Title: Shower

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: PG

Summary: Funny little drabble; set after "The Kid Stays Out of the Picture"

A/N: I just thought up the idea for this and burst out laughing. Hope you like it!


"I can't stand living with Will. Whenever I get into the shower with him; he's like 'Jack, get the hell out!'" --Jack.


Jack removed his clothing, one piece at a time. While he crept into the bathroom, a smile plastered on his face refused to remove itself. With Grace out of the picture for a while, he could have Will to himself for a while.

He could hear faint singing coming from the other side of the shower curtain. Jack tried not to giggle. He always thought he was a good singer.

Jack took one look at Will's slender, muscular form through the thin fabric and snuck in stealthily through the other end of the curtain.

"Jack! Get the hell out!"