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"I'm telling you mom, everything I threw at him just went right through him. The only reason why I got a good hit in was because I caught him off guard." Said Jenny.

"Hm…I see. This can be a bit of a problem. Me, Jack and Maddie will start working on a chip that will allow you to blast ghosts. Now you had better hurry or you'll be late for school." Said Jenny's mom.

"You're right! I gotta go!" Said Jenny flying out the door.

"Teenagers. Always in a hurry." Said Jenny's mom.

Outside Tucker, Sam and Danny were walking to school.

"Hey Danny, where's Jenny? I thought we were all supposed to walk to school together today." Said Tucker.

Danny looked behind me and saw Jenny coming straight at them.


She then picked up the trio and continued flying full speed towards school.

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Danny, Sam, and Tucker.

Pretty soon she literally dropped them off at school.

"You need to work on the landing." Said Danny.

"Yeah a little rough there at the end." Said Sam.

"Sorry guys, but at least we're here on time." said Jenny.

"Whoop de do." Said Tucker unenthusiastically.

Then Mr. Lancer came by. "Oh Miss Wakeman, we're holding an assembly in your honor, you are the guest speaker."

Jenny then started to follow Mr. Lancer. Mr. Lancer glared at our trio and said "And I expect you three to arrive there on time."

Danny's head dropped.

"You okay?" asked Sam.

"Fine." Said Danny depressingly.

"No. you're not. What's wrong?" asked Sam concerned.

"It's just that…fighting Jenny, fighting ghosts, saving the town and everyone hating me for it, it really starts getting a guy depressed. I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders and I don't think I can lift It." said Danny.

"Danny, you've got me…and Tucker to help you with that weight. And not everyone hates you, I don't." said Sam as she grabbed his hand.

Danny and Sam looked down at their enlaced hands, looked away from each other's faces and blushed atomic.

"The assembly! Oh crud! We're going to be late!" said Danny.

Danny and Sam went into the auditorium to find Jenny was giving a speech.

"He got away from me last time mainly because I underestimated him. But I promise you all, next time we meet he won't be so lucky!" said Jenny as she slammed her fist on the podium.

Danny gave a depressed sigh. His life just kept going deeper down the toilet.

"Now are there any questions?" asked Jenny.

"Did you really go up against Inviso Bill?" asked a random student.

"Yes I did. He tried to use his mind games on me but my computer brain wouldn't hear of it. Although I do admit most of my attacks phased through him, but I did manage to scare him away." Said Jenny.

Pretty soon the assembly ended and Jenny met up with Dash's crew.

"Jenny! Nice speech!" said Kwan.

"Ready for your first test?" Asked Dash.

"Totally! I can do whatever it takes!" said Jenny.

"Okay then, you got to get Fenton's lunch money." Said Paullina.

"What?" asked Jenny.

"You heard us. Test one is to get the lunch money from a geek." Said Valerie.

"Well… here goes." Said Jenny.

She walked over to Danny.

"Hey Danny, I kind of need your lunch money. I promise you I'll pay you back as soon as I can." Said Jenny.

"What do you need my lunch money for?" asked Danny.

Dash's crew made Jenny swear to secrecy.

"I just do alright?" said Jenny.

"Okay, okay, no need to bite my head off. Here, but I expect for you to pay me back alright?" said Danny as he handed Jenny his lunch money.

"Sure thing Danny, I'll see you later." Said Jenny.

She then ran over to Dash and handed him the money. "Got it." said Jenny.

Dash slapped his forehead. "That wasn't what I meant! But you got me on a technicality so I guess you passed the first test."

"YES!" shouted Jenny.

"You're embarrassing us and pushing your luck robot girl!" said Paullina.

"Sorry." Said Jenny calming down.

What further tests lie ahead for Jenny? Will they involve Danny? Why am I asking you people this? How the heck are you supposed to know?