o0o0o0o0o0

"I love you Kagome…" he said as he slowly headed the tip of the now transformed tetsaiga towards himself.

He slammed it right in the sheath and ran out.

He would avenge Kagome's death.

He sniffed out Kikyou and found her near a river, it had stopped raining.

"KIKYOU!" He yelled angrily.

Kikyou looked at him and then smiled.

"InuYasha, have you come to go with me to hell?" she asked.

InuYasha didn't even leave a spare second. Kikyou never knew what hit her. She died in that instant second.

He had let her talk one time to many each time she hurt Kagome…and he'd end up not killing Kikyou and putting her back where she belonged, in hell.

But this time was different, this time Kikyou didn't HURT Kagome…no…she did far worst…she KILLED Kagome. It was one thing to try kill him, it was another thing to hurt his loved one.

Kikyou's body fell limp to the concrete and blue orbs started flowing out. The souls.

At the end only one soul was left. It was the whitest out of them all, the purest of them…Kagome's bit of soul that Kikyou had stolen.

InuYasha went up to it slowly as it didn't move anywhere, and slowly, he cupped the round orb in his hands.

"Kagome…" he whispered and the little white ball started getting agitated.

He raised an eyebrow and tried again.

"Kagome…" and the ball moved again.

"I have an idea…" he said as he held the soul preciously in his hands and ran towards the village.


"KAEDE! KAEDE!" he yelled as he arrived and everyone ran to him.

"Where's Kagome?" Everyone asked.

"I think I know how to bring her back to life!" he yelled.

Everyone looked down sadly.

"InuYasha…, Sango whispered, Kagome's dead…you can't bring her back…"

"Wha--? I Know she's dead! BUT I KNOW HOW TO BRING HER BACK!" InuYasha tried again but Miroku cut him.

"InuYasha, we are all suffering the loss of Lady Kagome, and we would do anything to bring her back, but there is no way, she was shot straight in the heart." Miroku said looking sadly.

"I'm not insane!" InuYasha snapped as everyone looked at him, sadly, pitying him.

"It's alright to show your pain InuYasha." Kaede said.

InuYasha had enough. He yelled out.


"Kaede, is there anyway we could bring Kagome back with this?" he asked as he showed her the white orb.

"I believe there is InuYasha…but I need Kagome's body." She said.

"No problem!" InuYasha said as he left the soul with Kaede making sure she'd keep it safe and ran back anxiously to Kagome.



They were in a circle, Kagome's body laid in the center, her soul floating on top of her.

"Everyone, pray." Kaede said and everyone, including InuYasha, prayed the prayer Kaede had wrote down for them.

Gradually the orb became bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it became full size and it re-entered Kagome's body healing all the cuts, all the bruises Kagome had.

She woke up surprisingly and scared everyone.

Her eyes wide as she observed her hands.


And everyone explained her, telling her how much they missed her and she scared them, how much they cared, everyone except for the hanyou.


Night came and everyone was reveling, InuYasha pulled Kagome to the Goshinboku with him.

"Kagome, I need to finish what I told you…" he started.

Kagome gasped.

"Everything I told you, it was all true, but I never got to finish…I never got to say how much…I…"

"How much you…?" Kagome urged him continue, her heart beating very hard and hoping he was going to say what she hoped he was going to say.

"How much I…I'm mad at you for pulling something like that!" He went from sensual to arrogant in a minute.

Kagome twitched.

InuYasha smiled and pulled her by the waist to him.

"And how much I love you…" he whispered and Kagome gasped and InuYasha kissed her.

…And they lived happily ever after. They all married, Sango with Miroku, Kagome with InuYasha, Sesshoumaru stayed single, Jaken married Nekaj and Shippou started dating this girl named Aoi.

0o0o0o Sad Yet Happy Ending o0o0o0o

"I love you Kagome…" he said as he slowly headed the tip of the now transformed tetsaiga towards himself.

He closed his.

'I'll be there soon Kagome, wait for me…' he said and slammed the sword right into his own heart.

His body collapsed next to Kagome's. He died.

As he went up, he went into heaven. He found Kagome standing there, waiting for him…

"InuYasha…why…?" she asked gently.

"Because I love you…" he said. Yes. He finally admitted it to her.

"I love you too InuYasha…but are you su- " she started.

"Yes I am."

"But you have so much to live for!"

"Nothing's worth living without you…" he said as he hugged her.

"Please don't make me go back, he said, don't make me go back without you…I can't possibly live without you Kagome…please…"

"I won't…I love you too InuYasha…" she said and they kissed and flew down to earth together to Sango, Miroku and Shippou.

And each day, they'd come down and take care of their friends, who eventually knew their lost friend were watching over them each day.

Two lover reunited, death will not do them part.

0o0o0o Sad Ending o0o0o0o

"I love you Kagome…" he said as he slowly headed the tip of the now transformed tetsaiga towards himself.

And he stabbed himself. He died right there and flew up.

He saw his Kagome standing there melancholic.

"InuYasha…you shouldn't have come…" she whispered sadly.

"Why not? Kagome, I can't possibly live without you, I need you…and if this is the only way we can be together, then so be it!" he said while hugging her aggressively.

"InuYasha…we still need you to save the world, you have so much to live for…"

"But without you, everything else looks so small…"

"But the world needs you InuYasha, I won't go anywhere, I'll wait for you here…" Kagome said.

"Please don't Kagome…don't you leave me…I can't take the pain…" InuYasha begged Kagome.

"I'm sorry, I'll watch over you. Until we meet again…my love…" Kagome whispered and made him fade away.

InuYasha shocked back to life…

He was to be alone…for another couple thousand years…

He watched Kagome's body and brought it back to the village for proper ceremony.

He walked to the goshinboku.

He stood there and suddenly he felt a wind pass by. A wind that whispered to him: "Until we meet again…my love…"

He only hoped that the next time, that time…they would end up together.

Lovers throughout time, will they ever find true love and live to tell?

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