Me: "Bet you weren't expecting to see me so soon. Well I decided to try to finish this story before that new Danny Phantom tv movie gets here. Start the fic."




The ghosts were starting to close in on the Nether World. Witches, warlocks, and wizards gasped as they saw the on coming ghosts.

The Dragon Ghost then started to fly over the Nether World releasing a red mist as she flew.

"The red mist should nullify their powers making them helpless. It only lasts a few hours so we have to make this fast!" said Vlad.

The ghosts then started to fly towards the Nether World only to hit a green dome.

"What in the..." asked Vlad.

"Sorry Plasmius, but no creeps allowed in the Nether World." said Danny.

"Don't be a fool Daniel! You can't stop all of us!" said Vlad.

Danny just gritted his teeth at this.

"He's not facing you alone!" said Sabrina on her broom stick.

"Well, well, well. Sabrina Spellman." said Vlad.

"You know who I am?" asked Sabrina.

"Of course I know who you are! I know everything. You're the little half witch whose been helping Daniel." said Vlad.

"You stay away from her!" said Danny.

He shot a ghost ray at Vlad but he quickly put up a shield.

"A little too protective aren't we? Skulker! Grab the girl!" ordered Vlad.

Skulker appeared behind Sabrina and grabbed her, but the instant he touched her he was shocked so much he was thrown back.

"How do you like being shocked for a change? Not very pleasant is it?" asked Sabrina.

"" asked Skulker.

"Spectre Deflector. As long as I don't touch Danny I have nothing to worry about." said Sabrina.

"Honestly I don't have time for..." started Vlad.

"I AM THE BOX GHOST!" shouted the Box Ghost.

"No seriously! Why do we even include him?" asked Skulker.

Danny then blasted the Box Ghost who was sent sailing into the distance while giving a long "BEWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE!".

"Well now that he's out of the way...Sabrina, take the ghost hunting equipment and give it to the witches in case of the anti-ghost shield fails. I'll handle these guys!" said Danny.

"But you can't beat them all!" said Sabrina.

"Sabrina! Just GO!" shouted Danny.

Sabrina knew this wasn't the time to be arguing. She just prayed he would be alright.

"Daniel, I'm only going to say this one more time! Turn off the shield, and get out of our way!" said Vlad.

"Listen Plasmius! If you want to get to those witches and warlocks then you're going to have to go through ME!" said Danny.

"You heard him people, attack!" ordered Vlad.

The Dragon Ghost breathed some blue fire on him but Danny quickly put up a ectoplasmic rebounder. Ember turned the dial on her guitar and struck a cord and a pair of glowing fists came out of her guitar and hit Danny. Danny was then hit by a giant drum stick curtesy of the Lunch Lady Ghost. Danny was sent sailing into the air only to be grabbed by Desiree and slammed into one of the floating rocks. Walker then put his foot ontop of Danny's chest and said "I'm thinking it's the death penalty for you." Danny quickly blasted him off and got to his feet.

"Remember my little pets Daniel?" asked Vlad.

His ghost animals appeared behind him and roared at Danny. But then they looked at Vlad and started to roar at him.

"Looks like they definetly remember you." said Danny.

So as Vlad defended himself against his furry creations, Technus lauched an attack.

"Get ready child, For I, Technus, am about to..."

Danny then hit him with a ghost ray.

"Be blasted." said Danny.

Now it started to look like Danny was begining to get the upper hand but then Skulker started to sneak up behind him.


The next thing you know Skulker was hit by a green light from his left, peeling away at his layers leaving a very small green ghost.

"What the...?" asked Danny.

He looked down to see Jazz on a floating piece of rock with the Fenton Peeler.

"Jazz? You knew?" A ghost tried to hit him. "How did you...?" He dodged another ghost from the rear. "When did you...?" he blasted another ghost on his left. "Talk later!"

Meanwhile Sabrina had dished out all of the ghost hunting equipment.

"Hope this is enough! I also hope Wulf gets there in time!" said Sabrina.

Back with the battle, Danny wasn't fairing too well, even with Jazz's help. She did manage to take care of Spectre and her little assistant but Technus managed to short circuit her suit causing her to watch by the side lines. Danny had already flew her into the anit-ghost shield.

Danny was starting to lose stamina, the ghosts just kept on coming. Diseree flew at him with a giant hand only to be knocked away by Freak Show's ghosts.

"You guys? What're you doing here?" asked Danny.

"You saved us from an eternity of slavement!" said the midget ghost.

"We are in your debt." said the muscleman ghost.

"The least we can do is help you fight!" said the Tattoo Ghost.

"After all, not all ghosts are evil." said the flexible ghost.

Danny smiled at this. He had some allies. But his allies were then shot with an ectoplasmic energy blast by Vlad. His hair was slightly ruffled but he was okay.

"Let's settle this Daniel!" said Vlad.

Vlad summon an ecto lasso (A/N: He can do that. I've seen him do it!) and roped it around Danny.

"Wow. Never thought you were one for making mistakes Plasmius. Go Ghost Stinger!" shouted Danny.

