Chapter 3: A Botched Assassination

"I don't care what you've done in the service of You-know-who," Cornelius Fudge said. "If you do this thing for me, I will issue you a full pardon." He was talking to a very dangerous looking woman. Bellatrix Lestrange had been sitting in a Ministry holding cell since the final battle, three weeks before. There were four aurors in the room, members of Fudge's personal guard, each with a wand trained steadily on the woman. She was wandless, but still a very dangerous person. She had four murders attached to her that used no magic at all.

"I understand that the subject is sensitive, Minister, but for this job, you'll need to do better than a simple pardon." Bellatrix said. "My Master had a glorious vision of the future, which Harry Potter destroyed in the blink of an eye. I need resources to continue his work." Fudge looked confused. Bellatrix sighed. For a politician, he had no sense of secrecy. "Money, Fudge, Money. The mercenary assets that my Master used to gather information are not loyal to the cause. They are loyal to the Galleon. In order to begin gathering the New Order again, I will need several hundred thousand Galleons."

Fudge blustered at that. "You're mad. I can't give up that kind of money. I could never hide it successfully from the Ministry Finance offices."

"Yes you can." Bellatrix had him in a corner, now all she had to do was let him see one way out. "You're pouring three million Galleons into the investigation of the final battle. Now, I propose that you use five hundred thousand of those Galleons to hire a private expert on Magical Maladies, and assign that expert, me, to discover how Harry Potter lost all of his magical power, yet has not died of magical exhaustion." Bellatrix sat back, seeing the calculating look on the Minister's face. "I'm actually a real expert on Magical Maladies, Minister, and his case does intrigue me from a professional standpoint. I will even fulfill my duties to the Ministry if you like, just to cover your expenditure. His case is truly remarkable, after all, and I would like to know how he has survived this long without magic."

The woman's ploy worked perfectly. Fudge didn't see any other way to do things. "I suppose that I can make those arrangements." Fudge said, as if he had other options. "I will arrange for half of the money to be paid now, the other half on completion of the job. Is that satisfactory?"

"Perfectly, Minister." Bellatrix did not gloat. It was not her way to push the bounds of her station. "I shall make a trip to Azkaban at once, to ascertain the boy's health. You will hear from me in three days. My report to the Department of Mysteries will be on your desk in a week or two."

Azkaban was still creepy, she thought. Bellatrix had been a prisoner of the island for over ten years, but seeing the structure still gave her the creeps. The fortress, originally designed and built by Arcturius Azkaban, the most infamous dark wizard of all time, was made to keep out conquering armies. Of course, when he had died, the ministry had taken the island for its own use, and claimed victory over the villain. The massive structure proved just as formidable at keeping prisoners in as it was at keeping invaders out. The dementors that seemed to inhabit the island didn't hurt, either.

The boat deposited her at the dock, just as it had all those years ago, though this time she wasn't wearing manacles, and the auror guards would leave her to her work. She had made sure that Warden Weasley would be indisposed for a while, and be unable to supervise her. This was just a reconnaissance mission, but it wouldn't do for the Weasley boy to recognize her, and the ambient magic detectors would pick up any disguise that she attempted.

The gates opened, and she made her way to the maximum security wing. Oddly, there were no dementors about. Normally, they prowled the wing at all times. How very strange. Bellatrix shook it off, and made her way to the cell she was after.

Harry Potter sat on the cot in his room. It first struck Bellatrix as odd that he even HAD a cot, and then struck her as odder still that he sat on it. It wasn't just that he was sitting on a cot, it was the WAY he was sitting on it. Wizards who had suffered magical burnout almost never regained consciousness. Those who did, always had fevers, shakes, were very weak, and died very soon after they woke up. Harry looked fairly healthy, as far as Bellatrix could see. Looking again, she took that back. Harry looked VERY healthy. The thick black cloak obscured his form, but she could still see that the boy had changed. Gone was the skinny, unassuming child that had impossibly defeated her lord and master, replaced by a vision of masculine dominance. Harry's face had filled out, making him very handsome, and his shoulders were broad, very muscular looking. The rest was obscured, but she sensed that he was quite a specimen now.

