Santa's Hogwarts debut

Chapter one: Padfoots plan

As a sugar coating of snow fell softly in the negative December weather students of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry curled up close to the fire to finish there homework. The Gryffindor common room hustled and bustled with busy students writing complex essays or practicing complicated spells.

There where four students, however, that seemed not in the least concerned about work. They lounged on the couch lazily and sipped stolen butterbeer without a worry in the world.

One of them, with extremely messy black hair, reached into his pocket and pulled out a small struggling golden snitch.

"I'm board." He complained as he let the ball go and snatched it back instantly.

"Well bloody hell Prongs do you have to take that bloody snitch out every time you can't think of anything useful to do!" said the handsome boy next to him. He lay on the couch in a manner that suggested he was good looking without very much effort.

"This thing I do, Padfoot, is the reason-" shot back Prongs only to be interrupted quickly.

"We win so many quidditch games so I wouldn't complain If I where you." The sandy haired boy on the armchair to his left finished. His eyes had bags under them and there where a few scratches on his face.

Padfoot snickered silently.

"Fine." Muttered the messy haired boy "couldn't see talent if it slapped you in the face…" he pushed the still straining ball into his pocket again.

"Have you guys done the transfiguration essay yet?" asked a plump boy on the ground surrounded by books and papers with a quill in his hand.

"Nope, wasn't planning to, old McGonagall can't fail me." Answered Padfoot off-handedly. "Hey, I was thinking that we should plan a Christmas prank."

" What did you have in mind?" Moony asked leaning forward and pointing to a page in the transfiguration book to help the boy on the ground.

"Well I was thinking-"

"Oh that's new." Said Prongs "Didn't know that was something you could do."

The handsome boy didn't even pause as his friends laughed silently. "I was thinking that seeing as prongs changes into a reindeer-"

"That would be a stag." Said Prongs

"I thought we could play with that." He showed no interest in the fact that his friend had just interrupted him for a second time in 30 seconds. "I thought we could stick him to a sleigh and call him Rudolph the red noised reindeer."

The sandy haired boy almost spit out his butterbeer trying to contain his laughter.

"I swear, Padfoot, if you call me a fucking reindeer one more time I will fly one of my magical Prongs up your ass!"

Padfoot waved him off in a lazy manner. "Then I thought-"

"Twice in one day?" said Moony in astonishment

"That we could stick wormtail in the sleigh, seeing as he's the plumpest-"

"Hey!" objected the boy at his feet. "Mom says I'm just well filled out."

The two other books laughed into their drinks.

"We could do a charm to make him look a little bigger of course." Continued Padfoot not the least bit fazed. "And dress him up as old Saint Nick, and fly the old chap and his faithful guide over hogwarts in a gorgeous display of holiday spirit." He ended and took a long gulp of his friends to hear their opinion.

"And what, per-say " said Prongs "Would you two," he pointed to the boy in the arm chair and the boy next to himself. "be doing during all of this?"

"Well," said Padfoot with a famous marauder grin most hogwarts teachers ran from "There's no point doing it if no one sees."

"How would we get them to see?" questioned the sandy haired boy

"I thought you'd never ask, Moony." The attractive teen paused for effect as his friends waited in baited breath for his answer. "First years would be the best victims, muggle born's we'll believe anything about the wizarding world. We could organize some sort of party… Yes prongs we'll put lots of mistletoe for you and Evans." The others snickered while Prongs sat there with his mouth still open. He promptly shut it at there steadily growing laughter. " 5 minutes to midnight you slip out, Me and Moony make a fuss about seeing Santa and PESTO he appears with one slightly tired looking Rudolph."

"Hey!" repeated Wormtail again thinking his weight was being insulted again.

The others where silent, turning the plan over in their minds.

"I say we go one step further." Said Prongs after careful debate "Why not get the old chap to deliver some lovely bits of coal to the slytherin's?"

"Mr.Padfoot would like to congratulate Mr.Prongs on a charming adjustment to his plan."

"Mr.Prongs would like to note that he would much rather be Dickson than a red noised freak."

"Mr.Moony thinks red would suit Mr. Prongs amazingly well."

"Mr.Wormtail thinks Mr.Padfoot should be Santa seeing as his ego is ten times bigger than Mr.Wormtail's pant size."

"Mr. Padfoot thinks not, seeing as we need to keep some brains at home base."

"Mr.Moony would like to register that he believes he has more sense than Mr.Padfoot, Mr.Prongs and Mr.Wormtail put together."

"Mr.Padfoot would like to remind Mr.Moony of whose brilliant mind the plan came from in the first place."

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