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He was gone. She drove and drove, but no matter how far she drove, he was still gone. She had lived for nearly a year, thinking that when she came back, Dominic would be waiting for her. She came home, and Dom was there, but he wasn't waiting. There was a woman who had changed him, something she could never have done. But then again, she had loved him the way he was. But he hadn't loved her back the same way.

It seemed like a good idea to get married at the time. It seemed like Letty had split for good and Melinda had tried to make up for her. But she was never enough to be Letty. No one could fill her spot. But he had done it. He had married the woman he thought could help take his mind off of the woman he really loved. His plan had worked perfectly until she came back.

She had only left because he wanted her to. He had said it was to keep her safe, but now she knew the real reason why. Tears streamed from her face as she scrawled a barely legible note when she got into the car. She could only think about Dom while she drove. The pain was unbearable. Dominic was the only man she would ever, could ever, love. Now he was gone. She couldn't love him when he loved someone else, and the gold band around his finger proved it.

He had followed her. Drove right behind her. He saw when she stopped the car and stood up on the bridge railing. He jumped from his car and cried out. He told her to get down, told her to stop. She shook her head and spoke.

"I loved you with all of my heart Dominic Toretto." She paused and looked into his eyes. "You lied when you told me the same."

"No Letty, I do love you." He tried to say as he grabbed for her legs to keep her from falling down into the swirling blackness below.

But she fell. She plunged, down into the pitching black water, and Dom's heart plunged down with her.

Within seconds Dom went down looking for her. He pulled her from the torrential current and sank into the soggy banks of the water in front of him. He cradled her in his arms, and sobbed into his telephone with the emergency dispatcher. The paramedics whisked her to a supposed safety, and left Dominic alone, with no word on her progress.

Their frantic family was just pushing through the hospital doors when they saw Dominic Toretto fall upon his knees and cry. It was a sight none had ever seen. They knew she was gone

He was cleaning out her car when he found it, a folded piece of paper. It was her letter; the ink was smeared from tears long since dried. The handwriting was hers, so full of emotion.


I know you're the one who will clean this car out, so this is for you. I loved you. I loved you with all of my being. I believed you when you said is was the best thing for me to leave. It was one of the hardest things in my life to leave you. But I kept from going crazy by believing that when I came back, you would be there, waiting for me with open arms. But you weren't.

You can love her, and I will always resent her for taking the only man I ever loved. It crushed me. I can't keep going Dom. Not when I love you and you don't love me back.

I hope you love her right Dom.


Cemeteries were so cold and lifeless. It was all so was so opposite her. The cold ground opposed to her warm presence. The clean whiteness of the casket opposed to her colorful soul. They lowered her down into the cold ground with a single black rose and letter lying on the top of the box.


When I said I loved you, I meant it. My world revolved around you. It didn't seem right when you were gone and Mel tried to help me figure my shit out. I thought I loved her but I was wrong. I loved you baby girl. And I always will.


He stayed many hours later to sit by her grave. As he drove home, he drove faster than he should have. As he turned the corner on a lonely stretch of road, he let go of the wheel. He was going so fast, spinning out of control. He just smiled to himself. He knew, he was going back to the woman he loved.

Her Romeo to his Juliet