Bellatrix opened her mouth to speak, but Harry swiveled his head, and pinned her with his powerful gaze. Bellatrix's breathing stopped. Behind his eyes was more power than she had ever seen before. More power than a thousand Voldemorts. It was there and then that she realized the truth. Harry Potter was not a muggle or a squib. He wasn't even a wizard anymore. He had become something else entirely, and the only word she could use to describe him was a god.

"I killed your husband." Harry said softly. His voice, seductive in its vibrations, and as powerful as his eyes, nearly made Bellatrix wet herself. There were only two kinds of people; those who loved Harry Potter, and those who feared him. Bellatrix never feared Harry Potter until the last battle, and now she found herself drawn to his powerful voice. "He killed my Hermione. He tortured her until her body just gave out. I didn't make it last nearly as long, but it was a thousand times more painful."

Bellatrix was not a squeamish person. As a matter of fact, the cruciatus curse was very much like foreplay for her. When her husband used it, it made her want to tear his clothes off and fuck him like a wild animal. When her MASTER had used it on her, she often came multiple times from just the spell alone. Now, Harry's powerful voice, talking casually about the sheer amount of pain that he could easily deliver, got her soaking wet.

"I should kill you, too." Harry said, his voice showing no hate or emotion. That voice, threatening her life, made her orgasm right there in the hall. Bellatrix decided that this god-like being was her destined mate. "After what you did to Sirius, and tried to do to me, I should make you suffer for far longer than your husband." He said it with such a casual ease, Bellatrix came in her panties again.

"What...?" Bellatrix whispered, her voice hoarse with desire, "what are you?"

Now Harry Potter actually got a tiny smirk on his face. "Now that is a very good question, Bella." Harry had given her a nickname. Anyone else, including her husband, would have been tortured or killed for calling her anything but Bellatrix. Even Voldemort had never given her a pet name. Harry had given her a pet name, and she suddenly never wanted to be Bellatrix again. She decided that she wanted be Bella more than anything. "I am not really sure what has happened to me. I've got a river of magic flowing into me from god knows where, and it just keeps building. My core seems to have no end to the amount of power it can store." Harry suddenly had a rose in his hand. Bellatrix moaned with desire. She had a sexual fetish for wand-less magic. "I've already overloaded the wards here. There's simply too much magic inside me for them to detect any change in the ambient levels." He handed the rose through the bars. Bella took it gingerly, feeling the power radiating from it, and soaking her panties with even more juice.

Harry sat back down on the cot. "This is probably going to sting." He smiled faintly. Bellatrix looked back at the flower. It wasn't a flower anymore. The small black snake sunk its teeth into her wrist, and disappeared in a puff of mist. A thin black line started to slither up her arm, just under the skin. Just as Harry had predicted, it stung, burning pain into her wrist as it climbed her arm. Bellatrix almost came again from the intense burning pain. It was better than the cruciatus. The thin snake-line finally reached its destination; the black tattoo on her left forearm. The tattoo that Voldemort had, all those years ago, burned into her skin. The pain suddenly intensified to a point that Bellatrix began to orgasm. She came three or four times before she passed out, pain warring with pleasure in her body.

When Bellatrix came to, she was lying on the cot in Harry's cell. She sat up slowly, getting her bearings. Her body felt different. She began to check herself out. She gasped as a mirror appeared before her. She looked like she was twenty again. Her body was back to the perfection that she had worked at so hard in her Hogwarts days to make it. The thin waist, the large breasts, the shapely hips, it was all there. Even the sexy little belly that she had cultivated had returned. Her face was beautiful again.

