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Chapter 1

Harry had just finished stacking his trunk with all the books, supplies, clothes, and robes that he had had in his room. He knew it was two weeks before he would leave the Dursleys, but he was so excited, since he had been made head-boy, along with Hermione, who had owled him about the news. He closed his trunk and smiled, placing his hands on his hips. He would soon be leaving the Dursleys again, and he would be on the train on Platform 9 ¾, be pulled to Hogwarts by the thestrals, be eating a feast in the Great Hall, and he would be able to see Ron, Hermione and Hagrid again. He snapped to his thoughts realizing the Dursleys were calling him.

He walked down the steps and sat down at the dining room table.

"Hello." He said.

"When is that stupid train picking you up again?" Uncle Vernon snorted loudly.

"September first." He said through gritted teeth. He didn't like the Dursley's attitude on everything magical. The train may not have a mind, or have a heart, but they were calling a train stupid. If there was anything stupid, it was Dudley, who had now reached a very overlarge stage, but he still gobbled down everything he saw. He was also extremely stupid, and very uncaring, but Harry had gotten used to him.

"Good. Because you've been here long enough already. If I see your face again I'll have to have someone pick you up by tonight." He said angrily.

"Sure!" Said Harry dropping his fork. "Who will drop me off at Hogwarts? When can I leave?" he said happily.

"Mrs. Figgs?" Aunt Petunia asked.

"No. She's another you-know-what." Uncle Vernon said.

"She's a squib, not a-" He retorted.

"You keep your mouth shut! I'm thinking!" Uncle Vernon barked. Aunt Petunia shot Harry a 'do what your uncle said' look, and took Dudley's plate into the kitchen.

"What about Tonks? Or Lupin? Or Mrs. Weasley?" Harry said encouringaly.

"Never heard of them. Are they another one of the you-know-what's?" Uncle Vernon hissed.

"Uh – well, they graduated from Hog- I mean, the school I'm going to, a long time ago." He said.

"As long as they don't use 'you-know-what" to get here. Just get them here by six! Now hurry!" Uncle Vernon snarled.

"Thanks!" And Harry ran off to his bedroom.

I'm really leaving. This is wonderful. He opened Hedwig's cage and wrote a letter to Lupin, Tonks, and the Weasley family, including Hermione. He knew Lupin and Tonks work for the order in Grimauld place, so he wrote three long letters to all of them.

He wrote one last word on Hermione's letter and hooked them onto Hedwig's leg.

"Bring this one to Grimauld place, to Tonks and Lupin, while you'll bring this one to Hermione, and this one to the Weasleys. Especially for Ron." Harry opened the window and let Hedwig fly outside. He sighed and stood peacefully by the window.

It was five minutes until eleven p.m. when he saw a white fleck soaring in the sky. He stood up from the ground and held out his arm. Hedwig grew into sharper image, with her silver feathers breezing in the air. Hedwig had three letters in return. He opened the first one, which was very messy handwriting. This surely was Ron's.


Mum says that she would love to have you over, but it would be better to meet in Grimauld place. Maybe Lupin and Tonks will let you stay. Hope your summer with the Dursleys was okay.

P.S. Fred and George have earned over one hundred and fifty galleons with the joke shop.


Harry folded the letter back into its envelope and ripped open the next one. This one had very neat, cursive writing. This was Hermione's.


My Mum and Dad have let me stay in Grimauld place. Ron has mailed me about him meeting you there, so it might be a place where could see Lupin and Tonks as well. I hope you had a better summer than last year with the Dursleys. Can't wait until tonight.


Harry folded this letter also back into its envelope, and opened the last letter. This letter had two different types of handwriting. One was Tonks, and the other was Lupins.


I think that Tonks is as thrilled as I am with you coming to Grimauld place. But as a request from Dumbledore, we're supposed to get ten galleons out of your compartment at Gringrotts. I don't know what is going on in that crazy old coot's mind this time, but I'm sure he has his reasons.



