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Epilogue: An Ending and a Beginning

Two days had passed since their victory and the atmosphere inside of the 'Naughty Ottsel,' as Daxter was planning on naming the saloon, was both upbeat and somber at the same time.

They were overjoyed at their victory, but they still mourned those that had fallen. As if to accentuate this fact, off in one corner, was a picture of Vin that someone had found, and a small plaque that had been created was beneath it.

In memory of the most eccentric and half-crazed scientist that Haven City has ever seen. Vin, an elf of unrivaled genius, and a true friend and hero. He will be dearly missed.

"Here's to you, Vin," Jak said, raising a glass of water, "wherever you are."

'The spirits of your ancestors guide you home.' Kage added silently.

Those that were present at the place then downed their glasses, their expressions somber as they remembered the technician and the countless others who had given their blood for the victory they had won.

Eventually, though, the partying mood kicked back up, as there was still much to celebrate, and everyone was doing it their own way. Daxter was busy serving out drinks with Tess' assistance, telling his jokes without a care in the world. Keeping him busy in that respect was a drinking contest that Jynx and Sig were currently engaged in, while Brutter looked on in utter amazement at the amount of liquor the Wastelander and the Revenant were downing, and neither of them showing the usual adverse effects thus far.

Samos was chatting it up with Onin, and Pecker was serving as he always did, providing the translation of the various different signs that the blind seeress weaved back and forth through the air.

As for Torn and Ashelin, well, they were simply holding each other close, smiles upon their faces as they finally stopped giving a care about what anyone might have thought about their relationship with each other.

The dark elf, however, stayed back in one of the corner booths, Keira at his side as the two of them emulated a certain red haired lieutenant and Special Operations soldier.

"Hard to believe I was that little guy once." Jak suddenly mused aloud, looking over to the aqua haired elf, who had a weary smile upon her face. "Better times, eh?"

"Yeah, but he does grow up to be a rather handsome hero." She said, and she gave him a peck upon the cheek.

Suddenly, Daxter's voice could once again be heard above the commotion that everyone else was making.

"All right, grandma," he exclaimed, hopping up onto the table that Onin was seated at where she was currently imbibing from some unknown beverage, "that's enough for you, I'm cutting you off!"

The response he got was an energy bolt to the chest, which sent him flying into Pecker, who nearly spilled his own drink onto Samos as a result.

'One would think by now, he would have learned not to anger her.' A certain inner demon mused, chuckling slightly as he did so.

'One would think.' Jak responded mentally.

The Ottsel meanwhile, got back up slowly, glaring at Onin, not caring a whit that she couldn't see him. However, she must have somehow sensed what he was doing, as she suddenly broke out into a signing fit.

"What's she saying?" he abruptly asked the familiar to his side, a frown on his furry visage.

"Something about rubber tubing and various parts of your mother." Pecker stated, his eyes suddenly widening as few more symbols lit up the air. "And that, you don't want me to translate, trust me."

Before things could get much further though, Tess simply picked the Ottsel up and began to scratch his head, which succeeded in calming him down, and actually elicited something along the lines of a purr from the diminutive rodent.

Jak and Keira's gazes then drifted back to the center of the bar, which had been converted into a makeshift dancing floor, and Ashelin had once again yanked Torn out onto it and was currently leading him around upon it, eliciting a few cat calls from Jynx, which got the pyromaniac a death ray glare from his brother in arms.

The dark elf laughed softly, not noticing the strange gleam that had appeared in the eyes of the holder of his heart. The next thing he knew, he had just been ripped out onto said dancing floor as well.

Some time later, the two elves went outside, arm in arm with each other. In the distance, fireworks lit up the night sky, a tribute to the triumph that everyone had accomplished together.

"Isn't it great, Jak?" Keira mused aloud. "Haven city finally has the peace it's worked for so many years."

"Mmmm…" Jak said shaking his head and smiling softly, before a frown overtook it. "But I can't help but wonder who the enemy that Tarath mentioned is…" he paused for a brief moment, before a crooked grin appeared on his face again. "Oh well, at least I'll get some peace until we meet."

'Aye.' agreed Kage. 'I think that after all that we have been through, that we are entitled to a bit of rest.'

For once, though, the dark elf ignored his alter ego, as his attentions were focused on something else, namely Keira. Unfortunately, their tender moment was interrupted by another group heading outside consisting of Samos, Sig, Daxter and Pecker.

"Ahhh," the old Sage breathed, smiling, "it feels good to finally be able to breathe free air."

"Yep, nothing like the smell of burning Metal Heads to get the olfactory nerves into a real partying mood." Daxter remarked sarcastically, crossing his arms and giving the old elf his famous glare.

Sig merely cleared his throat as he looked down at the diminutive rodent.

"Alright, maybe in your case," Daxter conceded, "but then, you're insane."

"Hey!" Sig said, his voice filled with mock hurt. "I'll have you know that I used to be a pretty normal guy, thank you. I can still remember when my mom used to tuck me into bed with my poopsie bear and a glass of warm, Yakow milk."

