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Hello readers I just want to let any gymnasts out there know ahead of time that I'm sorry for any mistakes in this chapter. I was a gymnast myself when I was in elementary school so I do remember a good deal of things (even though that wasnearly 7 years ago), plus I like to watch competitions of TV when I know they're on.

Anyways, this is a Chichiri x OC fic. The OC's name is Keara (Kee-ra) if you don't know how to pronounce it.

Isn't it sad how there are so few stories out there where Chichiri strait? I think it is (not that I mind yaoi) so I wrote this (though it was also to help out my minor obsession. :) . Hope it's enjoyed.

On with the tale

Chapter 1

An eighteen year old girl looked anxiously into a full length mirror on the wall. She has short brown hair tied up into a high pony tail with a red hair tie and blue-gray eyes. She wore a long-sleeved white gymnastics leotard that had 'USA' written on the chest area in blue.

"Keara you ready?" came the voice of her friend and teammate, Sara, as she emerged from the bathroom. She had short blond hair in a high ponytail, green eyes and was in the same outfit as Keara.

Keara nodded and got on her shoes before walking to the door. Sara smiled at her as they walked into the hall of the hotel. "You know Keara, I bet that if you could speak you'd have one heck of a singing voice that everyone would love."

Not being able to speak Keara raised an eyebrow in response, causing Sara to laugh. "Your personality is so sweet, even after all you've been through." Sara put her hand over her mouth, "I'm so sorry Keara! I shouldn't have said that!"

The mute teen merely waved the apology off. 'It's alright Sara. I've got to get used to it,' Keara told her through sign language.

"Right," Sara said sadly.

Keara had gone through some rather rough time in the last six months. First, one of her best friends had been killed when her boyfriend out too much of a drug in her drink (she had not been unaware that it had been anything but apple juice) and then two months later her boyfriend had died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Keara had been in the car at the time and had suffered from a knee injury, several broken ribs, hurt eyes due to the powder of the air bag getting into them (thankfully it healed perfectly) and countless cuts and bruises.

"How's your knee?" Sara asked after a while.

'Okay,' Keara responded, 'It hurts a bit, but it's bearable.'

"Be careful," Sara told her, "Don't push it too hard."

'This is the Olympics, I have to push it,' Keara replied with a silent laugh.

"True," Sara said with a chuckle.

The two girls walked to the main level of the hotel where they found the rest of the US team, both the male's and females. "Hey," the group said as they walked in.

"Ready for the competition?" The woman's team coach asked Keara as he clasped his hands on her shoulders.

Keara looked up to him, being over six inches shorter, and nodded. Keara was only five foot five, which was tall compared to most female gymnasts, but her coach towered over her with a height of six foot one. Gymnasts tended to be small because they constantly put strain on their bones and compact them. The constant activity also affects their hormones, which is why they sometimes have high pitched voices.

The team was a bit worried for her given all the problems she's been going through and the fact that her knee had given her a great amount of pain in practice the day before. Keara, however, refused to give up. She had trained hard for the Olympic and she was not about to back down without a fight.

"Then lets head over," her coach said with a smile.

Keara surveyed the arena as she set her bag down behind the uneven bars. She had seen the place before since the trials and team competitions had been held in it not a week ago, but she still loved the look of the place. The stands were full and the voices of thousands of people echoed throughout the entire building.

The competition that was about to begin was known as the 'all around,' which meant that that each competitor showed off their skills and worked for high scores for themselves and not for the team. Contestants where split up into groups based on skill and how tight the competition between them would be.

Keara had to bid her good friend Sara goodbye not to long ago because they were to be in different groups, but she was with another friend named Alex. This girl was four foot seven with short black hair tied up in a high ponytail, glitter was sparkling in it, brown eyes and a light bit of makeup on.

Alex and Keara 'chatted' lightly as they watched the contestants ahead of them go; one from Japan and the other from China. They pointed out the tiny mistakes and good points to one another. Alex knew sign language very well since her younger sister was deaf and was able to understand what Keara was saying from watching with her peripheral vision.

Alex was third to go and Keara gave her the thumbs up as she went up. Once up by the bars she put her hand up to tell the judges she was ready when they turned all attention to her. Alex did her routine with ease and mastery, until the dismount that is, where she took a large step backwards after losing her balance.

'Better than falling down,' Keara signaled to her as she went up to put chalk on her grips; a piece of material that covers gymnast's hands whenever they use the bars.

Alex huffed as she walked off. She was annoyed, but that was understandable since the competition for the three medals was going to be fierce.