A green energy wave was being sent through the lasso by Danny.

"Daniel, I don't make mistakes I destroy them." said Vlad.

He then did the exact same thing as Danny and both the red and green clashed in the middle. They seemed to be pushing against each other until the red over came the green and shocked Daniel.

Meanwhile Freak Show's ghosts were holding their own against Diseree, Spectre, Betrand, and Technus so they didn't hear Danny's cry of pain. But Sabrina did, which was a little odd seeing as how she was out of ear range.

"Danny!" shouted Sabrina.

She summoned her broom and flew off.

Danny was starting to fall, but that didn't stop the ghosts from attacking him. They all got in at least one good hit, even Pointdexter. Battered and bruised Danny fell onto one of the floating rocks not moving, he had already changed back into Danny Fenton but he really wasn't looking too hot.

It was at this moment that Sabrina came riding in on her broom and ran to his side. She had already taken off the Spectre deflector the instant she saw Danny fall.

"Danny! Please get up!" said Sabrina.

"Sabrina...? I'm sorry...I tried." said Danny weakly.

He closed his eyes and his breathing stop.

"NO! Danny you can't leave me! I LOVE YOU!" shouted Sabrina.

A pink and green light then surrounded Danny's body. He started breathing again and all his wounds he got in the battle were healing. Soon he was able to get up.

"I don't understand. What's going on?" asked Danny.

"You just don't get it do you Danny?" asked a voice.

They turned around to see Salem in human form on one of the floating rocks.

"Who are you?" asked Danny.

Salem put on a cat like grin and raised an eyebrow.

"Salem? Is that you?" asked Sabrina.

"You got it kid. I knew that unlike a couple of Aunts I know that'd you would know who I was." said Salem.

"But how?" asked Sabrina.

"They let me off with good behavior. In a way it was because of you Sabrina, you kept me in check." said Salem.

"Excuse me, but could we get back to the fight here?" asked Vlad.

Danny gave him the scary green eyes but was shocked as ghost rays shot out from them hitting Plasmius.

"What's happening to me?" asked Danny.

"I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet. As long as Sabrina is with you, you have more power than you ever could alone. It's a little something called the power of love." said Salem.

"Then what do you say we take it for a test drive?" asked Danny.

He then grabbed Sabrina's hand and squeezed it. She squeezed back.

"I'm Going Ghost!" said Danny.

His white rings, which seemed to be a little brighter than usual, appeared and transformed him into Danny Phantom.

"Now to try something I've been working on for the last few months." said Danny.

Both Danny and Sabrina, while holding hands, started to glow pink and green. Another Danny then appeared next to Sabrina also holding her hand. Then those two Dannys made two, and then so on and so forth until there was an entire army of himself. There were two Danny's for every ghost there.

"No! This can't be! It's impossible!" said Vlad.

"ATTACK!" ordered the original Danny.

Danny feeling woozy decided to sit down.

"Danny are you okay?" asked Sabrina.

"Just tired." said Danny.

"Well sit tight. This should be good." said Sabrina.

You see the Danny's beating up all the ghosts.

Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine designed to view a world unseen...

Two of the Danny's dealt with Ember. One of them took her guitar and hit her over the head with it.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

One of Dannys hit Poindexter in the stomach while another one gave him a wedgie.

But when it didn't quite work his folks they just quit! But then Danny took a look inside of it.

Klemper was being punched back and forth by a couple of Danny's.

There was a great big flash everything just changed! His molecules got all rearranged!

Walker's ghost were starting to close in on a couple of Dannys that had strayed away. Both Dannys went back to back and hooked each other's elbows. Both their hands started to glow.

He's a Phantom. Phantom.

"Ecto Tornado!" said both Dannys.

They started to spin faster and faster until a green tornado developed and swooped away all of Walker's ghosts...along with Walker and his daughter.

When he first woke up he then realized he had snow white hair, and glowing green eyes.

A couple of Dannys hit the Lunch Lady Ghost in her stomach.

He could walk through walls disappear and fly! He was much more unique than the other guys!

Johnny and Kitten were on his bike when a couple of Dannys caused for them to crash.

It was then that he knew what he had to do. He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through. He's here to fight for me and YOU!"

The original Danny then saw that Vlad was starting to get away. "We can't let him get away!" said Danny.

"Then let's nail that creep! Together!" said Sabrina.

While the original Danny shot a ghost ray, Sabrina sent out a beam of magic. The two started to intertwine heading straight for Vlad.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's...Danny Phantom.

The blast then hit Vlad square in the back, not only changing him back but also sending him straight into the Nether World just behind the shield, which was soon deactivated.

All the Dannys then merged back into one. Danny almost collapsed but Sabrina caught him.

He flew them over to the Nether World.

Vlad started to get up only to see Wulf staring down at him.

"Glad to see you could make it Wulf." said Danny.

Wulf looked at Danny as if waiting for permission for something. Danny soon nodded and Wulf got his claws out.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Vlad.

"A little experiment. Now let's see if we can make it so you never hurt anyone ever again!" said Danny.

Wulf then stuck both his claws into Vlad and separated them. Soon there were two Vlads; Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius.

