I'm lazy and instead of writing something new I'm updating my poem of Entreri by adding the original Finnish version. Those who can read both English and Finnish will notice the horrible amount of changes I have made. There are less question marks in the Finnish version... I honestly don't know why.

Artemis Entreri belongs to R. A. Salvatore, as you probably already know. Just reminding that he's not mine. *sigh*


From the dirt you rose

From the small street

Where you spend your days of youth

Although child you never were

Always fighting for survival

While others your age played and laughed

You rose and you conquered

With your blade you carved your name

Into the fearful hearts of men

You had everything in your grasp

You didn't know what you had lost that time

You only saw what you had gained

Then you met your equal in battle

His skin as dark as your soul

But he raised his blades for good

There was something in him that showed

He fought only for righteousness

There was something you'd never known

You hated him and swore

That your blade would take his life

Before you even knew the reasons

Where all this hate came from?

Why was your anger so deep?

Did you ever think of these questions?

Were his skills too much for you to take?

Was it 'cause you wanted his strength?

Or was there something else in him

That made you feel that way?

Did you see the man you could have been

Before this cruel world killed your soul?

Are you looking for a way, assassin?

Do you wish to change your life?

Or is your destiny only to destroy?

Does your dagger only strike

For something you can gain?

Is your heart too dark to change?

Look for answer

And search it well

For time of change is slowly passing

Decide the way you're taking

And after your choice, tell me

Is there ever a tear in your eye?

Kadulta sinut löydettiin

Nousit taistelun avulla

Paikalle arvostetulle

Miekkasi teki sinusta kuuluisan

Toi pelkoa, kunnioitusta

Olit voittamaton mahtavin

Sitten kaikki muuttui

Kohtasit vertaisesi taistossa

Kuin kaksoisolentosi

Mutta sydämensä oli puhdas

Teränsä viilsi rauhan puolesta

Tuotti kuolemaa ainoastaan pahoille

Et voinut häntä ymmärtää

Et nähnyt tekojensa tarkoitusta

Häntä et voinut voittaa

Sydämensä puhtaus suojanaan

Hän selvisi tappavista iskuistasi

Jouduit tappiosi toteamaan

Miksi et voi häntä unohtaa?

Johtuuko voimastaan suuresta

Vai kadehditko hänen sydäntänsä

Jollainen omasikin olisi voinut olla

Haluatko murhata totuuden

Jonka olisit itsekin voinut saavuttaa

Etsitkö tietä salamurhaaja?

Haluatko muutosta elämääsi

Vai viiltääkö teräsi edelleen

Ainoastaan omaksi hyödyksesi

Onko sydämesi liian tumma muuttuakseen

Eivätkö silmäsi ikinä osoita tunteita

Hark: I put this Finnish poem here with apologies to Arabwel, who asked me for it long time ago. I never managed to e-mail it, but here it is, finally. Sorry it took so long. The wait wasn't worth it...