So it started out that Yukina figured out Hiei was her brother and she starts asking why did he lied to her all this time. So this is what he haves to say along with his sister. First Yu Yu Hakusho poem so, RR please!!

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Fire and Ice


(Hiei's POV)

I didn't intend for this lie to stretch so far…well yes I did

It was better if you didn't know

Keeping you out of the hands of danger for as long as I can

I carry too many scars of my past

My past leaves scars and memories you couldn't imagine

It contains gore, lust, and severe pain

Pain no one could ever thought of enduring

Yukina, you are the light of my darkness

You are the reason that I kept my head up all this time

Without you or my friends, I would have given up a long time ago

I can not allow the smallest torture to be inflicted on you

If that happens, then that painfulness will surely send me over the edge

Taking my aching heart with it

I care and that is why I must lie

That is why you mustn't know

That is why I fight my own battles, take care of my own problems

If something happens to me, no one shall be hurt of it

And that is why I go my own separate way

And you must go with yours

The one which leads away from mine


(Yukina's POV)

I know you didn't mean to lie to me

It was the act out of naive ness

But I want to endure this gruesome pain with you

We are family, my brother

I will never leave you like so

Alone and isolated in darkness

I know you mean well

But I will always be by your side, fighting along my brother's side

I don't care what happen, as long as I'm by your side

I been secluded from you long enough

Don't you understand?

I know you don't want anything to happen to me

But you should know that I feel the same way

That it's eating me from the inside

Whatever happens, we will endure it together

You feel the same emotion I feel

And that is why I must be by your side cheering you on and fighting to the end with you

I want a brother

Someone to care and protect me

And that brother is you, Hiei

The End

So sad!! Poor Hiei and Yukina!!! Please RR!! If you want, you can check out my other poems and stories!! Until next time!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho. Thank you.