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Sweet Home Pallet - Epilogue: As It Should Be

And so began the longest ten seconds of his life.

There before him lay the arena, practically decimated by the combination of attacks from two powerful and courageous pokemon. One of those pokemon now lay motionless in the middle of the field, the other looming over him, panting heavily and using every last ounce of strength he had not to collapse down beside his opponent.

Still time moved slowly, crawling along at the pace of a geriatric slowpoke.

Nine seconds to go.

It had taken longer than he thought it would to get back to this place. Nearly ten years to the day that he had first been deemed a Pokemon Master.

It had seemed so simply when Misty had suggested (demanded) that he regain his title. Just head to the post office, fill in a few forms. Everything sorted.

But five years was a long time not to be training and taking challenges. More than enough time for his Pokemon license to lapse, and his title to become invalid. That meant starting all over again. Re-training his Pokemon. Re-skillig himself and re-building his reputation.

There were gyms to challenge. Badges to collect. Pokemon to catch. Three years of the same journey he'd started when he was ten.

All of it leading to this.

Eight seconds to go.

He didn't dare let his gaze drift from the field, although he desperately wanted to seek Misty in the crowd. He could do with some of her unwavering faith about now. It was the very thing that had got him through all sorts of set backs over the years, ensuring that he stayed on the path that brought him here.

She was his inspiration. His reason for everything he did.

And if he could make it through these next seven seconds, soon she'd be his wife.

He held that thought in his head. Using it to power him through the next few moments. Like magic, time sped up, resuming its usual pace.




The pokemon on the ground stirred, but did not rise. His own battle partner wavered, but did not fall.





Time froze once again, giving him the chance to savour this moment, to let it sink in before the rest of world invaded it.

He had won.

He was, once again, the Pokemon Master.

And this time he was going to make sure that all his dreams came true.