Starts from the pilot, Max wakes up from a dream after finding out Theo has died.

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Okay so this story goes all the way back to the beginning of Max and Logan, it's starting in the early morning hours after she leaves Logan's apartment for the second time and after she finds out Theo has died. I don't really know how this is going to work out, the characters from the pilot are very different than the characters they quickly evolved into. Logan didn't just bend after he was shot, he broke, but that caused him to morph into a new person. Max was also really different, she cared even though she didn't want to, but absolutely nowhere near how deeply she ended up caring, she also couldn't show weakness at all, barely even to herself. Or at least those are my opinions.

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Remnants of Another Life

She woke up gasping, Logan that was the only thought on her mind. She took a few deep breaths and looked around her room, for some reason it felt different, she felt different.

She threw off the covers and shook her head, she'd been an idiot to try to sleep after finding out Theo was dead. Her bike just hadn't been working to clear her mind, she'd just been focused on how Theo didn't die because of his illness, he'd been murdered. Someone had killed her friend, someone had killed Omar's father, Jacinta's husband. She was letting them get away with it just like she let Lydecker get away with killing Eva. Why had she gotten rid of Lydia, but she wouldn't get rid of Sonrisa?

She rubbed her arms and trying to get rid of the feeling of Logan's arms around her, she didn't know if the feeling was from her dream or last night, she rubbed them harder trying to get rid of wanting his arms around her.

Why had she dreamed of him?

What had she dreamed?

She tried to focus, tried to think back to her dream, but she couldn't remember anything, just a feeling, just Logan.

She took another deep breath as she tried to ignore the emotions she could barely identify. Warmth, affection, fear, anger, need…God the need was overwhelming…Then a word came to her as she looked out the window, family.

"You're my family"

She heard her own voice, it almost felt like he was next to her.

A slight shiver traced her body. She brushed it off, she was just cold, even a girl who could survive in sub-zero weather could get cold.

"Might as well get dressed" she said aloud to the empty room.

She'd just picked up the light blue shirt when she froze and more of her dream came back to her.

Logan lying in the middle of the street, sounds of weapons firing.

She didn't gasp, she just stopped breathing for a moment. She looked out the window, it was still dark. In her dream he'd been in the daylight and no daylight had passed since the time she left him, she knew he was still safe.

"This is stupid" she spoke to herself again, maybe if she actually heard the words said aloud she'd drop the black shirt she'd just picked up instead.

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