Keara mentally prepared herself as she waited for the judges. Alex ended up getting a score of nine point one three. Keara made a face knowing that the score was low for the goal of getting gold. With a look over her shoulder she could tell Alex was far from pleased with it.

With a sigh she turned her attention back to the task at hand and signaled that she was ready to the judges.

Gymnastics was one of her passion and she had been doing it from when she was a child. She had gone through broken bones, pulled muscles, bad landing (including falling off the bars onto her back) and heart breaks from not winning medals at world championships. But through all this she grew stronger and more determined to do better so that when she competed again she could beat the person who had scored better than her as well as keep the rift between her and the one's just under her.

With three hard releases one after another on the upper portion of the bar the hardest part of her routine was completed. Now all she had to do was stick the dismount to get a good score.

As she released the bar and did her spins in the air before landing she heard and saw little, all her senses were focused on sticking the dismount. As she landed with her legs bent she knew she had done just that.

She put her arms in the air to show that she was in place and not moving before turning to the judges with one hand up. As she walked to her nodding coach she smiled. Her score came up on the board not to long later; nine point six four.

Her coach patted her on the back, "You deserve that score."'

Alex smiled and held out her hand, "Good job."

'To you too,' Keara signaled before giving her a high-five.

With the signal to move on the contestants moved to the next apparatus; for Keara's group that mean the vault.

If there was one apparatus Keara disliked it was the vault and that was because so much momentum was gathered as one ran down the runway and did their tricks off the horse that it was difficult to stick the landing. Alex however could not be more pleased since she was extremely good at sticking the landings on this particular apparatus.

Keara watched as everyone went before her. As to be expected Alex score high with a nine point six five two. 'Beat that Keara,' Alex signaled to Keara from the other end of the apparatus as she walked off.

Keara gave a silent laugh and looked down at her feet to make sure they were lined up on the ground right so that she get the right amount of speed. With a raise of her hand Keara was ready for the difficult maneuver she was about to pull. She had only stuck the vault once, but had fallen a great many times.

She ran down the runway as fast as she could all the while keeping her rhythm. As she neared the springboard she did a hurtle and her feet landed on the 'sweet spot' of the board. The momentum she had and the force of the boarded was more than enough to give her the needed air to do the three summersaults in tuck before landing with a step back.

With a sigh and a smile she walked off to her coach. She was glad that she had landed it when it was needed. The move itself was very difficult, even for the males and they were said to be able to get even more power out of the board.

The difficulty of the routine paid off however as she saw her score of nine point six seven two. Normally the step she had taken would have hurt her, but because the degree of difficulty was so high on the routines it did not.

Next the group moved to beam where the scores were once again good with Alex getting a nine point five two six and Keara getting a nine point six eight three.

The last routine the group would have to do was floor. Keara smiled brightly knowing all too well that this was her strongest area. She loved the floor, since it was the one place that she could dance around and pull off tricks at the same time.

She was the last to go and she knew she had to get a high score to beat the Romanian in another group who currently had the place for gold. This was her last shot and she had to get at least a nine point seven six four to beat her and claim the gold medal to be the worlds best women's gymnast for four years.

As she got ready for her final routine she cleared her mind of everything but the 'dance.' With a signal she went up and did her thing; flips, turns, dance moves and other such stunts, some of which were very difficult.

Keara walked off with a slight limp as her knee throbbed. She was both amazed and glad it hadn't given out during the routine. She waited in anticipation by her coach for her score to come up. It seemed like and eternity, but when she saw it tears filled her eyes.

A perfect ten.

It was a very rare score to see, but it was very possible to get. She had won the Olympic gold; it was her second gold and last medal of the games. She would not compete in the singles due to her knee, but if she had there was no doubt in her coach's mind that she would have gotten a medal of some kind in every event she did.

Her coach picked her up and she waved into the stands as tears of joy ran down her face. It was a day she was not soon to forget.

It was not long later that Keara stood on the podium receiving her gold medal and flowers with the Romanian girl getting the silver and the Chinese girl getting bronze. As the national anthem played she held her hand over her heart and mouthed the words that were not played.

When it was done playing she raised the flowers into the air and waved with her free hand as she smiled with glee. Cheering was heard throughout the arena.


Taiitsukun stood watching the spectacle through her magical mirror. She was an old lady that floated in the air as if gravity didn't exist. She had long grey hair, a gold ornament on top oh her head, a kimono like green dress and a long pink ribbon like material floated all about her.

A smile played on her old face, "So this is the girl Suzaku wants to be brought here to help his miko. Interesting..."


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