She turned her eyes, then her head to Harry. "I destroyed Voldemort three weeks ago, but he had linked his power to his most faithful. The residual link was draining you of your magic, and your life. When I destroyed the mark, it fought my spell, draining you even faster, trying to save itself. I had to give you a little of my energy to make up for the drainage. I gave you enough that your body has regenerated all the damage that Voldemort was able to do. I finished repairing the damage, but I decided to regenerate you back to your most powerful state. Physically, you're not more than Seventeen years old. I aged you a bit to be the same age as me, however."

Bellatrix, now thinking of herself as Bella, was a real expert in magical maladies, and knew how to feel her own magic. Closing her eyes, she felt for her power center. Finding it, she gasped. She had two power centers. One, she recognized as hers. The other was deep, powerful, and seemed to be fed from outside her. Harry had not just given her enough magic to sustain her life. He had provided a separate power center to continually replenish her magical reserves.

"That tiny sliver of my magic is enough to keep you regenerated for a while." Harry said, his voice seeming just a little warmer than before. Bella looked at him strangely. The 'little sliver' of magic that he had left her with was several times the size of her core. She could feel the warmth of its pulse even when she wasn't concentrating on it now. She really like that feeling, and started to get horny again.

"Little sliver, huh?" She said. "Well…" She couldn't call him Harry, didn't want to call him a lord, he was her new version of a deity. She had no way to address him. "If you think that's a little sliver, how much magic do you really have hiding under that incredible body of yours?"

Harry actually blushed a bit, and looked down at himself. Confused at his dress level, he glanced at the heavy cloak, and it transformed into jeans and a tight shirt. Bella stopped breathing again. Harry Potter was the very image of desire. Meeting her gaze, The green eyes shining like two suns, he answered her. "See for yourself."

Bella was drowning. Harry had released his magic in the room, and she was absolutely staggered by the sheer immensity of the wall of energy she was drowning in. She couldn't breath, see, touch, or do anything to overcome the feeling of helpless submission to his awesome power. Harry took his power back inside him, and locked it in. Bella came again, powerfully. Harry's power was simply too powerful an aphrodisiac. She knew at that moment that she would never again leave his side. She was his toy, his slave, anything he wanted her to be. Surrendering herself to that thought, she came again.

Harry glanced at her again. "I know that you came to kill me." The voice was cold again. Bella shivered with desire. "You are welcome to try, but anything that you do will be in vain. My magic is overpowering, even to me. There is absolutely no way that any killing curse could overpower my core, and you know that."

Bella did know that. "The Minister sent me to kill you." She wanted to call him 'Master,' but couldn't bring herself to call him anything at all. There were simply no words in any language to describe what he was to her. "He promised to give me a pardon if I did."

"He also promised you half a million Galleons." Harry said. Bella gasped. She hadn't intended him to find that out. Now that she was devoted to him, she didn't want him to think that she could possibly have decided on his value in money. "You can hide nothing from me, Bella. As Voldemort could tell lie from truth, I can see every thought in your head as it is made, and can see your memories if I wish to."

Bella stood. She couldn't help it. She needed to be closer to her new master, even though she couldn't bring herself to name him as that. The revelation about her memories had gotten her very aroused. She stepped toward him, edging closer, fighting the urge to fall to her knees in worship. She had a feeling that her new master would not appreciate the same fawning that her old master expected. She approached him slowly, not knowing what to expect. Harry just stood there, very still. Finally, Bella was standing right in front of him. They were almost nose to nose. Harry looked at her with an unreadable expression, and then opened his stance slightly. That was all the invitation that Bella needed. She wrapped her lithe arms around him, and tried to bury her face in his chest. She wanted more, but wasn't prepared to force anything. She was very aroused, and wanted to show Harry what she could do for him, but was scared of what he might do to her. Not that she'd complain if he hurt her, since she loved pain, but what if he simply stepped away from her? If he decided that she was unworthy of his attention, she would die.

