A/N Notes – I was talking with one of my friends when I just had this crazy idea to write a fairytale Harry Potter style. I hope you like it. My friend and I thought it was quite funny. Sorry if it's not exactly what the fairytale is, but I tried my best. Oh, and in this fic, Voldemort isn't evil, he's basically Tom Riddle, and the Three Death Eaters are supposed to be Lucius, Lestrange and Wormtail but BEFORE they joined Voldemort. Hope you understand! I also don't know much about Tom before he was Voldemort, so don't criticise my little mistakes, if there is any!

Voldemort/Tom – Goldielocks

Lucius Malfoy – Father bear

Bellatrix Lestrange – Mother Bear

Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail – Baby Bear

Disclaimer – I don't own Harry Potter or the Fairytale Goldielocks and The Three Bears!

Voldielocks and The Three Death Eaters

Chapter 1 – The Three Chairs

"You can go for a walk, Tom,"Tom Riddle's father said to him one day at a camp site somewhere in Little Hangleton that night. "But not too far from the camp!"

Tom stormed off, not hearing his father's lecture. He didn't damn care about his pathetic muggle father. He was a Slytherin at Hogwarts, and would some day rule the world and murder anyone who got in his way.

He spotted a house not too far a head, and it was far away from the campsite, and even if his father had given him a lecture, he wouldn't even care if he fell off the face of the Earth, and the feeling was mutual.

Tom stepped inside the house, and noticed that nobody was home. He didn't bloody care if anyone was home at all.

He looked around, and started smelling something. He walked over to the kitchen table, and three bowls of food surrounding the table.

He walked cautiously over, examining everything in the house first, making sure none of it was hexed or jinxed, or just safe for that matter. Once he was satisfied, he walked back over to the table and stared at the three bowls.

There were also three different size chairs. A huge one, a medium-sized one, and a tiny one. He tried the first chair, the largest one, and decided it was too high and too uncomfortable for him, so he decided to try the middle-sized one. Too...not right. When he got to the last chair, he sat in it, and broke it.

"Damn thing was jinxed,"he mumbled.

He also tried the food. It didn't taste like anything he had ever eaten, but it was way too cold to decide anyway, so he left it alone. He tried the second one. Too damn hot, he decided. He tried the last one, and decided it was all right, so he ate it.

Then, he continued to explore the strange house.