There was a moment of stunned silence among the group, as every single person present turned to face the Wastelander, gapping at what they had just been told.

"What?" the armored elf inquired with a shrug. "Just cause I'm a big, bad Wastelander means I ain't entitled to a normal childhood?"

"No…"Keira said, searching for the right words, "its just with the image you put on…you know."

The armored enforcer simply started to chuckle, which quickly turned into a full bout of laughter, laughter that the others soon joined him in.

They stopped some time later, and Samos, wiping the tears form his eyes, smiled up at the dark elf and his adoptive daughter.

"Jak, Keira," he said, his voice strangely devoid of its usual harshness, "the future awaits, and its never looked so good."

He stood where he was, clad in his white armor, his helmet tucked under his hand. He was looking out at a telescoped view of Gaia, the place that was once his home.

Home, it was such a foreign word now, something that they'd never had since their exile. Still, they were now returning, and soon, what was started would be finished.

He abruptly spun about, and began walking off of the bridge of the Day Star, a confident smile upon his furry visage, passing through hallways and corridors that were becoming ever more populated as more and more of his brothers and sisters were brought out of stasis. While they were still several months away from launching their primary assault, there were still things that would need to be done that would require all hands on deck. First off, they had to prepare themselves, as after millennia spent in stasis, even the best warrior would be a little rusty. Not to mention that they would have to gather up the remnants of the Hora-quan, and use them to wear down the enemy defenses. There were other things as well, too many to list in fact. But they would all be necessary for their triumph.

He arrived at his destination soon enough, and walked inside of the training arena. The sounds of combat could be heard even before he reached the battle zone, and as he did so, he eyed the contest at hand.

Errol flew above the arena, the black, raven like wings of his transformed state keeping him aloft above his two opponents, a pair of blue armored Dragoons. The Ascended Channeler was clad in black armor reminiscent of legionnaire style splint mail, and a longsword, cruelly serrated, was clutched in his right hand, while a blade that seemed to be made of Dark Eco and was shaped like a scimitar was held dagger style in his left. All in all, with the armored hood hiding his face from view, the former K.G. commander looked every bit the dark angel that he professed himself to be now.

Errol suddenly dove, coming in fast locking his weapons up with the dual bladed staves of the speedy light infantry troopers. They struggled back and forth for a few minutes, before the former K.G. commander overcame his two adversaries, disarming them with expert blows.

"His learning progress is remarkable." came a voice from off to his side.

Kerrog turned to find himself staring at Ragais, his third in command. The yellow armored Templar was apparently fresh from his own training, as he was still in his combat form, and leaning upon his spear-like force pike as he stared down into the arena.

"But if what he tells us is true, then they have at least one such individual on their side as well." the white armored Archon mused aloud, rubbing his chin. "I think I'm finally beginning to see why our estranged friends would go to such lengths to preserve themselves as to breed with things that were little better than animals. These 'Channelers' are extraordinarily powerful warriors."

"True, my Excellency, but I believe our numbers and superior firepower," the elder Fallen One said while gesturing towards the aft section of the ship, where the massive Juggernaught war machines were kept, "will give us the edge that we need to come out on top."

He remained silent, but agreed with the other warrior. Soon, victory would be at hand, and he, Kerrog Lostar would lead them to it.

Up at the top of Mar's burial chamber, there was a slight shimmer of a warp portal being activated, and a couple of seconds later, Tarath emerged in his combat form, floating down until he landed on the platform where his old friend lay.

Slowly, with a reverence that he hadn't shown in quite some time, the Reaver reached out and picked up the dead king's helmet, remembering all the times his descendant had worn it in battle along with the rest of his armor.

This was the final piece to collect. He'd already managed to locate the rest of it, though it had been something of a chore, searching through all of that sand and dust. The armor still needed some work, as the desert environment had done some damage to it because of a lack of maintenance. Still, a few tweaks by a certain sentient computer, and it would be as good as new.

"Sentinel." He called out, knowing that the computer had been watching his every move.

A moment later, the hologram appeared, this time as a white armored Precursor, which brought no small amount of agony to the Reaver, who wondered why the A.I. always chose to manifest himself like this when in his presence. The battle form of his adoptive brother stood before him in a perfect duplication, bringing back memories that were both sweet and bitter as he almost unwillingly remembered…

He brought his training warp blade down, catching the longsword-like cryosis blade before it could connect, and then lashing out with his foot, catching Phoenix in the chest, and knocking him down.

As the Archon went to get back up, he stopped, the scythe like weapon attached to Tarath's right arm at his throat. A grim smile made its way over his face, though his helmet hid it, and he held his arms up in mock surrender.

"Beat me again, Tarath." the white armored Ancient mused. "What I wouldn't give to have your skills."

"And what I wouldn't give to have your strategic cunning." the Reaver retaliated with a hidden smile, his voice filled with the mirth of youth.

"And what I wouldn't give to be able to use real weapons in the tournaments rather than competing with these stupid little trainers they give to us Adepts." came a younger voice off to the side.