Harry, unseen by Bella, got an odd look on his face, and his magic leapt out as he lost control. A howling wind began to cyclone around the tiny cell. Bella and Harry were in the middle, unaffected by it, but small chunks of rock were being ripped from the walls, and the room seemed to be growing larger. Harry was unaware of anything going on with his magic. He was concentrating on the lovely young woman hugging him. He lifted her face, and gazed into her eyes. "I have forgiven you for what you did in Voldemort's service, Bella. And you haven't even tried to kill me at Minister Fudge's order yet, so there's no reason for me to be angry at that. So, what do you want?"

The answer was non-verbal. Bella simply craned her neck, and kissed him full on the mouth. As the world dissolved around her, she simply inhaled the pure power of the being in front of her. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. She gave in to her desire, and dropped to her knees. "My Lord…" She said. Then she reached for his belt buckle.

Bella gasped. She had assumed Harry's spell had destroyed the Dark Mark, but it had done much more than that. Where the Dark Mark had been was a new mark; a lightning bolt, done in an emerald green. Harry had marked her as HIS. Bella looked up at the face of her new master, and once again found herself lost in the sheer power of his eyes. "You belong to me, Bella." He said. She grasped the buckle of his belt, and started to work his pants loose.

It was several hours later when Bella came back to herself. She got up off of the very comfortable bed, and walked into the luxurious bathroom to clean herself up. Just as she had predicted, her new master was the greatest lover that she'd ever had. Bella stopped that thought. She was standing in a very nice bathroom… Where had the bathroom come from? Her last rational thoughts were in Harry's cell in Azkaban. When Harry had confirmed that she belonged to him, she'd sort of blanked out. Where was she now? She stepped back into the Bedroom, noting that although the room was furnished very elegantly, the walls were rough stone. She looked at the door. It wasn't wood like most house doors. Instead, it was steel bars, showing a dark stone hallway outside. Bella realized that she was still INSIDE Harry's cell, but her master's thoughts had directed that awesome power of his to alter the cell to fit the act that had taken place in it.

Harry was still asleep, so Bella decided to take a shower. The water was wonderfully hot, and the soaps smelled amazing. Bella spent almost an hour just reveling in the luxurious feeling of the shower.

Her master was awake when she got out. "I let your mind make the room, Bella." He said. "I didn't know what sort of place would please you, so I took it from your mind." Bella shivered with pleasure. The idea that he could rape her mind whenever he felt like it was a turn-on. "I know what you feel towards me, Bella." He said. "I have forgiven you, and you are an exquisite woman. You do not love me, and I do not love you."

She did not deny him. "No, my Lord, I do not love you." She needed to say it out loud, even though he already knew what she was going to say. "I am not capable of real love. I desire you, more than anything ever before. I worship the power you possess. I will do anything you wish me to. Sexually, I crave your power and prowess. Even the thought of your torture makes me begin to lose myself in desire, hoping that you might decide to hurt me. But I do not love you. I know that you don't love me, either. It is enough for me to service your physical needs. I will serve you willingly, even after you find the one that you love."

"There is no one for me to love anymore, Bella." Harry said. "Hermione was my soul mate. We performed the ritual to find our power centers almost a year ago. Our centers were linked together at the basest levels. There will never be another."

"If that is so, my lord, then you will find love again." Bella said, hope beginning to stir in her chest. "If her soul was linked to yours, then she couldn't go very far. Her soul will transfer partly to another person, one she finds worthy. When she transfers that piece, she can rest in peace, and you can find love in the person that she transfers her soul fragment into." Bella hated to admit it, but she wished that the fragment could go to her. "When the fragment is in place, the woman will be compelled to seek you out. You'll find each other eventually."

"Bella," Harry said, "her soul will never choose you." Bella knew that. "I hold little hope of ever finding another woman. At the moment, there's only one woman who can stay with me for the eternity which I will live." Bella gasped. Harry had achieved immortality? And if he had, who would..? Harry gave her a look. "I'm talking about you, Bella. Feel that sliver of energy, and trace where it's connected."

