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And now, may I present you… the last chapter of "KISS Me"!

Chapter 5 – Hey people! It's Valentine's Day!

"Good morning, Aki-kun," I yawned.

"Good morning, Yuya-san," He grinned as he turned to me. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Same to you too," I sat down at the table. "Oh, Aki! You shouldn't have!" I exclaimed. Aki took extra pains to personalise our toast by drawing hearts on it, using strawberry jam.

He grinned. "I also made cards for you guys!"

I looked across the table, and I saw Hotaru's card. It's orange, and Aki drew a animated version of Hotaru in the front. It read, "It's the 14th of February, and it's Valentine's Day! Don't forget, okay?" I laughed heartily at it. Given Hotaru's forgetfulness, he will definitely forget!

I looked at Shinrei's plate, and beside it was his blue card, the picture showed the animated Shinrei being drowned by presents and flowers, the card read, "It's the dreaded Valentine's Day again! Need help in the carrying?" I grinned at it. Being one of the most popular guys in school, it is a common sight that he would be carrying a gift from some secret admirer. I guess that on Valentine's Day, he needs Aki's help in carrying the stuff home.

"Where's mine?" I asked.

"I believe it's underneath your plate." Akira replied. I looked under the plate, and to my delight, found a pinkcard. A girl resembling me is drawn at the bottom of the card. Aki wrote, "Good luck in your confession, whoever you'll end up with. Just remember, don't mistake the wrong twin!"

"AKI!" I yelled. Before he could reply, we heard a groan upstairs. Shinrei emerged at the stairway.

"It's that dreaded day again…" he groaned. His face brightened up upon seeing me. "Good morning Yuya-san!" I beamed. He sat down and read his blue card. "Very funny, Akira." Aki chuckled.

"Morning." I heard Hotaru say as I saw his abstract orange hair from the corner of my eye.

"Hotaru! Ha…" I was about to wish him when Shinrei covered my mouth, and I understood. They wanted to see if Hotaru can remember if today is Valentine's Day.

"Erm, what is the date today?" Shinrei coughed and asked.

He replied nonchalantly. "Ahh… it's the 14th of February, Valentine's Day. Why ask?"

I widened my eyes. He remembers!

"You see!" I cried at Shinrei and Akira, who opened their mouths in wide-open shock. "Hotaru is getting less sillier! Right, Hotaru?"

He stared at me, for a long time. "Huh?" Everyone anime-fell.

"Anyway, are you going for Kosuke today?" Shinrei asked.

Hotaru glared at him. "How many times must I tell you, there's nothing between Kosuke and I!" I laughed. Hotaru has been trying to tell Shinrei (whenever Hotaru's mind is clear) that Kosuke had nothing to do with him. "Besides," Hotaru mumbled as he bit into his toast. "It's not Kosuke that I like."

Shinrei spat his juice out. "You WHAT!"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Hasn't he been telling you for such a long time? Hotaru never liked Kosuke! He likes… someone else." I trailed off when I saw Hotaru's look. "Secret!" I grinned at Shinrei.

"I know that! But YOU know who he likes?" Shinrei exclaimed.

"Well…" I smiled somewhat smugly. "It was by accident. I so happened to catch Hotaru in his state of softness." It was true. Something happened to Hotaru and that particular girl, and so he confided in me for that short period of time. I was happy that he confided in me. Truth is, when Hotaru first came to live in Akira's house, he didn't like me that much. But thanks to that major fall-out between that girl and himself, we are much closer. Anyway, they are back to normal friends.

I winked at Hotaru, wishing him good luck for his confession later, and I knew he got my meaning, because he blushed slightly and gave a half-smile. Finishing his toast, he stood up, and excused himself.

15 minutes later, Shinrei, Aki and I left the house. Hotaru left the house early. "I still don't get it. I know that Hotaru was never interested in Kosuke. Then again, he was never interested in ANY girls. What's gotten into him?" Shinrei grumbled. I grinned. Aki was humming.

I left the two of them, to look for Kyoshiro. Even though it's still awkward between the two of us, we are still friends. Besides, I want to apologise for my silly behaviour on Sunday, for calling him Kyoshiro sen-pai. I didn't manage to see Kyoshiro.

On the contrary, I saw Kyo standing at the gate. Already there are a group of girls surrounding him, fawning him. My heart squeezed for no reason. I was about to turn away and head for class instead. When Kyo spotted me and made a beeline for me. "Come," was all he said, and before I could react, he dragged me off.

"Er… hi…" I started stammering after he took me to one of the staircases at the back of the school. "Isn't Okuni-san with you?"

"She will be later, then again, maybe she won't, that will depend on you. Besides, it's you I'm waiting for."

A blush on my face surfaced. Kyo sen-pai is still such a glib talker! No wonder the girls are all crazy over him. "What do you mean?"

