"Dude, that is just wrong."

"I told you I didn't do it." Rumble argued.

"I don't care dumb aft we got blamed." Frenzy walked a little a head still irritated.

"How was I supposed to know we'd be blamed?"

"Duh, we're the ones always doing that kind of slag around here." Frenzy stopped stomping his foot.

"Yeah well we're going to have to make Skywarp pay for this."

"Oh yeah then have Soundwave all pissed off too? I don't think so Rumble, leave me out of it. Have you ever seen Soundwave pissed off?"

"No and neither have you. But I refuse to let Skywarp think he can blame us for his little pranks."

"You know if it had been Starscream like it should have, we'd be safe with Soundwave." Frenzy thought about it.

"But no, Screamer had to argue with Megatron as usual and let him go first." Rumble nearly paused mid sentence. "Skywarp would know Screamer would do that. Aww slag! He was setting us up from the start!"

"… that rusted out old transistor!" Frenzy agreed. "All right bro it's on now what are we gonna do to him?"

"Skywarp, take you position at the scanner I have business with Megatron." Starscream stepped away and walked to the office door at the back of the command room. Skywarp kept his sensors on waiting for the instant the door closed behind the commander. Finally it did.

"Did you hear about it Thunder?" Skywarp quickly abandoned his post and sprinted to Thundercracker excitedly.

"I heard Rumble and Frenzy got your punishment." Thundercracker wasn't really interested but knew Skywarp wouldn't give in if he side he didn't want to hear it.

"Ahh but Thunder! That is the beauty of it. They were supposed to get it!" Skywarp got even giddier than he thought possible.

"You planed for that to happen to Megatron so Rumble and Frenzy will get the punishment?" Thundercracker questioned.

"Exactly. It was the best!" Skywarp did a little prance back to his post. "I knew that screamer would interrupt and Megatron would end up going into the office first. Screamer is predictable like that."

"You know they won't take this, don't you? They'll find something to do to you to get back at you. Can't you just drop it?" Thundercracker had enough of them bantering back and forth.

"No way." Skywarp just answered.

Soundwave approached Megatron office prepared to be yelled at. Rumble and Frenzy were his creations and there for his responsibilities. He had scanned them both and knew that they had nothing to do with what had happened in the office only hours ago. He stood before the door not having to extend his telepathy to feel the anger that resonated from within. He chimed the door allowing Megatron to open it at his leisure.

"Come in." the tone of voice wasn't strained but louder than needed.

The door opened and Soundwave stepped in dulling his sensitive audios.

"I will not tolerate this." Megatron's voice changed volume he was not near whispering, the heated words. "I have sent Rumble and Frenzy to spacebridge duty."

Not knowing exactly what had happened Soundwave intoned "Rumble and Frenzy falsely accused."

Instantly Megatron turned to Soundwave his optics near closed they were so tightly drawn. "If it were not for the rivalry between them and Skywarp this would not have happened."

Standing there silently Soundwave took in his surroundings. There were bits of rope above the door that lead around to the desk to an object hidden behind Megatron currently. He looked over Megatron, what would be the muzzle in his gone mode had a burn mark on it. It would appear that someone had made a contraption so a weapon would discharge on the first person to open the door.

Just watching Megatron could see Soundwave's mind working, it was always astonishing how fast his lieutenant could work things out. For an instant his mind cleared. "I know." He finally spoke. "I know that they did not cause this. It is plainly obvious that who ever created this prank would not have been able to get out. Skywarp is the only teleporter we have on base."

Soundwave nodded.

"Even so, I won't have them retaliating this has to stop." Megatron paused. "Skywarp will be dealt with I assure you."

Again Soundwave nodded, he too would deal with Rumble and Frenzy, after all spacebridge a duty isn't really much of a punishment. He turned on his heel and faced the door. Megatron said nothing as the door opened and he stepped out.

Seconds later Megatron's unmistakable voice came over the base intercom. "Skywarp to my office immediately."

The back jet looked up from his council shocked. He twisted around just in time to see Soundwave leaving, making his mind race. He knew he was going to be in trouble. As he took a step to the door he looked at Thundercracker who just shook his head, then he proceeded to the door. He had expected it to open, but when it didn't his spark sank a little. He chimed the door; it then slid open to a cannon blast.

Rumble stood on one side of the spacebridge opening while Frenzy stood at the other. "We're going to have to do something. And you know we can't get caught."

"Yeah, something in his quarters that way no one will know we were even there."

"How's that?"

"Haven't you been in the air shafts?"

"Why would I want to go in there?"

"I donno I was bored and not one bothers me there."

"Not anymore. I know your hiding place." Rumble laughed.

"I don't care I'll find somewhere else, besides you know you hate the dark places like that."

"Do not."

"Don't lie about it."

"Shut up slag heap."

"Why dontcha make me?"

"Silence." Soundwave's voice instantly stopped the quarrel. "Laserbeak, Buzzsaw eject."

Rumble looked at Frenzy and even though they didn't dare exchange a thought with Soundwave right there they knew what the glance meant they would figure out what to do about Skywarp later.

"Megatron has dealt with Skywarp." Soundwave's voice was flat.

"Not fair!" Rumble wailed.

"There is to be no feud." Soundwave glared at them.

"BUT!!" Frenzy cut in next.

Soundwave said nothing his stoic look speaking for itself.

Something clicked in Rumble "Have Ravage do it."

"No." Soundwave was confused to why they would even bother with the seeker.

"Common! He set us up and we didn't even do anything." There was a slight pause, from Frenzy. "This time." He finally confessed.

Again Soundwave said nothing.

"It can end this way. What if we promise to keep it a way from Megatron?" Rumble asked.

Soundwave shook his head.

Seemingly defeated Rumble and Frenzy both let out a sigh. It wasn't right to let that slaggin' seeker get away with this, they both thought.

"Rumble Frenzy return," Soundwave commanded.

Rumble wasn't finished though he would think of something while he was in there, but without hesitation he transformed and slid into Soundwave's chest Frenzy following him.