Of Wagging Tails and Sniffing Butts

Chapter 1:

Bullets Gone Wrong


Chapter Summary:

Why won't Raven notice Beast Boy? Why is Beast Boy so in love with her? Why did Adonis come back? Why am I so insane?


Okay, so there's a fight with Adonis, and Raven gets turned into a . . .

You'll see.



I don't own Teen Titans or anything. So ha. I own the idea.


"C'mon, Rae! You KNOW you can't resist the super cute puppy face!"

Raven sweat-dropped, and looked down at the small green puppy that was sitting in her lap, panting happily. "Or can I?" she retorted monotonously.

Beast Boy's tail stopped wagging. "Aw, come on Rae! You aren't any fun!"

"In case you didn't know, Beast Boy," Raven said matter-of-factly, "I don't DO fun."

"Well, that's kinda obvious," Beast Boy muttered under his breath, hopping off of the introvert's lap and morphing back into his regular human shape.

Raven, who had been reading, placed the bookmark inside the book, and closed it. "Why don't you go bother someone else? Please?" she asked pleadingly.

Beast Boy's ears drooped. "Fine. If you want me to SOOO badly, fine. I'll go leave you alone to read your creepy books and resume being creepy. Because, Raven. That's what you are. Creepy."

"Haven't we discussed this sometime before?" Raven asked with an edge to her voice.

Beast Boy glared. "Whatever." The green changeling walked out angrily, continuing to glare at everything he looked at. Why couldn't, for once, Raven fall in love with him? Why couldn't Reality TV show occurrences happen to HIM? Why was he just a freaky little green dude?

Robin passed him in the hall, cloak swishing around his ankles. When the boy wonder saw Beast Boy, he paused. "Something wrong?" he asked.

Beast Boy glanced up at his leader. "Oh, no. No, nothing's wrong, Robin. Go back to questioning who Slade really is."

" . . . But you look---"

"Sad? Yeah, so? That's just a fact of life." Beast Boy continued down the hall, and left Robin standing there looking puzzled.

The green teen stood in front of Cyborg's door, and raised a fist to knock. Finally, he just sighed and KICKED the door.

"Alright, alright, I'm comin'!" Cyborg, the metallic hybrid, opened the door, and his human eyebrow raised at Beast Boy. "'Ey, B. What up?"

"Okay, look. Cyborg, I'm really . . . sad. Raven, the most beautiful girl in the world---"

"A-hem," Cyborg glared.

"Okay. Raven, the SECOND most beautiful girl in the world . . ." Beast Boy paused, and added in the part for Cyborg with a dry voice, "Besides Jinx . . ." He continued, "hates me. I just DON'T KNOW WHY! I try to be nice! I try to be with her! But she ignores me, or just blows up at me! And I DON'T think it's PMS!"

Cyborg ran a finger over his chin. "Hm. Well, you DO kinda have a habit of being annoying . . ." he pointed out.

Beast Boy glared. "Gee, Thanks."


Beast Boy opened his mouth to continue, but before words could be spoken, the familiarly loud buzzing sound rang out.

The alarm.

"Titans! Trouble!" Robin's voice boomed over the intercom.

Cyborg and Beast Boy looked at each-other, before darting off in the direction of the Main Room.

Raven, Starfire, and Robin all stood at the ready.

"It's Adonis, downtown," Robin explained in a hurry. "Now let's MOVE!" The Boy Wonder ran out, Starfire flying out behind him, and Raven as well.

Beast Boy sighed, as Cyborg set his cannon up and hurried out also. The changeling looked down. "Time to save the world again. But it only wears on me."


Beast Boy's sadness turned to anger when he arrived on the scene of the crime, and he glared at his enemy. Adonis.

Adonis was holding some type of red ray gun, while cracking his knuckles. The over-steroid-ed guy caught BB's eye and smirked. "Well, well, well. If it isn't for the green bean."

Beast Boy glared, clenching his fists.

The others backed off. Beast Boy could fight this one on his own.

The Changeling morphed into a bull, stamping his left hoof on the ground and eyeing Adonis with hatred.

Raven was watching intimately from the corner, as Beast Boy charged forth. But it didn't last long.

Adonis grabbed his gun, flicked a switch on the side of the handle, and fired at Beast Boy. The others awoke into action, and readied, charging for Adonis.

Beast Boy morphed back, sliding down the floor and moaning in pain as thick, crimson blood poured from his shoulder.

Raven was at his side immediately, making sure he was okay, and then glaring back up at Adonis. She stepped forward, shoving Robin and Starfire out of her way, leaving the 4 other Titans puzzled. The half-demon's eyes were glowing now as she smirked at Adonis.

"If you think you can just kill off a Teen Titan like that, then those steroids REALLY must've affected your brain," The gothic girl stated sharply.

Adonis smirked back. "Ahh, the feisty one, eh?" He fingered the gun, flipping another switch and aiming at Raven.

Raven's eyes widened, but she projected a shield around herself when she saw Adonis put his index finger over the trigger and apply pressure.

She took a deep breath, looking up and seeing the black force-field protect her. Until something tore through it like scissors to paper, and she gasped sharply, trying to dodge it.

But within a matter of seconds, the bullet had pierced her skin.

No blood emitted, and no pain. Just. . . wooziness.

Raven collapsed to the floor, eyelids growing heavy. She moaned softly in peace, and dark spots clouded her vision. Until she passed out entirely.