Both of them turned and saw Kerrog standing there, in his normal form, his tiny helmet tucked under his arms. The older two quickly reverted back out of their own battle forms and walked over to the young Archon.

"Don't worry, Kerrog," Tarath said with a grin as he removed his helmet, shaking his head and letting his dreadlocks (a source of pride for him, as only mature warriors were allowed to wear their hair like that) fly about, "you'll be up to our level in a few years."

"Indeed, little brother," Phoenix stated putting his arm around his sibling and giving him a noggie, "I suspect you will be the very terror of the competitions once you're old enough."

"You really think so?" he asked, a faint note of hope in his voice.


"Thinking about times past, Praetor Tarath?" Sentinel inquired, ripping him back to reality.

"Prepare yourself for a move, Sentinel." the Reaver said, his tone world weary. "We have work to do."

The hologram nodded and faded, and a few seconds passed before a column rose out of the floor, a strange, glowing chip like device upon it.

The black armored warrior carefully grasped it in his left hand before grabbing Mar's helmet, and rising up and departing from the chamber.

Up above, Jak and Keira continued to hold each other close, hope for tomorrow filling their souls.
This is the end of this tale, and the beginning of another. However, that tale is another story…to be told…another time.


And that's a wrap.

Once again, I want to extend my thanks to each and every person that has had a hand in the creation of this story, from weapon ideas to plots and the like. However, I wish to extend my special thanks to Light Eco Sage, for without her encouragement and advice, this story would have never been written in the first place, and to animedragongirl who has so graciously taken of her own time to proofread this story and turn it into what it is.

Also for the sake of explaining things about the Precursors, military wise, here's a list of what they can do and how they operate in battle.

Precursor Military Forces

(note, armor is color coded)

Zealots- Red Eco users. Role- Heavy Infantry melee fighter (Slower moving than Dragoons, but capable of dishing out and taking enormous amounts of abuse, also capable of transferring Red Eco into an inanimate object, effectively turning it into a bomb, sorta like Gambit from the X-Men can). Can also send a pyrokinetic blast of energy about fifteen feet in front of them for obvious purposes Equipment: High durability heavy Metatron (temporary name) armor plating/ twin dual psion claws (wrist mounted twin-claw blades, two off of each arm, and about two feet in length).

Dragoons-Blue Eco users. Role- Light Infantry/Pilots (first into battle usually, use weapons/infantry support vehicles to punch holes in enemy lines, also capable of manipulating non-organic objects through telekinesis, which often works hand in hand with a Zealot's abilities). Equipment: lighter, less cumbersome version of Zealot armor/ dual bladed battle stave (have yet to come up with a name, but is about as big as they are)

Reavers-Dark Eco users. Role- Shock Troopers (use melee skills, flight ability, and offensive Dark Eco powers to overwhelm a numerically superior enemy, but lack any defensive abilities). Equipment: Medium Metatron armor/ warp blade (looks like a jagged scythe blade attached at the wrist, but it is kept folded up out of the way when not in use, about three and a half feet long)

Archons-Light Eco users. Role- All around support troopers (master of nothing, but capable of doing nearly everything, also capable of flight.) Equipment: Armor similar to Reavers/wrist mounted long blade cryosis blade. (looks like a four foot long sword on their right wrist, folded backwards when not in use)

Templars-Yellow Eco users. Role- Long Range Support Troopers (use Channeled Yellow Eco to launch devastating aerial assaults upon enemies from afar, also capable of melee fighting but that is usually a last desperate resort.) Note, they are capable of manipulating the Eco after they have launched it, (in other words, all of their attacks have homing capabilities) Equipment: light weight armor/force pike (a spear type weapon capable of stabbing or slashing.)

Arbiters- (temporary name)- Green Eco user. Role- Battlefield/Squad Medic (arguably the most important members of the Precursor military, they are responsible for keeping everyone else in fighting condition, and thus often times find themselves among the first targets of the enemy. To this degree, they can erect a very powerful defensive energy field around themselves to hold off an attack long enough for other units to bail them out.) Equipment: light weight armor and gauntlets that are used in jujitsu style attacks. (can wrap a 'telekinetic field' around their hands and feet to amplify the damage done)


Stinger- close infantry support hoverbike. (used by Dragoons to initiate 'cavalry charge' type attacks, capable of slaughtering enemy infantry, but vulnerable to attack from airborne Reavers and Templars.)

Weapons: Two under slung Eco casters/two side mounted anti-matter missiles, and Dragoons have been known to use their staves like lances in these instances.

Juggernaught- Heavy assault weapons platform (basically what Errol was cruising around in at the end of the third game)

Weapons: One high power vector cannon in addition to numerous support weapons such as fast firing defensive auto-turrets, and anti-matter missile pods.

If anyone has any other things they would like to see added, or any ideas in general, I would be most grateful for them. Also, I need an idea for a title for the next story, I am thinking about calling it War of the Ancients, but if anyone has another one, let me know, as I am certain it could be better titled.

That said, I hope you all have a great day, and until next time, this is Red Mage 04, signing off.

(Turns and fades into the shadows)