Some thing was wrong with her. She stared out the window, thinking only of him. He had hurt her so many times, but she always went back to him. Maybe it was the fact that she had only ever been with him. Maybe it was the fact that she had never even known what it was like in another man's arms. He was the man for her, regardless of all his flaws. But he couldn't figure it out. She loved him with all of her heart, but he couldn't feel the same way about her. Something must have been horribly wrong with her if one-night-stands with random girls was a better way to live than to be close to her. He must have finally figured out how ugly of a person she really was.

So she kept driving, faster and faster. She fled from the home she held so close, but so far at the same time. The house held too much history. She needed to break free.

Something was wrong with him. He sat alone. His head in his hands, thinking only of her. He loved her so much that it scared him sometimes. He had no explanation for the things he had done to her. Lord knows she didn't deserve it. She was perfect in every way. She loved him. But he had really fucked up. All the nights he was away from her with some other slut, he thought about her, and how mad she would get. Never in his wildest dreams did he think it was actually hurting her. He had finally realized that he had been the one who made her so sad. She would cry sometimes when she thought no one could hear her. He always figured it was for her father or for her past. But it was because of him. He made her feel like scum. He couldn't believe it when she told him that he was too good for her. He was the idiot. He let her go and run away, angry at herself when she shouldn't have been. Angry at herself when she should be angry at him.

He looked up from his hands and focused his eyes on the man he saw in the mirror, and what a monster he truly was.

It was cold and dark outside. The scenery was flying past her. She didn't even look at how fast she was going, she knew it was too fast. The road wasn't long enough and she found her car slowing to a stop. She was so lost in a daze she hadn't even realized where she was driving. She had let her soul give the directions. Her eyes drifted outwards towards the moonlit hills. She abandoned the car for the unknown territory that lay in front of her. She had never been here before and was curious as to what she would find.

She wandered aimlessly through the bare valleys and thought still of him. It wasn't fair you know, that he could control her mind like that.

It was cold and dark inside. The hours were flying past him. He didn't know what to do with himself, and all the things he had managed to destroy. The relationship he had built with the woman he loved was based on his gut instincts; she was meant for him. He loved her and she loved him. That was the way it would always be. His eyes drifted to a picture of them, together. He wanted to stop hurting her. He needed to understand why he had cheated on her so he could stop. He went into the recessions of his mind and was curious as to what he would find.

He scanned his memory of everything important and realized that she was all that really mattered to him. She was the only thing ever on his mind.

She spent hours in those hills. Thinking of his and her relationship. She wanted him to hold her and tell her everything was going to be all right like he had some years ago when a small girl had shown up on his front porch, bleeding and bruised, with eyes wide from terror. She wanted him to be her shield from the part of her no else knew. No one saw the fear. No one saw the tears. No one heard the cries, no one except him. To the rest of the world, she was the tough girl who would beat you to a pulp and not think twice about it. He saw the real version of her; the ugly, dirty tomboy, with a broken heart. A weakling, stuck in nightmares of her past. Reliving them every night. Crying to herself every night.

She returned to her car and resumed her driving. Again, she let her soul direct her. Faster and faster she went, only wanting to feel the speed.

He spent hours understanding. Thinking of what it was like to be her. She was hurt inside; a broken doll. She had grown up without love and here he was, the man who was supposed to protect her from the world, hurting her the most. She thought something was wrong with her because he couldn't fight his hormones. He was just a testosterone charged jerk. But he hurt the only woman he loved with women he cared nothing about. She needed him to be the one who could fight her emotions. She succumbed to them nearly every night, crying in the dark. He had just ignored it, not wanting to disturb her. He knew he should have comforted her. He wanted to hold her now. And let her know, that he would be her rock, her protector, and her wall from the reality of her harsh life.

He stood up and went outside, to wait for her.

She drove back home and there he was standing for her on the porch. She wanted to run to him and cry into his chest. But she knew better. He wanted to run to her and hold her till the sun came up, but he knew better. They awkwardly approached each other. She brought her hands to the back of her neck, bracing herself for an awkward conversation. He said the first thing that came to his mind.

"I'm so glad you're home."

She looked up at him and knew it was genuine. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed the top of her head. A single tear ran down his face. He would never hurt her again. Losing her would be too devastating.

She laid her head gently on his chest and let his tears drop. She looked into his eyes, and she knew something was different about him. Being in his arms felt like it was the most perfect thing to do. Nothing was better.

He took her upstairs to the room they had shared since the night she showed up on his doorstep, battered and bloody. He knew that moment that he loved her, and always would. He had known from that fateful night on the porch. He had felt an anger so strong that he wanted to kill the person who had hurt her. But right now, holding her was the perfect thing to do.

And as Dominic held Letty, for that moment, all became right with the world.