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Chapter 58

The Past Returns


"Rise and shine Maxie," Zack's voice pulled her out of a rare sleep.

Her eyes blinked, still dark, "What's going on?" she asked pushing herself up on the couch she'd been stretched out on.

"Krit's in trouble we gotta go."

Odd, she thought, 'we' once more.

"What happened?" she asked jumping to her feet.

"Some trouble with the local law, swears at least ten of them jumped him in the bar."

"Where's local?" she asked as the maroon boxers that had once belonged to Logan slid off of her before she tugged on a pair of jeans.

"Demuth," Zack nodded as he proceeded to toss his things into a bag.

"What are you doing? We've gotta blaze if we're going to make it there before Lydecker. The guy was there in a matter of hours when I was arrested."

He turned, "Krit had the common sense to remove his barcode. So pack everything you want to keep, we've been here long enough might as well move on. I don't want to hear you complain about missing one of his shirts, which by the way are starting to stink so you might want to consider washing them."

If she washed them, they wouldn't smell like him. "Don't blame your apartment's stench on me, pretty sure that's been a steady since before me."

"You about done?" he asked as he slung his bag over his back.

"Let me hit the head and I'm good," she nodded.

"What the hell having a kid destroy your bladder?"

"More along the lines of peeing on the side of the road is a little more inconvenient to us of the opposite gender, can't just whip it out if you haven't noticed."

"Have showered naked with you Max," he replied in normal Zack, not exactly funny humor.




"On the road again, can't wait to get back on the road again," Zack sang as he was peeing into a bush, while Max remained straddling her bike.

Why had she ever looked for them? once more flashed through her mind. "Yea me neither, so you think you can get a move on already?"

"Oh come on Krit could use a little time out to think about what he's done…Almost twelve years, you think he'd have developed some common sense."

"Fight was over a woman?" Max asked dryly.

"It always is with Krit," he shook his head as he started walking back towards her.

"Hard to imagine Krit like that," she frowned, "he's still just a little kid in my head."

Zack chuckled, "Don't worry, he hasn't changed much. He shaves once a week. They always fall for the sweet kid routine, people want to take care of him. Syl chalks it up to the gay friend scenario, he's totally non-threatening-"

"Until they wind up in the sack with him?"

"Yea obviously Syl's theory has a few flaws," he smirked before tossing his helmet back on.




"I want you to stay here," Zack said as they ducked their bikes into an alley two blocks away from the jail.

"I don't think so," was all she responded with.

"This isn't up for debate," he said shaking his head.

"No shit because I'm not sitting on the sidelines," she said moving to tuck her bike out of view.

"Max, we don't have time to do recon and figure out where there are cameras."

"Not like Manticore doesn't already know my face," her head shook.

"For once I'm not worried about Manticore, something goes wrong, they realize we're involved with Krit pulling a disappearing act your face is going to be plastered across the news. Remind me again, isn't your baby's daddy pretty high up there on the food chain, everyone he knows has satellite or cable…Your face across the morning news?"

Her face across the news, calls phoned in, Lydecker would have Allie in his arms by dinner time.

Her face fell.

"You want to keep your kid safe, you need to learn to stop and think. Defying me for the sake of defying me isn't going to fly out here Max. This isn't a training mission, this is our life, your kid's life, your ex's," the strength and conviction behind his eyes showed her the ramifications of his actions were always with him, always in his mind, he thought, he planned things out, he didn't simply react like she did.

She nodded, "I'll see if I can find a deserted computer, get Krit out of the system."

"Keep your gloves," he nodded back.

"No shit," she nodded back.




A whistle greeted her as they approached less than a half hour later. The frame next to Zack's much slighter, more feminine or maybe youthful was the proper term in its lankiness. "Damn nevermind, we definitely have DNA in common," he said with his face moving into sight. "You never going to mention that Zack?" he asked their brother with a slap on the back before rushing towards Max to scoop her into his arms. "Holy shit Max, I thought you were a goner."

"Still not a big fan of cold showers," she said marveling at his strength as he continued to hold her up. She had for so long been the strongest one, she was finally with others like her, she had almost forgotten what it was like to have an equal in that field.

"We figured that after Dallas, no one had a clue where you went after Nashville, that reminds me you got a thing for country music we should know about?"

She had a confused frown on her face as he put her back down.

"The hospital got your blood in Dallas and they got your fingerprints off your apartment in Nashville, after you got busted in that mansion," Zack's voice filled the air.

She hadn't gotten busted in the mansion, though she had been dumb enough to not realize there was a maid still in the house and had to take off. Dallas hadn't been her fault either, it was that freakin idiot driving next to her, who decided to put his car into the side of her bike because he decided to turn without looking. "The maid saw me?" she asked.

"The maid saw the back of your head going out the window, the second story window Max."

Damn, she thought she'd been faster.

"So how'd they get my prints?" she lived on the opposite side of town, they couldn't have possibly figured that out from the back of your head.

"You made friends Max," he said it as if it were a disease. "You take off in the middle of the night friends worry, they tell their brother, whose a cop. They dust your place looking for evidence of foul play because not only is the brother a cop, but the dad was a cop too. At the same time they already have a 'woman flying out a second story window' in their system. Can you put two and two together Max?"

"Two and two might be beyond me," she said turning, "my fist and your jaw, now that's another story."

"Did I miss something?" Krit asked looking between the two formerly close siblings.

"Eleven years," was her only answer to that.