Bella did exactly as he said. The mass of magic, almost overwhelmingly intense, was tied directly into her body. That magic would consistently regenerate her body, keeping her young into eternity. Feeling the magic further, she realized that there was an unending supply, linked to Harry's power center. She would live as long as Harry. Bella couldn't help it. She groaned in pleasure, and started pulling her robe off. Harry smirked a little at her enthusiasm before she tackled him.

A ghost, or more specific, a soul, was watching Harry and his new fuck-toy. Hermione Granger decided that, although Harry would never love Bellatrix, she provided Harry with something he'd never even given to Hermione herself. Harry was open with Bellatrix, or Bella, simply because he wasn't afraid of hurting her. Hermione had never been able to protect herself against the awesome power that Harry had possessed when she was alive, and so Harry had guarded her from his most powerful magics. With Bella, he was using more magic with mere thought than he'd ever used before, and his power center was finally beginning to stabilize.

Harry needed to be stable before she could bestow the awesome power of the love that they had shared on anyone. If she bestowed her gift before Harry was ready, the woman she picked would be overwhelmed, dying from the combined force of Harry's love and massive power center.

Deciding that Harry was at least making progress while the Harlot was with him, Hermione decided that Bella needed to feel an emotional connection with Harry, or she would continue to become more lost in Harry's awesome presence, eventually becoming nothing more than a brainless fuck-toy, living only to get herself off on Harry's power. The small amount of emotional connection that Hermione decided to give Bella was tied loosely to Harry's emotions. Bella would care for his well-being now, not just his power. That would keep her formidable intellect from being destroyed by her desires.

Hermione left the prison, floating towards England. Harry had a woman now, a sexy, submissive slut, but she was also a cunning accomplice. Harry needed help to overcome his own magic, and he needed allies to elevate him to his proper place in the world. Bella would be a lover, a teacher, and a subject. Hermione's soul smirked. The world was in for a big surprise.

Bella felt it as soon as it happened. She looked into Harry's eyes, and felt…something. There weren't words to describe it. But she realized that she CARED about him. She actually stopped what she was doing, and stood up. Harry, who had been enjoying her expertise, looked at her quizzically. She shook her head slightly, and hugged him again, this time feeling a slightly warm feeling in her chest.

Now Harry felt it. He became confused. What was this feeling? It wasn't love… He knew what love felt like. But he felt…something. Then he realized that he CARED for Bella. The hug was nice, he decided. He actually returned it this time. He didn't notice that once again he lost control of his magic. The room began to spin before he noticed that he had let it go. Shrugging, Harry let his magic run wild. He decided that He needed more privacy in his new home.

Ron Weasley was very shocked to suddenly find himself in another place. He was in a different building, and no longer on the island anymore. He left his office, or what he guessed was his office, and looked around. He was still in a prison, the dementors were still there, but this was not Azkaban.

Unable to explain what had just happened, Ron did his checks of all the prisoners. He came up one short. Harry Potter was no longer in his care. Wherever Ron was, it seemed that Harry had decided to take Azkaban Island for himself, and moved every other living thing off of the island. Ron didn't know about Bella.

Ron made it to the main gate of his new prison, and looked around. He was still on an island. Off in the distance, partially covered in fog, Ron could see a Fortress on a rocky island. Ron let out a disbelieving laugh. Harry had created another island five miles away from Azkaban, built a prison on it, and moved the entire population of Azkaban to it, all in the blink of an eye.

Ron returned to his office. He needed to talk to someone.

"He did WHAT?" Nymphadora Tonks said into the fire. Ron repeated himself. Tonks felt vaguely sick. Albus Dumbledore had told her of the possible Avatar singularity, but she hadn't believed him. Now, given what Harry had just done, there was no doubt that Harry was, in fact, the theoretical Avatar that Archimedes Juniper had warned the world about nearly six hundred years ago.

"I'm coming up there, Ron. I need to see this for myself." Tonks said. "I'll be there as fast as I can. If Harry did this by himself, we are in real trouble."

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