"What the...?" asked both Vlads.

Vlad Plasmius was then sucked into the Fenton Thermos curtesy of Jazz.

"So how much do you know?" asked Danny.

"Everything." said Jazz.

"And Sabrina?" asked Danny.

"Yep her too." said Jazz.

"How long?" asked Danny.

"Since Spectra." said Jazz.

"How about when you found out about Sabrina?" asked Danny.

"Over heard you two in the weapons vault and followed in the Specter Speeder." said Jazz.

"There he is Aunt Enchantra. That's the one I told you about." said a voice Sabrina knew all too well.

Cassandra was bringing her aunt to the three teenagers by the hand.

"So you're Danny Phantom." said Enchantra.

It was at this moment that Vlad tried to sneak away but was caught.

"Not so fast you!" said Enchantra.

She sent a blast of magic at him and Vlad was literally frozen in his tracks.

"I'll deal with you later Mr. Masters!" said Enchantra.

She then turned back to Danny.

"I've been told a lot about you Danny. You've embarrassed my neice by possessing her..." said Enchantra.

Danny flinched at this.

"However, you have also saved not only the Half Witches from Skulker, but the entire Nether World from evil Ghost Zone ghosts." said Enchantra.

Freak Show's ghosts then appeared.

"He's done more than that!" said the midget ghost.

"Really?" asked Enchantra.

"Yeah. We all used to be slaves to an evil ring leader with a magic staff until Danny saved us." said the tattoo ghost.

"He also fought those evil ghosts for the ghosts in the Ghost Zone who didn't want the war. If there was a choice between him and Vlad we would all go with Danny. We trust his judgement." said the muscle man ghost.

"And despite the fact that you stretched your authority into Ghost Zone territory where it had no power, he still saved all of you." said the flexible ghost.

"And he's saved my home town from evil ghosts a lot too." said Jazz.

"Danny friend!" said Wulf.

"Hm... Well Danny apparently you're more impressive than I first thought. So it is with this I have decided to bestow upon you. Kneel before me Danny." said Enchantra.

"It's best to do as she says. When she says bow it's probably in your best interest to bow." said Cassandra.

Danny took her word for it and bowed.

"I, Enchantra, head of the Witches Council here by bestow upon you the title of Ambassador to both the Ghost Zone and the Mortal Realms." said Enchantra.

She then put a medallion around his neck that had a picture of a ghost on it.

"Wow!" said Danny.

"From this point on, any business that the Witches Council wants to do in either the Ghost Zone or the Mortal Realms will have to be checked by you first. Do you think you can handle such a responsibility?" asked Enchantra.

"As long as I have my friends..." He looked at Wulf, Freak Show's ghosts, and his sister "My girlfriend..." He looked at a blushing Sabrina. "I think I can handle it." said Danny.


10 years later...

You see an adult Danny talking on the phone.

"So the reunion's at ten? Okay. Dan is really looking forward to seeing Lilithe again. Yes Sam I know their only babies but call me crazy I really think they like each other a lot! Okay. Okay. I'll see you then. Yes I'll bring Sabrina. Okay, bye." said Danny.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Sabrina was bottle feeding her two month old son, Danny II, or Dan as they liked to call him.

"That's it. Drink up and grow strong just like you're dad." said Sabrina.

She put him down in his high chair to put the empty bottle away. But Dan went intangible and was starting to fall through his high chair. Luckily Sabrina turned around just in time to see what Dan was doing.

"Dan!" shouted Sabrina.

She leapt and caught him just in time. She sighed in relief as she picked him up.

It was at this time Danny walked in.

"Hey hon. Oh no don't tell me Dan was going intangible again?" asked Danny.

"Yep. As if being a parent wasn't hard enough, but being the parent of a child who has both ghost AND witch powers? It's even harder than I thought." said Sabrina.

"I know we can do it if we do it together." said Danny.

"I know dear, it just doesn't make it any easier." said Sabrina.

"Oops. I got to go. The Witches Council want some agents to track down a criminal that's hiding in the Ghost Zone. Bye hon." said Danny.

He then transformed and flew out the door.

"Bye dear." said Sabrina waving from the front porch.

Yo Danny Fenton no longer 14, now has a wife and son if you know what I mean.

Ambassador for a world unseen.

He's finally caught'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

Now has a son who's both a halfa and a witch! All because Sabrina and Danny finally got hitched!

He's finally caught'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

When Sabrina first gave birth they then realized the hard work of raising a child.

Especially one that can crawl through walls, disappear, and do magic. But their life still aint too tragic.

When a war broke out between the worlds of two, that was when Danny knew what he had to do. He won the war for me and YOU!

He's finally caught'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's finally caught'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's finally caught'em all cause he's...Danny Phantom.


Me: "And there you go people, that's the end of the story. And those who were against this pairing from the start, don't worry. I probably won't make a sequel." I then mutter "Mainly because someone threatened me otherwise."

Washu: "What would the story be about if you would?"

Me: "Mainly about Dan and Lilithe. But oh well. Thank you all for reading. So long!"