"Don't deny it, woman." He grinned. "I know very well that you like me a lot."

I widened my eyes in shock. "Did Kyoshiro tell you that!"

"My useless younger brother?" He laughed. "I have my sources, woman. Or should I say, Yuya?"

I stared at him, not knowing what to say. "It's… the first time you called me by my name." I managed to choke out.

"Of course!" He smiled. "Well? Would you want to be with me? I will dump Okuni if you say yes. I was getting bored of her anyway."

I still didn't know what to say. I was too overjoyed for words. Kyo sen-pai likes me! "I…" I started.

"Without a doubt, my favourite chocolate flavour is 'Cookie Dough'!"

Huh? I thought I heard Kyoshiro's voice. Oh yes.I thought unhappily to myself. Kyoshiro… Ignoring the nagging voice in my head, I looked at Kyo and said, "Yes. I want to be with you!" I took out 'Love like the ocean' KISSes, and handed it to him.

"To commemorate our first year of friendship!"

It's Kyoshiro again. I shook my head to get him out of my mind. I looked at Kyo and smiled. He smiled back, and leaned forward.

"Give up on Kyo. He's not worth it all."

"If he ever, ever dates you, he is bound to dump you sooner or later."

I squeezed my eyes shut. Shut up, shut up!I screamed to myself.

"Don't bothered about Kyo!"

I remembered his hands on my shoulders, his icy blue eyes staring at me, burning into my heart. I opened my eyes, to meet Kyo's lips on mine. I closed them, trying to enjoy his kiss. But my mind is on Kyoshiro, and what he said…

"I'm in love… with you."

I opened my eyes again. What are you doing? You love Kyoshiro! Not Kyo!

I pushed Kyo away. "What's the matter?" He said, off-handedly.

"I'm sorry… It's not you that I want to be with..."

He was stunned, and when he regained his composure, I saw that he was angry. He pinned me onto the wall, and he spat, "No one! No one ever rejects me! You (A/N: censored! Meanwhile, please enjoy the dancing firefly…)!" he raised his hand up high, and I braced myself for whatever that will come.

Kyoshiro… will you… save me?

"Yuya-san?" I looked up, and to my utter surprise, I saw Kyoshiro! "What are you guys doing? It's 8:30 in the morning! Lessons are starting!" Before I could respond, he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me out of the place.

"… Thanks for rescuing me…" I stammered, looking at Kyoshiro. He made no comment. He just walked beside me, his stoic face showing his well-refined features. In fact, he hasn't been saying much after he took me away from Kyo.

"Lessons doesn't start till 9." He mummured.

"Huh?" I stared at him.

"Didn't you hear the announcement? The school gives us till 9 to pass Valentine's gifts around."

"Oh." I stared ahead. And we were just walking in silence. He escorted me to my building, where my homeroom (A/N: or in some countries like mine, it's called form classroom) is. Then he turned to me.

"I'll… see you then."

"Wait!" I called out. He turned around. I took out 'Love like the Ocean', and held it with my two hands. "I don't have any 'Cookie Dough' with me. That's because I never treated you as… I've always just treated you like my friend! But now I've realised that… I'm… sorry for being stupid. I…" I was abruptly stopped by his hug. I blushed furiously, not knowing what to do.

"It's okay," I heard his voice, almost tremulous. "Please give me a chance to show you that I can be better than my brother Kyo." I nodded slowly. He took out his bag of KISSes, but he suddenly looked as if he got an idea. "I know!" He grabbed me by hand, to the media room.

(3rd narrator POV – that means, no more 'I')

The disc-jockey, Benitora sighed as the dedication song played through all the announcing systems and over-view televisions in school. Valentine's Day meant that he had to be disc-jockey till 9 in the morning, playing songs dedicated by the many people.

Things have to get more interesting somehow…He sighed again. "And that was 'Take My Breath Away" by Jessica Simpson!" he boomed over the mike. "Dedicated to Sakura from Shaoran. Hope that Sakura will like the beautiful song. And next we have…"

He was interrupted by our bursting in. "Hey! We are recording here!" he started.

"Give me the mike for a while…" muttered Kyoshiro as he snatched it without any reply. "To everyone at Fukinara High! This is Mibu Kyoshiro and Shiina Yuya! Today is Valentine's Day and I want to tell everyone listening and watching that I've been in love with this beautiful girl for a long time, and now I want to ask her one of the most important questions in the world," Turning to Yuya he asked, "Would you be my girlfriend?"

Instantaneously there was an uproar outside the recording room. Yuya grinned at him. "Yes!"

Kyo, who was watching the whole thing through the television, smiled to himself. He was interested in Yuya, but now that his younger brother beat him to it…

"KISS HER! KISS HER!" The crowd outside the media room cheer.

And they did.

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