Christmas is a time for forgiveness

The Marauders woke in a very good mood Christmas morning. Part B of Santa's debut (they hadn't been able to find a better name: a fact Prongs had taunted them about mercilessly) had gone flawlessly. They each opened there presents in flurry of rapping paper, thanking each other as they went and then headed down to the great hall for a well-deserved meal.

The four were greeted by many dirty looks at the breakfast table. As if nothing was wrong in the world they slid into their normal seats at the table and pulled food towards them in tired monotony.

The Gryffindor's all glared at them in hatred of being fooled but not one person said anything. You didn't call the Marauders on their tricks, it wasn't done…until now.

A girl cleared her throat over Sirius shoulder. He turned uninterested but smartened up promptly when he saw who it was.

"Merry Christmas, Evans." He said in cheery uncertainty "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh amazingly well." She replied smiling in a practiced fake way "So well in fact I wonder is someone slipped me a sleeping draught."

"Really?" Sirius said feigning surprise "That's great. I would thank them if I where you. You must have awful trouble sleeping with prefect duty and homework and all."

Lily sighed. "Don't try and play coy with me Black! I know you put a sleeping charm on my cup cake."

Sirius smiled nervously as James's eyes bore into him.

"I can't believe you would do that after you distinctly told me there would be no prank, which was a lie by the way." She stood solidly with each fist placed firmly on her hips, yet under the angry words and posture there was a slight hint of amusement.

"Couldn't let you spoil it Evan's. Your to smart for us," said Sirius smoothly laying on the charm "Would have figured it out and stopped us." Her eye's squinted dangerously. "Am I right?"

The marauders where all watching her intently now, there Christmas breakfast lying forgotten, (which was a rare occurrence). They all had in place their fake innocent faces out of sheer habit.

The red head dropped her arms to her side and shook her head. "I suppose I would have, but would that have been so wrong? … I just wished I knew how you did it."

"Marauders secret, love." Said Sirius winking in a manner that made many girls hearts melt but had absolutely no affect on Lily.

The girl smiled so sweetly that they each smiled back in return, if not a bit nervously.

"I'll tell you what you keep your little secrets and I'll give you each a detention for charming my desert. Isn't that nice?"

"But Evans," interrupted James "see me and Peter had no idea that he was gonna do that and I'm sure Remus didn't … approve it."

Lily gave him a skeptical look and snorted. "Yeah right Potter. Detention. Monday. 8 o'clock. McGonagall's room."

James shot Sirius a death glare that could have pealed wallpaper as Lily sauntered away.

"Thanks Evans!" called Sirius

"Anytime." She replied without so much as a backward glance.

"Thanks a lot Sirius." Said Prongs pulling forward his plate in a frustrated motion. He was obviously mad, that was the only time the marauders called each other by their birth given names. Prongs picked up his fork and shoveled eggs into his mouth, then threw it down furiously. "And now my egg's are cold. Thanks a lot."

"Oh calm down." Said Padfoot calmly pouring extensive amounts of syrup on his pancakes. "Since when do you get pissed about detention? Anyway, one for all we did. I can hardly believe Evans didn't take any points. Usually we get at least a month for this sort of stuff."

"That's because Mr. Black I told Mrs. Evans to let me deal with you." The four boys froze and turned to the intimidating figure of professor McGonagall. In her tight bun and sleek robes she looked a lot tougher then she had the night before.

"Good morning Professor." Said Sirius his voice drenched in innocence and allure

"Merry Christmas Professor." James said smiling in his heart breaker way and letting his voice take on the same tone as his friends. "What can we do for you on this fine Holiday?"

"What can you do for me? What can you do for me?" the entire hall ceased to speak to listen to hear McGonagall lecture the troublemakers. "You could pretend to know the meaning of rule's for one day and apply them! I was woken up at 12:30 at night to a very interesting sight: All of Gryffindor tower raving about Santa being blown up! I've never heard of something more ridiculous! And whom you ask was missing from their common room? Who did I learn had planned this whole… get together? But you four. On top of all of this many of the slytherin's presents where transfigured into coal and had to be restored this morning! While I can't frame you for that because there is no evidence I am almost certain it Was, in fact, you. As for your joke, I use that term loosely, I am taking away 30 points each from Gryffindor and giving you each a month's worth of detention. There is no chance of re-consideration here so I suggest that you shut your mouth Mr. Potter before I possibly elongate it…That's what I thought." The teacher paused to take a breath and plastered a smile on her face. "Merry Christmas gentlemen."

The head of house walked away in a confident stride followed by some scattered applause.

The Marauders seemed to be frozen in place.

"Whose Idea was this anyway?" Moony asked wearily

"Sirius." Said Wormtail who had recovered enough to start eating again.

The other three turned to stare at their handsome comrade who shrugged and commented on how forgiving McGonagall was during the Holidays.

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