'Til Death Do Us Part
J. M. Hooks

Summary: A new villain has come to Gotham with revenge on the mind. Jester, a cold hearted killer, will stop at nothing to get her man back, even if it means joining him in Arkham. Does NOT have to do with Joker! I except annonymous reviews!
Chapter One

The papers. . .they all tell about the people mysteriously disappearing over town. I don't see why they think it's such a big mystery. I mean, there are many different costumed freaks going about, killing and kidnapping people all the time.

It's all over the television, as well. The family and friends of the missing people asking the murderers or kidnappers to return their loved ones safely. Please! It'll never happen. Like the ones that took the people away are going to have a change of heart and let the people go just so they can be arrested later! Hah! Never happen, never will!

I don't see why you all keep it up. It just raises the hopes of the person that's missing and crushes them all when they get killed or somehow die.

Something moves in the alley I'm passing. I stop to look, but I see nothing but the darkness. Suddenly, something that looks like shiny material moving slightly in the dim light.

I move closer, knowing it could be something I'm going to regret later. A glass-like material starts to show itself in the darkness, looking sharp and dangerous, but also crystal-like and beautiful.

Obviously, this was something I am going to regret later. A person's figure starts to come in focus in the darkness, moving towards me with a swiftness of unimaginable speed.

The glass-like thing was like a jester's coxcomb, or cap. It was sharp and hit me in the ribs, hard. A grunt came from the other person at impact, letting me know they weren't going out with just a pain in the neck, so to speak.

My head hit the ground, very hard. I was out like a light.

"It's no jest that I'm the best." Said a slightly rough female voice, with a hint of amusement in it.

The shadowy figure grabbed the unconscious woman by the arms and dragged her back into the darkness of the alley, disappearing from sight once again with her latest prey.

The Next Day. . .

"Vicki Henson was reported missing late last night. Her daughter, Jesse Henson, is also missing. We ask the kidnappers to please release these prominent citizens in Gotham's society." Said the anchorwoman of the six o'clock news.

"Wonder if they want me to bake 'em a cake, too." Said the same female voice that sounded earlier.

A woman sat on a tattered sofa with a couple pillows laying carelessly on it on either end. Her boot-clad feet were crossed on the coffee table in front of her.

This woman was dressed in a purple and gold two-piece jester's outfit that showed off her smooth belly and strong arms. A mid-length cheerleader-like skirt was made of the same shiny material that her top was and was, also, purple and gold. Her arms were partially covered all the way to the wrist with a thin black material, also, covering her legs and belly partially, too. Her boots were black and came up her legs mid-length and had a slightly elevated heel.

Her hair was dark brown, long, and up in a messy ponytail, with her bangs touching her eyelashes. Her eyes were bright green with a hint of mischievousness gleaming in them always. Her skin was pale and basically flawless except for a few fresh cuts here and there.

The coxcomb was sitting beside her feet on the coffee table. It's glimmering beauty but potential deadliness made it a little seductive to look at for too long. It made you want to touch it, but not want to at the same time for fear of being cut.

"Whaddya think, mom?" The woman asked, a smirk covering her ace as she turned around to look behind her, into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Vicki Henson was tied to a chair and gagged with a pitiful look on her face. Her blonde hair was falling in her face and sticking there because of the recently fallen tears that were still coming. Vicki's normally beautiful brown eyes were bloodshot and the skin surrounding was red and puffy.

"Guess you don't think much of it either." Jesse said, turning around and turning the television off.

Jesse got up and stretched, yawning as she did so. When she rose to her full height of 5'7", she still didn't look like much as she didn't weigh much either. Jesse was deadly all the same, brute force or no.

The woman walked toward the woman in the chair and ripped the gag away from her mouth, jerking the frightened woman forward.

"Why. . .?" Vicki pleaded, breathless from crying.

"What was that?" Jesse asked, mockingly, putting a hand to her ear.

"Why are you doing this!" Vicki wanted to scream, but her throat wouldn't let her; it only came out hardly above a whisper.

"Why? 'Why', you ask! Why, oh why, oh why?" Jesse started to exclaim, walking around in a circle in front of the woman, looking up at the ceiling.

She stopped, finally, and stared at her mother with a murderous glint in her eye.

"I'm doing this because you and the other took the one I love away! Because I want him back!" Jesse said, angrily.

"Jesse, he wasn't good enough for you, plus, he was too much older than you! We couldn't let you be kicked out of the University because of that man!" Vicki replied, getting just about as excited as Jesse, currently, was.

"He was a good man and besides that, I loved him and I still do! He's my soul mate and you can't keep me away from him, mother!" Jesse just about screamed.

Jesse walked around behind the chair and grabbed it by the back. Jesse leaned the chair backward, owing a terrified squeak from the other woman. The sick jester lead her mother into a back room and screams are heard echoing through the home, though no one was around to hear them.