Adonis turned to the others, sliding the gun back into the pocket of his belt. "Well, now that THAT has been taken care of . . ." He folded his arms. "I think I'll just go." With that, the overly-steroided dude disappeared before their eyes.

"Uhm . . . are we . . . victorious?" Starfire blinked, turning to Robin.

"I-I don't think so, Star." Robin turned back to Raven and Beast Boy, who sprawled out adjacently to each-other on the floor.

Cyborg sighed, getting the scanner of his arm ready. "Time to go do some scanning."


Beast Boy awoke in the infirmary, in a bed, to feel his head pounding with each beat of his heart. He groaned in discomfort, gently pulling himself up into a sitting position. "What's going on?" he muttered to himself, reaching to rub the back of his head.

"Glorious! You have awakened!" Starfire was at his side in 5 seconds, holding his hand. "How are you feeling?"

"Echh . . . like someone shot me in the shoulder?" Beast Boy chuckled.

Starfire's eyebrows raised. "That's EXACTLY what happened!"

Color drained from Beast Boy's face. "Seriously!?" The Changeling glanced down at his right shoulder, which had a white bandage wrapped over it. Some blood had stained it, though.

"Heh . . ." He laughed. "That'll make quite a battle scar, huh?"

Starfire smiled slightly. "It is good to know that you have your sense of humor still, even after this devastating wound, friend. Please, let me go get the pudding of antidote!"

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "N-No thanks, Star. I-It's okay."

Starfire still stood, and exited the room.

Beast Boy reached over and tapped the covered wound, wincing when pain flowed through each nerve. "Ow . . ." he whimpered softly.

Robin entered the room, holding a clipboard. "Beast Boy, we have to tell you something," he stated, walking over to BB's bed.

"Okay . . . Shoot." Beast Boy glanced up at Robin, who's mouth kind of twitched at the ends into a smile.

"R-Raven . . . isn't going to be herself for a while . . ." he said, trying to control his laughter.

"Oh?" Beast Boy felt his heart pound harder. "And why is that?"

"Because she's an adorable puppy!" Starfire chirped, kicking the door open and holding a small, furry bundle.

This furry bundle had cream colored fur, with dark purple markings on its ears, tail, and nose. Its eyes were a vibrant, deep violet color, and it's ears were erect on its head, fur coming out of it. In short, the dog was BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE! (A/N: I might have a picture of Rae as a puppy up, soon.)

Beast Boy's jaw dropped. "I-Is that . . ."

The bundle barked in a high voice, staring at Beast Boy gently.

The green changeling slumped in his bed. "OhmyGod."

Robin scratched his head, trying not to ruin his hair. "Uhm . . . we thought maybe you could . . . change into a dog and . . . talk to her? Maybe . . . ask her what's going on?"

"Dude, have you ever TALKED to a dog before?" Beast Boy asked, quirking an eyebrow. "Everything is repeated a million times. Like . . . if it wanted to chase a car?: CARCARCARCARCARMUSTMUSTMUSTMUSTCHASECHASECHASE! Or, once I talked to a female dog in heat. And . . . : OOOUUUBOYDOGGY!MUSTGETPREGNANTMUSTGETPREGNANTMUSTGETPREGNANT! And the dog ATTACKED ME! But of course, I AM Beast Dude." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Starfire stroked the puppy Raven, who seemed to sweat-drop at Beast Boy's remark.

"But of course," Beast Boy laughed nervously at his leader's death glare, "It COULD be worth it . . ."

"Good. Then go ahead. And just in case she IS in heat . . ." The masked wonder smirked. "We'll leave you two alone." He pulled Starfire out of the room after she had placed Raven on Beast Boy's lap, and they exited the room.

The puppy Raven immediately curled up on the teen's lap, placing her head on her tail. (Awkward positioning, eh?)

Beast Boy looked down and blushed, and hesitantly petted the dog.

Raven's luminous eyes fell upon the green changeling, and softened at his touch.

'Her eyes show much more emotion, as a dog,' Beast Boy realized as he absentmindedly petted her.

He gently placed her beside him, and morphed into a green doggy. He nudged her curled up form with his nose, sniffing her.

Raven, whose eyes were closed, open slightly, and rolled. "My God. FINALLY. Someone I can talk to," she muttered.

"You can talk!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"No. Freaking. Duh," Raven pulled herself up, glaring. "Damn it! I feel like I'm etched in fleas and like . . . Everything I do, I feel like . . . repeating in my head a million times like I've got O.C.D. or something and---"

"Calm down," Beast Boy blinked his forest-green eyes. "I know how it feels. But you get used to it."

"How can one get used to being stupid?" she asked blankly.

"Hey!" He snapped. "That's not nice, Raven!"

"Right." Raven yawned, which seeing as she was a dog, made her look cute!

Beast Boy smiled. "Ya know, you're cute for a dog."

"I'll thank you to stop staring at me like that."

"I ain't staring!"


"I'm not!"

Raven looked up at him. "Fine. Now, I'm really tired. Every muscle in my body hurts. GOOD NIGHT." And with that, the dog curled up tightly and drifted to sleep.

Beast Boy sniffed her fur, smiling at its crisp, fresh smell, and curled up beside her, placing his head on her back. "G'night, Rae," he whispered.


A/N: I know it started out angsty and stuff. But believe me, this story gets FUNNY. And random too. Think 'Night of Chaos' with me for a moment. xD

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