I hope that your Aunt and Uncle will let you go, since it would be fun to see you again. Lupin, Mad Eye, and I will pick you up at midnight. Bring your Firebolt. We'll be flying. Hope you had a good summer,


Harry put this letter in its envelope and sighed. He ran down the stairs to meet Uncle Vernon on the couch with Dudley, who was watching TV. Aunt Petunia was drinking tea by the kitchen sink, keeping one eye on the TV screen. Uncle Vernon jerked at the sound of Harry's footsteps and turned around.

"You! Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" He snarled.

"Yes." He answered. "Well, I'll be leaving at midnight. Three people are coming to pick me up. And, I think you might want to be aware of that they are bringing their brooms." Harry gulped. He knew the Dursleys despised magic of any kind.

"Their bringing their what?" Uncle Vernon said shockingly.

"If you haven't recognized yet, we have a very clean house!" Spat Aunt Petunia.

"Well, they'll be flying here." He said, gulping again.

"Flying?" All the Dursleys said at once.

"They'll be flying here on brooms?" Uncle Vernon asked.

"Uh – yes." He gulped again. All the Dursleys except Dudley (who was way to immersed in the TV to be listening) were looking at him, almost petrified. But there was a small noise and Harry jumped, looking at the door.

"NO! Mad Eye! The other way! Not the roof!" Harry heard Tonks voice from up above.

"Can't you fly through these things?" Mad Eye spoke this time.

Harry stood there, listening for moments until he looked back up at the Dursleys. Dudley lay unconscious on the couch, with Uncle Vernon shaking him like mad. Aunt Petunia was shocked so badly, her tea, along with her cup were scattered on the floor. Harry looked away again, and opened the door, peeking out his head. There were Lupin, the real Mad Eye, and Tonks, all on their Clean Sweeps. Harry ran up the stairs, and grabbed his Firebolt, and his trunk. He tucked his wand in his pocket, and he grabbed Hedwig's cage under his arm. He was walking towards the door when it flew open.

"Don't these things open by themselves?" Mad Eye poked his head into the living room from the door.

"Stop complaining Mad Eye!" He heard Tonks cry after him. "Just get Harry!" She added.

Mad Eye's eye swirled around as he entered the kitchen. Aunt Petunia had not moved. She stared at Mad Eye, while Uncle Vernon stared at his eye.

"Get out of my house!" He yelled.

"Never mind you." Mad eye said rudely. "Boy Harry, you've gone round, haven't you?" He chuckled. He continued staring at Dudley. "What happened to your scar?" Harry knew that Mad Eye was only kidding, but he couldn't help but laugh at the horrified looks on his relatives' faces.

"You heard him! Out!" Aunt Petunia stuttered.

"Darn muggles! Why do we have to go through all this?" Mad Eye asked himself. "TONKS! REMUS! IN HERE!" Mad Eye shouted. "Your getting him next time, I make to much commotion."

"I'll look like a freak to these muggles." Tonks retorted.

"Lupin?" Mad Eye asked reproachfully.

"There is no next time, this is Harry's seventh year." Lupin said. Mad Eye zoomed his eye up to the ceiling.

"He's not there. Not in the bathroom, his room, oh no." Mad Eye's eye stared straight up at the ceiling, but didn't return down. He plopped out his eye. Aunt Petunia gave a shriek, while Uncle Vernon fell back onto the sofa.

"A glass of water, please." Surprisingly, Aunt Petunia got a glass of water for him. He plopped his eye into the water, and returned it to its' socket.

"That's better. Now where's Harry?" He asked.

"I'm over here." Harry climbed out from behind the door.

"Why are you there?" Mad Eye asked.

"I fell down when you knocked open the door." Harry answered.

"Oh, sorry." Mad Eye said.

"Got everything alright, Harry?" Tonks asked, eyeing him.

"Yah. I got everything."

"Well, we better get going. Harry's Firebolt might make it to Grimauld place, but we won't with our Clean Sweeps in time. His friends might already be there." Mad Eye announced.

And so Harry was free again, riding on his broom, in the cool, night air. If only life would be this perfect all the time.

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