KISS me!

Hey! This is a shoujo story! Yeah! SDK! And I thought of this because Valentine's Day is coming up (it's the 14th February you dummies!) and it just came to my mind about it. I plan to end this short story by Valentine's Day itself! So, to you guys! Go read it okay? Enjoy!

Prologue – Her Confession

KISS. That's the name of the chocolate that is famous in Fukinara High School. Ever since it made its way into the market 4 years ago, it is well-known for their use of pure ingredients for chocolate-making, and their many varieties. It has been a craze among its (usually) female students to give KISS chocolate to their admirers. Always given in their literal meaning, the unwritten tradition is that the receiver returns his/her feelings (if any) to the giver with a real kiss.

11 months ago…

A blonde girl walked up to a boy one year her senior. "Erm… Mibu Kyo-senpai (A/N: senpai means senior)," the 17 year old teenager turned to face her. The girl was blushing to the tip of her blonde roots and face was bent down. "Erm... I am Shiina Yuya, and I've always admired and liked you. Please accept this!" She blushed more as she presented a single mini KISS chocolate bar.

"Shiina Yuya, you say?" he spoke gently. She looked up in great surprise. "Unfortunately, I'm not Kyo. I'm his twin brother Mibu Kyoshiro. Nice to meet you!" He smiled sweetly at her. The girl's emerald eyes grew wide, and the boy noted with amusement that she couldn't blush anymore than she could now. "However, I can always help you pass it to Kyo…"

"N… NO! It's okay! It is! And I'm… s…Sorry!" She stammered. She backed off a few steps, but missed her footing, and landed on her butt.

"Are you okay?" he cried in concern.

"Y…Y…Yes!" She scrambled herself up. "I'm so sorry! And please, don't tell Kyo-senpai anything about it!" With that, she dashed off.

The teenager looked at her running silhouette, and smiled to himself in immense amusement.

Like it? Haha! Yes, I know it's really short, but that's the chapter's whole point. Focusing on the blunder that Yuya made 11 months ago! Don't worry, I will think of the next chapter soon okay? It's terrible, trying to rush the stories, but I will finish this story first. So this story is top priority!